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DIY Lip Balm in Upcycled Containers

Feb 18, 2014

by Briar Winters handmade and vintage goods

Briar crafts botanical apothecary products in her TriBeCa studio, with a focus on organic botanicals, local honey and beeswax.

A simple batch of handmade lip balm is the perfect way to put a collection of tiny vintage and upcycled tins and jars to good use. A welcome companion at any time of the year, you may even find yourself dipping into it to soothe dry cuticles or a dry patch of skin on the backs of your hands, too, as I often do. This project should take about 30 minutes, though the melting time depends on the size of your batch. (Note: It’s best to start with a small batch until you’ve settled on your favorite formula.) With a few tools that you probably already have in your kitchen and a selection of butters, waxes and oils, you can experiment to your heart’s content.


  • Kitchen scale, for weighing out ingredients
  • Heat-proof glass measuring cup (Pyrex works well)
  • Saucepan with water
  • Stovetop
  • Spoons, for scooping butters and oils
  • Small droppers, for dispensing essential oils
  • Chopstick, for stirring the mixture
  • Paper towels, for catching drips and tidying up. Normally I am not a fan of paper towels in the kitchen, but wax can be awfully tricky to get out of nice dishtowels.
  • Small tins or jars. I’ve found many lovely tins at my local sweets shop, at antique shops and flea markets, and here on Etsy. I even found a collection of very tiny vintage tins made for holding watch parts that would hold adorably elfin lip balm portions.

There are so many wonderful options widely available online for the butters, waxes and oils that will make up the balm. Begin by taking into consideration your own (or your giftee’s) preferences and sensitivities. I personally love the scent and texture of beeswax (which I get from a local beekeeper), but vegans may want to consider candellilla wax. Some of my favorite skin-nourishing oils and butters include coconut, sesame, apricot kernel, sweet almond, olive, shea butter and cocoa butter. Adding a few drops of vitamin E (seek out a non-GMO vitamin E, if you can) helps protect the oils from oxidation.

To scent the balm, assemble a few of your favorite essential oils.* Here are a few ideas for fragrances and combinations in harmony with the seasons:

  • Spring calls for something light and floral: geranium, neroli (orange blossom) or pink grapefruit.
  • Summer inspires visions of freshly cut herbs: rosemary, mint and tarragon, or the beachy tropical combination of ylang ylang and vanilla.
  • Fall loves warmth and spice: cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, dried ginger, vanilla or even chocolate.
  • Winter wants bright and delicate citrus notes (mandarine, bergamot), fresh ginger or jasmine (think of your favorite conservatory garden in February).

*A word of caution about citrus essential oils: in very small quantities, they can add something very beautiful to your blend. Be very careful about adding too much, though, as they can be photo sensitizing to the skin.

Begin by making sure your work area, your equipment and your hands are sparkling clean and dry. Any moisture introduced into the balm will dramatically shorten its lifespan.


If you are using vintage or upcycled containers, make sure these are all clean and dry as well. I like to clean my containers and tools with medical alcohol before use to ensure that they are free from contaminants. Once they are cleaned, set the containers aside, ready for the finished balm to be poured in.

Combine your chosen wax, butters and oils in the glass measuring cup, weighing each ingredient out as you go and recording your starting formula. I prefer to divide my beeswax into little chunks with a small knife (be cautious, as the beeswax will be quite firm) and to work on a piece of parchment paper set over a cloth towel on a firm surface. Many people prefer using a grater for their beeswax, but it can be difficult to remove the beeswax afterwards. Be certain you’re ready to commit a grater to this use exclusively before diving in.


Experiment to find the combination you prefer, beginning with a ratio of about 1:2 liquids (oils) to solids (butters and waxes), or 1:1:1 (liquids to butters to waxes). Set the glass measuring cup into the saucepan of water, making sure that the water comes far enough up the sides of the cup to provide even heat. Gently begin to heat the water, keeping an eye on the contents of the cup at all times and stirring with a chopstick occasionally to encourage even melting. Don’t allow the water to come to a boil, or even much of a simmer, as you don’t want water droplets splashing into your mixture.


Adjust as you go along by placing a few drops of the mixture onto a clean dish and testing the consistency with your fingertip after it cools. If the balm is too firm, add a bit more oil. If it’s too soft, add just a bit more wax, being sure to write down your formula for future batches.


When all the ingredients have melted together, remove from the heat and add your chosen scents. Start with one drop at a time of essential oil, using a new dropper for each essential oil. You can always let a small droplet of the mixture fall onto a clean saucer to test the concentration. Be mindful of the sensitive skin of the lips when adding your essential oils: it’s best to keep the concentration light and subtle. If the mixture begins to harden while you’re working, simply set the measuring cup back into the warm water briefly to loosen it. It’s best not to heat the mixture much after adding the essential oils, as the oils are volatile and delicate and can lose their character if overheated. Add a few drops of vitamin E, if using.


Once you are satisfied with your scent, give the mixture one final stir to make sure the ingredients are evenly distributed. Be sure to dry the bottom of the measuring cup thoroughly to be sure no water droplets are clinging to it that could slide into the tins as you pour, and then gently pour the mixture into your prepared containers. Leave uncovered until set and completely cool.


All photographs by Briar Winters.

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  • MarbleandMilkweed

    Briar Winters from MarbleandMilkweed said 5 years ago Featured

    Thanks so much to everyone who has mentioned their concerns about the safety of using upcycled containers for lip balms! Yes, it’s important to select food-safe containers, like small glass jars, and tins or pill boxes with a liner for this project.


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    Sylvie Liv from SylvieLiv said 5 years ago

    I love how pulling a unique/ fancy lip balm from my purse gives me this little feeling of importance. Does it do that for you?! Thank you for sharing this, I would love to make time to create a few.

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  • themefragrance

    Theme Fragrance from themefragrance said 5 years ago

    Be wise! Make sure your metal container is lead free, and usable for cosmetics. Check your essential oil - especially if pregnant - many are not recommended. Not all essential oils are lip safe - you can look them up online before using. Citrus oils can be corrosive to metals - test your container.

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    What a lovely tutorial. Your way with words is as beautiful as your photographs! Thank you for the poetic clarity in your instructions and the precious bits of wisdom that come from your focused practice. You so clearly walk the gorgeous line between art and science. Warm wishes & thanks!

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    I like the idea it's very charming but maybe this isn't the best use for vintage containers, they are nice to look at but maybe not so clean/safe to use. It's really best to use new clean containers that were intended for cosmetic use. Stevia is also a great addition to help lightly sweeten your balm and make it more lip smacking.

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    Please be very careful - old tins can contain all kinds of things in the metal. Do not put lip balm with any citrus oil in a painted/ or tin with paint. Citrus oils can dissolve paint (they make eco strippers with orange oil). If you have an old glass container that you can be certain of sterilizing and cleaning nooks and crannies then it maybe a better container. Purchasing a new container may not be as eco but may be in the short and long run safer.

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    I agree to double check things, and give more warnings. Essential oils can be VERY unsafe, and one should check them out THOROUGHLY before choosing. Most essential oils on the market these days are not made for therapeutic use, and are not safe to ingest. Some of them can even cause miscarriages. So be very careful about using these oils in lipbalm: Know your materials before you even begin to use them. Not all essential oils are equal. Also I'd suggest double checking your oil choices as well. Some dry quickly, others are more long lasting. Landolin, coconut, sunflower, and palm oils are popular. Mixing them can cause a lipbalm that soothes instantly, AND still has oils that soothe much later on. Also I second being very careful of the containers you use. Antiques can have lead in them, as well as other chemicals and uses. You cannot know the history of a little container: It could have never been used, or some kid could have been storing dead bugs in it, or worse they could be semi-porous and used to store medications which can interact with what you already have. Not to mention what Theme Fragrance said. Orange and lemon, really anything citrus, decays metal. Ever put lemon in a cake tin? Oxidizes in minutes and leaves everything tasting like dead metal, as well as releasing chemicals into things. BE AWARE and careful of what you pick to use. Also I suggest a tiny drizzle of honey or stevia powder to sweeten your lip balm. Stevia has good flavor, Reve Maxeville is awesome for suggesting it, but honey can save you from both future dampness, and add a little more to it. Honey is anti-bacterial by means of "sucking the water" out of germs which can help with any liquid in the balm being sucked out as well, and also anti-inflammatory. So if your lips are RED/SORE and chapped, it can help reduce that red/soreness a little. Not medical advice, of course, but something it might help out with. Don't worry about gettin' babies sick with it either, that only happens if you don't cook your honey, so put it in with the beeswax (which probably has a hint of honey left anyways!) BE SAFE when using recipes and use your common sense. As much as a neat article can give you great ideas, research to make sure all the steps and ingredients are safe and sane so you don't accidentally get opium or cocaine from some little antique European pill box you didn't clean out too well.

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  • JamieSmedley said 5 years ago

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  • MarbleandMilkweed

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    Thanks so much to everyone who has mentioned their concerns about the safety of using upcycled containers for lip balms! Yes, it’s important to select food-safe containers, like small glass jars, and tins or pill boxes with a liner for this project.

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    to be honest, and full disclaimer, I MAKE lip balm.... the idea that neophytes start melting stuff together can be really a bad idea. Essential oils are not (necessarily) good for your skin. Photosensitivity, corrosive, etc. Containers can have adverse effects (reused/upcycled). While I love the idea of sharing the love...I would appreciate Etsy not trying to tell people how to make a product that I sell...mainly because I've a decade into formulation and without base knowledge, mistakes can be problematic. And can cause skin irritation/issues. There are hundreds of amazing shops on Etsy that sell handmade lip balm. Give us some love.

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