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How-Tuesday: DIY Party Ideas

Jun 8, 2010

by Julie Schneider handmade and vintage goods

With Etsy’s birthday and Etsy Craft Party on the horizon, I have parties on the brain. Let this round-up of party-themed tutorials be your starting point for planning a successful handmade get-together, from decorating your space, concocting nibblies, and creating party favors for your guests. Party time, excellent!

Party Decorations

How to Make an Easy Fabric Party Garland

Whip up this simple decor idea with fabric scraps you might already have in your stash.

The full tutorial can be found here.

By Brookelynn on Craft Zine


How to Make Sewn Paper Party Streamers

Gathered and stitched crepe paper streamers will give your gathering that extra special touch.

The full tutorial can be found here.

By My Paper Crane


How to Make an Origami Waterball Garland

Turn humble papers into eye-catching, dimensional decorations.

The full tutorial can be found here.

By KittyBabyLove on Hurried Homemaker


How to Make Modern Spectrum Mobiles

I love how simple strips of paper can be used to transform a space into a vision of color.

The full tutorial can be found here.

By Chris Gardner on Readymade


Party Snacks

How to Make Candy Sushi

Making candy sushi would be a great party project for kids that can serve as both a snack and a party favor.

The full tutorial can be found here.

By Mommy Knows on Craft Zine


How to Make Homemade Salsa

Make your own version of the classic chip dip!

The full tutorial can be found here.

By J.J. Goode on ReadyMade


How to Make Inarizushi

This dish would definitely have me hovering around the snack table!

The full tutorial can be found here.

By Louisa Schafia on ReadyMade


Party Favors

How to Make Prize Ribbons

Everyone’s a winner!

The full tutorial can be found here.

By Twig and Thistle


How to Make Mod Medallions

Award your guests of honor with handmade medallions.

The full tutorial can be found here.

By byamt on ReadyMade


How to Make a Mini Paper Chandelier

This would be a great craft party take-home project that could double as decor.

The full tutorial can be found here.

By Jessica Wilson on Craft Zine


How to Make a Matchbox

Send your guests home with a tiny box of treats.

The full tutorial can be found here.

By Rachel Johnson from Swap-Bot


Do you have a special party tutorial or tip that you would like to share?
Let us know in the comments below!


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Desert Dream Garland  -- reserved for Ira55
Desert Dream Garland -- reserved for Ira55
Vintage Emerald Green Punch Bowl and Cups
Vintage Emerald Green Punch Bowl and Cups
Delicieux Caramel Popcorn
Delicieux Caramel Popcorn
Mini Polka Dot Favor Tag - Set of 12
Mini Polka Dot Favor Tag - Set of 12
Vintage set of 4 Avacado and White Stetson Melmac Cup and Saucer
Vintage set of 4 Avacado and White Stetson Melmac Cup and Saucer


  • bylynnkrestel

    bylynnkrestel said 6 years ago

    really great tutorials!! thanks! esp lovin' the candy sushi!!

  • UltimateOrganicSoap

    UltimateOrganicSoap said 6 years ago

    Wow - what a great article. I was just thinking of planning a big summer party for all my co-workers. This is a great inspiration!

  • lovelygifts

    lovelygifts said 6 years ago

    Great article!

  • amberalexander

    amberalexander said 6 years ago

    whoa, that food has me drooling.

  • LoveandDream

    LoveandDream said 6 years ago

    Wow! Love those 'Modern Spectrum Mobiles'!

  • Tefi

    Tefi said 6 years ago

    Dallas takes 2nd place! Whoo-hoo! We rocked that RSVP contest, and we are pleased as punch to bow down to fellow Texans - Houston winning 1st Place. Go Texas! Yee-Haw!!!

  • indiepixie

    indiepixie said 6 years ago

    This is awesome!!!! I'm trying EVERYTING!

  • PoppySprouts

    PoppySprouts said 6 years ago

    oh wow! everything is fantastic! The foods look delish:)

  • girltuesdayjewelry

    girltuesdayjewelry said 6 years ago

    LOVE these! I might have to make candy sushi for dinner tonight!

  • poplovedesigns

    poplovedesigns said 6 years ago

    Wow, this is just full of awesome! I'm totally going to try those medallions and wear them as a brooch! <3 Andrea

  • Yarns

    Yarns said 6 years ago

    great ideas thanks!

  • BingoBox

    BingoBox said 6 years ago

    Great article - super fun ideas & how to's.

  • kittyanydots

    kittyanydots said 6 years ago

    The Modern Spectrum Mobile is really cool! Wow! I have been wanting to make a garland for some time now too.

  • Ayca

    Ayca said 6 years ago

    Thanks for great tips!

  • recycledwares

    recycledwares said 6 years ago

    you just gave me an idea from the sewn paper party streamers. i think it would be fun to sew all sorts of color paper shapes together in a string, mixed with the streamers.

  • VintageEye

    VintageEye said 6 years ago

    Par-tay! I am ready!

  • boutiqueseragun

    boutiqueseragun said 6 years ago

    good ideas..thank you

  • craftscafe

    craftscafe said 6 years ago

    Lovely ideas! My friend recently threw a crafty birthday party and I thought of throwing a crafty birthday party for myself too. Love your paper garland idea - simple & pretty! Happy almost-birthday etsy!

  • DolineBlochDesigns

    DolineBlochDesigns said 6 years ago

    enjoyed...thanks :)

  • bedbuggs

    bedbuggs said 6 years ago

    Loved this post! Great ideas!

  • AutumnJo

    AutumnJo said 6 years ago

    I'm ready to party! Luvin' the mini paper chandalier... I want to make them for out by the pool :)

  • paramountvintage

    paramountvintage said 6 years ago

    the sangria pom pom's are amazing!

  • adrienneaudrey

    adrienneaudrey said 6 years ago

    candy sushi, what a great idea!

  • mimisrecycledesigns

    mimisrecycledesigns said 6 years ago

    Great ideas and so much fun.

  • monkeyandsquirrel

    monkeyandsquirrel said 6 years ago

    i want to make them all!!! time to get busy i guess :)

  • studio35

    studio35 said 6 years ago

    great ideas!!

  • studio35

    studio35 said 6 years ago

    lovely colour

  • rikrak

    rikrak said 6 years ago

    superfun! you throw a great party, julie!

  • thelittlemarket

    thelittlemarket said 6 years ago

    Tutorials, great finds, and chocolate truffles!!! What more can you ask for?? Thanks Julie!!

  • GreenRoomStudios

    GreenRoomStudios said 6 years ago

    Everything looks so fun and festive, what great inspiration! I'll have to use some of these ideas for my upcoming 4th of July BBQ! Thanks for posting these!

  • thesparrowfist

    thesparrowfist said 6 years ago

    Love the prize ribbons! I'm attending an Etsy party in STL and can't wait!!

  • newtknees

    newtknees said 6 years ago

    Lovin' the mobiles and the salsa...thanks! Just the excuse I need to throw a party ;)

  • shirinki

    shirinki said 6 years ago

    I love the modern spectrum mobiles. would really bright a room. plus they remind me of color me katie!

  • shizendesigns

    shizendesigns said 6 years ago

    So many great ideas!

  • LuRuUniques

    LuRuUniques said 6 years ago

    Fantastic Thank you

  • gresu

    gresu said 6 years ago

    Soo going to try the fabric scraps garland idea. Last party i did something similar but with foil that i cut into triangles. It made for a pretty sparkly pendant garland.

  • undermyfeet

    undermyfeet said 6 years ago

    These are some fun little how to links. Thanks

  • seaofbees

    seaofbees said 6 years ago

    wow, great ideas, i am loving the oragami!

  • blueskyclouds

    blueskyclouds said 6 years ago

    This is absolutely great...especially the snacks. I'm definitely snack/cooking/entertaining challenged when it comes to food!

  • tomatored

    tomatored said 6 years ago

    I'm inspired! thanks!

  • BambuEarth

    BambuEarth said 6 years ago

    Oh how I love How-Tos! Thanks for this collection. I will be embarking on one of these projects soon! :D

  • StudioCherie

    StudioCherie said 6 years ago

    Here is my Summer party decor idea: Use the pattern to make the banner out of paper instead of fabric when you are in a hurry for peace, love, and harmony : )

  • ScrapHappieAZ

    ScrapHappieAZ said 6 years ago

    I love the sewn crepe paper. This would have been awesome for Cinco de Mayo.

  • maggiemaevintage

    maggiemaevintage said 6 years ago

    looks like fun!

  • pinkpurse

    pinkpurse said 6 years ago

    Great stuff! I have a fabulous vintag slip make over,called "Birthday Cake"!!!!!

  • creativityismessy

    creativityismessy said 6 years ago

    OMGosh! That candy sushi is awesome! I love it!

  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat said 6 years ago

    Oh my... crinkly crepe paper streamers! they're probably the very first thing I can remember making with my Mum, long before I started school!

  • thegarbagegoose

    thegarbagegoose said 6 years ago

    I love this post - thanks for sharing!

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  • HindLand

    HindLand said 6 years ago

    How cute!!

  • jcisco112

    jcisco112 said 6 years ago

    Really great ideas!!

  • aquacitrine

    aquacitrine said 6 years ago

    what a fabulous collection of tutorials! perfect for summer parties :)

  • saintesmariesjewelry

    saintesmariesjewelry said 6 years ago

    beautiful stuff! The paper crafts are awesome... so creative and original, love the colors!

  • resonates

    resonates said 6 years ago

    i LOVE these ideas! the spectrum mobile idea is my favorite. how beautiful! must read more!! thanks!

  • noogal

    noogal said 6 years ago

    Wonderful Ideas! Can I have a party now? :)

  • merrydaledolls

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  • paperholiday

    paperholiday said 6 years ago

    What fun ideas!

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    mooshoopork said 6 years ago

    some beautiful ideas in here!!! thanks for sharing all this info with us :)

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    TheMerchantMariner said 6 years ago

    I love all these tutorials! How creative!

  • SilverFirsFarm

    SilverFirsFarm said 6 years ago

    look at all the color... ooooh im drooling. We make candy sushi all the time, (my husband and I) we're such children. LOL. Some extra candy sushi tips: tiny red hots make "salmon roe" ( Dried papaya looks like tuna, and dried mango looks like salmon. Dried strawberries, and pineapple chunks work great too. Wasabi can be made with some frosting colored with some green dye and fresh coconut shreds (meanning take a large coconut chunk and cut large peels with a veggie peeler) colored pink look just like ginger! You can get SO creative with it, its a blast!

  • mavendesign

    mavendesign said 6 years ago

    These ideas are so cute!! Can't wait to try them!

  • DevineDesignStudios

    DevineDesignStudios said 6 years ago

    Super creative and resourceful ideas! I will surely use some of these ideas!!! Thanks so much!

  • thetrendytot

    thetrendytot said 6 years ago

    These are great! I'm planning two parties right now--LOVE the candy sushi idea! Thanks for the tips :-)

  • AnnTig

    AnnTig said 6 years ago

    Candy sushi sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  • davisdesignsau

    davisdesignsau said 6 years ago

    What great ideas, but it's winter downunder... will have to wait for the summer to try these... busy organising a nice warm dinner party with like in mind though! Should be good fun!

  • Chuletindesigns

    Chuletindesigns said 6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing! Great ideas!

  • thebohobirdie

    thebohobirdie said 6 years ago

    Wow there are some really cool things here! I love this post. Great job! I will be back here again.

  • dkshattuck

    dkshattuck said 6 years ago

    wonderful, fun, delicious ideas....Thanks for sharing!

  • hcgboottops1111

    hcgboottops1111 said 6 years ago

    Like the party garland, love the salsa! MJ

  • VelveteenHabbit

    VelveteenHabbit said 6 years ago

    wonderful inspiring you're all invited to the party!!!!

  • AvianInspirations

    AvianInspirations said 6 years ago

    Sooo much fun! Thank's for all the wonderful ideas for a fun and crafty summer!

  • perebags

    perebags said 6 years ago

    Fun article!

  • BLinkDesign

    BLinkDesign said 6 years ago

    Can't wait to feature some of these at our San Antonio Etsy Craft Party.

  • MySillyBear

    MySillyBear said 6 years ago

    thank you for including my sangria poms! what a great article for summer parties!

  • Lipeony

    Lipeony said 6 years ago

    totally cute and great DIY party ideas! I like the different decor ideas =D

  • Parsimony

    Parsimony said 6 years ago

    I want to make them ALL! Go Texas Etsy Craft Parties!

  • OrangeistheSun

    OrangeistheSun said 6 years ago

    i love the decor ideas. i used origami waterballs to make a mobile for my daughter when she was still in the crib, but they look so wonderful on a garland!!

  • dahliadesigns

    dahliadesigns said 6 years ago

    Yay for Rachel's matchboxes! Yay for Rachel!

  • craftpile

    craftpile said 6 years ago

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  • jungledread

    jungledread said 6 years ago

    Also, handspun art yarn works beautifully as a garland

  • opendoorstudio

    opendoorstudio said 6 years ago

    how colorful, how much fun and YUM!

  • chanyeevon

    chanyeevon said 6 years ago

    LOVELY handwork to transform something ordinary into great party deco! Really love that Modern Spectrum Mobiles! It really awesome :D :D And save on $$$ tooo!

  • CreationsBySBDesigns

    CreationsBySBDesigns said 6 years ago

    those Gathered and stitched crepe paper streamers are adorable and i think they would look pretty cool in fabric as well.....

  • marievan

    marievan said 6 years ago

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    PassionArte said 6 years ago

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  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 6 years ago

    Great tutorials, I'm sure these would look great at any party not just an Etsy one!

  • Kirschbits

    Kirschbits said 6 years ago

    Great ideas and tutorials !! :D thanks for sharing :D Looking forward to the soon-to-come Etsy Craft party in my area !

  • alaskaj

    alaskaj said 6 years ago

    Oh, Etsy...How to I love thee? Let me count the ways... :)

  • ValerieTyler

    ValerieTyler said 6 years ago

    Now do you have a tutorial for how to get my garden ready and clean my house on time too? ;) I seriously love party planning ideas. Cute ideas, I have to commence the brainstorming and planning soon.

  • Morado

    Morado said 6 years ago

    Such pretty ideas! Thanks for sharing

  • jalsiku

    jalsiku said 6 years ago

    I'll be using these ideas to decorate my daughter's room... thanks!

  • pinkpurr

    pinkpurr said 6 years ago

    Lovely, and quick to make. Great ideas, thank you! Crepe paper has been around so long. Forgotten how much fun it can be. I wonder what the garland would look like if you separated the strands up to the stitch line and stretched the edges a bit... you'd get a fluffy garland maybe... more layers of colors... ooh the possibilities are endless! This is too much fun before the party even begins!

  • dcartesianos

    dcartesianos said 6 years ago

    love the origami waterball tutorial!!!!!!!

  • gardenofedendesigns

    gardenofedendesigns said 6 years ago

    i really love the sewn streamers! it really adds an extra flare :)

  • steampunkjunksupply

    steampunkjunksupply said 6 years ago

    Very fun article, great ideas! Thanks! :)

  • pileofstones

    pileofstones said 6 years ago

    Great post! The dazzling spectrum of color is amazing. Colorful crepe paper garlands and modern spectrum mobiles are my favs, although the tiny matchbox treats are delightful too, and, and, and... Thanks for all the linked tutorials!

  • cookieletta

    cookieletta said 6 years ago

    great ideas!!!

  • IslaNewYork

    IslaNewYork said 6 years ago

    Those vellum paper decorations are fantastic!!! If I didn't already have paper poms, those would definitely be hanging in my living room! Great article, thanks for sharing!! It's my birthday this Friday (!!!) so this article was in perfect timing :)

  • Tumus

    Tumus said 6 years ago

    mmmmm chip dip!

  • missprettypretty

    missprettypretty said 6 years ago

    Love the modern spectrum mobiles! Really adds a lot to a table!

  • BirdonWireStudio

    BirdonWireStudio said 6 years ago

    Gosh! These are such beautiful ideas! I need to find a reason to throw a colorful exciting and simple. I would leave these decorations up all the time. :)

  • TirnanogDesigns

    TirnanogDesigns said 6 years ago

    Awesome ideas, thanks!

  • julessabjewelry

    julessabjewelry said 6 years ago

    I'm so excited. I'm going to my first Etsy craft party next week and can't wait to meet and learn from some of our local artisans. Julie, thank you for these wonderful ideas!

  • thenewblackmarket

    thenewblackmarket said 6 years ago

    i love this!! great ideas for a tea party that i will be decorating soon! thanks!

  • jodieflowers

    jodieflowers said 6 years ago

    Too cool, now I want to plan a party!

  • melfannin

    melfannin said 6 years ago

    getting married in a month and I will definitely use some of these ideas! thanks!

  • RockOfAgius

    RockOfAgius said 6 years ago

    LOVE it all! Especially love that all of the party decorations seem sustainable. I hate party decorations and especially balloons because they are a gross waste of non-recyclable materials. Looks like all of these things can be reused again and again. Awesome!!!

  • courtneyorillion

    courtneyorillion said 6 years ago

    Love the mobile....captivating

  • nowonder

    nowonder said 6 years ago

    Great ideas for parties!

  • daniellexo

    daniellexo said 6 years ago

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  • myflowershop

    myflowershop said 6 years ago

    I have a new-found love for crepe paper streamers! Can't wait to try it out. Thanks My Paper Crane! And the Candy Sushi....Genius!!!! Thanks Mommy Knows!

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  • TutsandcrasH

    TutsandcrasH said 6 years ago

    i am alergic to sewing! but some of these seem fun... and rivets have always been good to me!

  • butternutsquash

    butternutsquash said 6 years ago

    Is it just me, or is everything on Readymade completely brilliant? I am in love with the paper mobiles... so easy!

  • IlGiardinoLuxor

    IlGiardinoLuxor said 6 years ago

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    inajuicebox said 6 years ago

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    GrannyGrant said 6 years ago

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    hopkinsjennifer said 5 years ago

    Amazing list of tutorials! :) I just love it! Try some retro party idea tips here I'm sure you'll be surprised, guys! :D Love ya :*

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