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How to Make a Box Out of Paper Scraps

In this video, the Etsy Labs’ crafter extraordinaire Mary shows you how to make a box out of scrap paper, in a few simple steps! It’s an easy way to create boxes for holiday and birthday presents, make holders for those paper clip and rubber band collections on your desk, or organize all those little tchotchkes you’ve collected.

  • kelsyskookykrap

    kelsyskookykrap says:

    where can you get cool printed paper like that? those would make great boxes to put gifts in for christmas. great vid, thank you =]

    8 years ago

  • EtsyStore Admin

    EtsyStore says:

    You can print your own or use recycled papers around you house! Get creative!

    8 years ago

  • addition

    addition says:

    Great vid! Easy and fun, I'm making a zillion. thanks Mary and Etsy additions for your walls

    8 years ago

  • addition

    addition says:

    You could use origami paper Ethnic newspapers Magazine pages takeout menus (if u live in NYC you get a million) old photographs collage a picture, copy it and use the copy scribble something... additions for your walls

    8 years ago

  • nuovovita

    nuovovita says:

    Great vid! I just made 3 boxes from a 12 pack soda carton - they look really cool and they're sturdy enough ship inside a bubble mailer - thanks!

    8 years ago

  • themefragrance

    themefragrance says:

    I've been running around the house trying all kinds of papers to make boxes with! So much fun!

    8 years ago

  • ArtChiz

    ArtChiz says:

    WoW!!! I feel so powerful now!!! I can make my own boxes!! I never have pay for them, I can just make one for my projects! Thank you Mary!!! U ROCK! love Chiz :O)

    8 years ago

  • PicturesofLily

    PicturesofLily says:

    I love these boxes. I used double sided scrapbook paper, which is already a perfect 12x12 square. How cute are these, and so sturdy too. thanks so much.

    8 years ago

  • SimplySusan

    SimplySusan says:

    This is fantastic! It actually works! Very cute. Now I have a new skill in my Craft Arsenal! Thanks for this tutorial! -susan

    8 years ago

  • letitiah

    letitiah says:

    Love it! Thank you so much!

    8 years ago

  • fancy

    fancy says:

    can't wait to try this...thanks!

    8 years ago

  • dmriceart

    dmriceart says:

    Okay... Spent a bit of time with the video, and went off to create! I would like to say "Thanks so much for this! Where do I send you a photo of what I created today? I would love to show you! Because of this, I am going to be creating little boxes... like crazy!!! Hugs...Debi dmriceart

    8 years ago

  • dazeychic

    dazeychic says:

    That was so much fun and I needed this tutorial so very badly! TY Mary! Oh and I took pictures! xo's and smiles, shells

    8 years ago

  • oldehoff1

    oldehoff1 says:

    What quick and EASY instructions you made for us!! I tried to follow some "expert" on a DIY show, and lost her more than half way through. This is the 2nd video I have seen of yours! Maybe you could make a "show" for yourself!! LOL You certainly make it very easy to follow. THANKS, Kat

    8 years ago

  • traceystreasures

    traceystreasures says:

    Man, I so wish my sound worked! No matter what I try, I can't get my sound to work :( Ya'll have a lot of videos I want to watch!!

    8 years ago

  • KristinFriesen

    KristinFriesen says:

    this is so great! im going to experiment with different weights of paper until i get it just right, thanks so much for the pattern!

    8 years ago

  • pookeh

    pookeh says:

    a little late to the party but THANK YOU! this is so awesome. i don't have to buy gift boxes every again, yay!

    8 years ago

  • strawberryanarchy

    strawberryanarchy says:

    great tutorial and i found it on stumble upon! etsy has been in alot of stumbles which is good! im going to make one of these!

    8 years ago

  • BEKAHknits

    BEKAHknits says:

    This is great! Thanks so much for making this tutorial. :D

    8 years ago

  • PauletteInsall

    PauletteInsall says:

    This is such a wonderful tutorial!!! I've made three already and I can't seem to stop! lol! A great use for all the scrapbooking paper that I can't seem to stop buying. ;) And using half of a piece of 12"x12" paper makes just the right size gift box for my mini art print pendants. Yea! :D

    8 years ago

  • Bijoudesign

    Bijoudesign says:

    Excellent tutorial! Seeing it on video makes it so much easier. :)

    8 years ago

  • anandi

    anandi says:

    You guys rock with your How-Tos! And you know us crafty people can't resist trying out a good technique :)

    8 years ago

  • abitabite

    abitabite says:

    This is actually the oragami box I use to package my horns. Here is your next challenge... how to use up all the tiny little triagles of felt i have!!

    8 years ago

  • abitabite

    abitabite says:

    (i don't cut mine though... i should say)

    8 years ago

  • Keldune

    Keldune says:

    This is a great and very helpful video! Thank you Mary and thanks to pickypicky who put the link out recently.

    8 years ago

  • VintageVacations

    VintageVacations says:

    brill - many thanks for showing us how to box!

    8 years ago

  • PamperMePlease

    PamperMePlease says:

    Wonderful!! So easy to follow...even with my sound off. The kids are sleeping. I just made an entire box wow. I am so excited about the possibilities of the uses for this skill!

    8 years ago

  • DonnaCDesigns

    DonnaCDesigns says:

    Thnak you so much for the box instructons. This is great to personalize my jewlery instead of buying ready made boxes.

    8 years ago



    This is an awesome idea! My husband is a printer so I will use his scraps and save myself a ton on boxes! Thanks!

    7 years ago

  • tagisa

    tagisa says:

    Wow! Great tutorial! I just bought boxes today too... When they are gone, I'll be making my own :) Thanks!

    7 years ago

  • jamijewelry

    jamijewelry says:

    wow, what an awesome idea!! i have all these paper bags from our whole foods store and i can use them for this! the first one turned out great! thanks again!

    7 years ago

  • ibeauti

    ibeauti says:

    Love this idea. Thx!

    7 years ago

  • priscamonkie

    priscamonkie says:

    this is really cool :D I made one out of a pottery barn teen magazine which turned out well but i think i'll use a different type of paper for the next one. :D

    7 years ago

  • emmylucy

    emmylucy says:

    I loved the video...another idea, why not use the cover of those glossy magazines that you used to wrap your handmade item? The cover stock is strong, colorful, and will be one of a kind. Thanks, emmylucy

    7 years ago

  • Jodaycraf

    Jodaycraf says:

    Thanks Mary

    7 years ago

  • brownbunnybyiris

    brownbunnybyiris says:

    It was fun watching and I even know now how to fold a box. I have all sorts of paper I can use for that. Great x-mas idea for packaging!

    7 years ago

  • urbanBasement

    urbanBasement says:

    I made the box along with the video. This is so great!

    7 years ago

  • deba822

    deba822 says:

    A few years ago I went on a scrapbook frenzy. Now I know what to do with the huge stack of square paper I have!!!! Thank you!

    7 years ago


    MFIPC says:

    Thank you so much! Now I can make customized boxes to match my shop!! This is a real money saver. I really really appreciate this. Thank you!

    7 years ago

  • warmhart

    warmhart says:

    WOW! That was so much easier that I thought it would be. Thanks so much for sharing.

    7 years ago

  • FrontPorchEra

    FrontPorchEra says:

    That is so cool! Now I can make customized boxes for the little items I sell in my shop and for the gifts I make for friends and family. Thanks so much for sharing!

    7 years ago

  • raisinlike

    raisinlike says:

    What an excellent tutorial! I am having so much fun with this.

    7 years ago

  • TheStrawberryGirl

    TheStrawberryGirl says:

    oh my this is a great tutorial! i already made my first box!

    7 years ago

  • beachglassbaba

    beachglassbaba says:

    This was a great tutorial. Thank you!

    7 years ago

  • DianasPaintedDezigns

    DianasPaintedDezigns says:

    Thank you so much. I've been needing boxes and I can't really afford to buy them. This is great. Big hugs to you. Diana

    7 years ago

  • lisspopps

    lisspopps says:

    love it! so easy! thank you

    7 years ago

  • stepintoourworld

    stepintoourworld says:

    This is Great Thank you

    7 years ago

  • cocoachuchu

    cocoachuchu says:

    Thanks so much. I've been looking for a tutorial like this!!

    7 years ago

  • ClarkandDiversey

    ClarkandDiversey says:

    i DIG this a million times over since i'm on an everlasting hunt for recycled packaging! many thanks!

    7 years ago

  • circlesareforever

    circlesareforever says:

    seriously this is my fave! thank you.

    7 years ago

  • kellybellydesigns

    kellybellydesigns says:

    I love love love this video, I was thinking of hot glue gunning a pretty piece of fabric inside for my jewelry gifts from my shop as a pretty internal and hot fixing some gems on the top of the box with a pretty satin bow...

    7 years ago

  • annette1533

    annette1533 says:

    Thank-you soooo much for this!!! I made the perfect little box for my soon to come surprise monkeys. Thanks Etsy

    7 years ago

  • veryverdant

    veryverdant says:

    Oh, so cute. Great tutorial I can not wait to use this idea for gift giving! Thanks for sharing!

    7 years ago

  • primaryjane

    primaryjane says:

    Great idea, the perfect solution to all those sheets of paper you just had to have, now they could be put to a good purpose instead of sitting in a dark closet. Thank you Etsy

    7 years ago

  • davita

    davita says:

    Question: I love these boxes but for what I would use them for, I'd need rectangle shapes. Is there anyway to alter this pattern to make rectangle shaped ones?

    7 years ago

  • PaperPetalCreations

    PaperPetalCreations says:

    Wow...this was so quick and easy. Thanks!

    6 years ago

  • PlumCottageCreations

    PlumCottageCreations says:

    Yesterday I was inspired by email I had gotten from you there at ETsy, then I saw your wonderful little video on making boxes, and I could hardly get to sleep last night. This morning I used two programs to create colorful paper for the box, then made my first one and I was thrilled. I need a bit larger one also, but this got my creative juices going. The box really was a breeze to make. Thank you for this informative video. It was a joy to watch. I felt like I was right there with you, and the top of the pen flying off added to the fun atmosphere. Lorraine ~ FlowerLady

    6 years ago

  • AlaskaTreasures

    AlaskaTreasures says:

    I like buying those bargain scrapbooking books of paper at places like Joann. They are always on sale, it seems like. They come in great big pads of all kinds of pretty paper or in small ones. I love this how to. Very cool.

    6 years ago

  • thehouseofhearts

    thehouseofhearts says:

    This is an awesome video. I am going to make one tonight. Thanks Mary!

    6 years ago

  • LondonParticulars

    LondonParticulars says:

    Great video, Thanks!

    6 years ago

  • lglas

    lglas says:

    Thanks so much for showing this! I took a class on how to make a different version, and really enjoyed this way to do it, as well. When my saved boxes run out, I will start making these for my small gifts.

    6 years ago

  • CathrynsDesigns

    CathrynsDesigns says:

    Amazing!! Just made my first paper box :) extremely happy about that haha :) thank you etsy!

    6 years ago

  • Pulguinha

    Pulguinha says:

    Hi. I made my boxes from this wonderfull how to. Take a look

    6 years ago

  • Pulguinha

    Pulguinha says:

    Hi. I made some changes to the box decoration.

    6 years ago

  • SailmakersDaughter

    SailmakersDaughter says:

    I just love this. Brilliant. I have stuff to ship for a promotional pack for Etsy Ireland and I this box will be perfect!

    6 years ago

  • medievaldigger

    medievaldigger says:

    I decoupeged the box and coated it with a poly, it was sturdy and beautiful!

    6 years ago

  • MaggieInTheMay

    MaggieInTheMay says:

    Thanks! Now I don't have to buy gift boxes anymore. Time to reuse those fashion magazines and mailers. :)

    6 years ago

  • ArtistaStyle

    ArtistaStyle says:

    pretty awesome, thanks. Thinking i'll go and make a couple now.

    6 years ago

  • WrappedToPerfection

    WrappedToPerfection says:

    Delightful! Can't wait to try this... now I can make boxes that will coordinate with my projects or I can decide on a "signature" paper design to make boxes with. Love it!

    6 years ago

  • SilkMari

    SilkMari says:

    Great looking boxes...followed the demo and came out quite nice. Great looking box...Pulguinha...very classy look.

    6 years ago

  • nobicollins

    nobicollins says:

    fantastic, I've tried to make box' before and couldn't, you made it so easy, thank you

    6 years ago

  • Imburton

    Imburton says:

    Love it....and a good use for my paper pile that is just too pretty to recycle.

    6 years ago

  • cherokeemoon

    cherokeemoon says:

    I'm new to Etsy and I have to say that I'm very impressed with you folks. Lots of Creative Ideas are shared and helping us artists get off the ground. I would never have guessed that I could make a box using scrap paper! I love this idea! Thanks Mary for showing us how to make this simple box.

    6 years ago

  • abecrombie

    abecrombie says:

    This was great! I was trying to cover a box, no luck. I can make one now thanks to your wonderful tutorial. Etsy has so many wonderful people.I'm going right now to make boxes...Nice paper too!

    6 years ago

  • emazz

    emazz says:

    Cute girl... but probably the longest, most complicated, frustrating, inaccurate way to make a box. IMO. :P Origami books have simpler/more accurate instructions. Don't intend to be a kill-joy. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

    5 years ago

  • storytale

    storytale says:

    Love it Excellent Tutorial!

    5 years ago

  • Katriin

    Katriin says:

    Thank you, I think it would be perfect to ship my goods in, handmade to the scratch!

    5 years ago

  • madebyciel

    madebyciel says:

    I'm so happy I saw this link from my twitter! Thank you. I embedded this tutorial video to my blog: I am so going to make them for my flower rings from my shop!

    5 years ago

  • madebyciel

    madebyciel says:

    BTW, is there another tutorial how to make a different size box like a 5x7x1? Just wondering, I would really love to make my own packaging materials. - Joy

    5 years ago

  • ChiarandCo

    ChiarandCo says:

    yeay...thank you...i'm going to go try it right now!

    5 years ago

  • RBJohnson

    RBJohnson says:

    I made few of these boxes and store almost anything small in them .. they just so handy :)

    5 years ago

  • huiyitan

    huiyitan says:

    Oh, that's very interesting! thanks a lot for sharing!

    5 years ago

  • RenataUniqueGifts

    RenataUniqueGifts says:

    Mary, you know how to make boxes pretty! And you share that with us, too. Thank you.

    5 years ago

  • vickibrvt

    vickibrvt says:

    I have a box I made this way YEARS ago and have saved all this time, but I forgot how I made it. Thanks a million.

    5 years ago

  • myownhands

    myownhands says:

    Thank you. Very cute boxes and very useful this time of year!

    5 years ago

  • sofisticata

    sofisticata says:

    Excellent tutorial! Very cute! Thank you for sharing it!!

    5 years ago

  • BeatificBijoux

    BeatificBijoux says:

    Aaargh! I just ordered boxes yesterday...sigh... Still can't wait to try this out. Great, simple, straightforward tutorial. Thanks!

    5 years ago

  • lipstickthumbprint

    lipstickthumbprint says:

    My mom taught my brother, sister and I how to make these as kids! We would use last year's Christmas cards to make cute little present ornaments for the tree by tying them up with ribbons or twine and leaving a loop to hang. Thanks for the memory jog, I should whip up a few for the tree!

    5 years ago

  • SweetlyScrappedArt

    SweetlyScrappedArt says:

    Oh this is very awesome! I am definitely going to try this :)

    5 years ago

  • NatureAngels

    NatureAngels says:

    Just found this tutorial - It's so awesome, I can't wait to get started!! Thank you so much!

    5 years ago

  • Grrlefx

    Grrlefx says:

    Awesome video! These are so much fun to make and the ideas are endless! I'm trying to make a smaller/thinner fitting lid, one that doesn't cover the box base totally. I am so lost at doing this, perhaps due to making so many of these cute little boxes so far lol Any help would be appreciated! Thank you! Kim

    5 years ago

  • dunawaycrafts

    dunawaycrafts says:

    I have just noticed that the button says "ETSY IST SAUGEIL" how cool to put german buttons in the video :)

    5 years ago

  • KKCollectibleCollage

    KKCollectibleCollage says:

    Thanks so much for the video, even though it is 3 years old, I am new on Etsy and it is just as great now!

    5 years ago

  • CORUSCATEunique

    CORUSCATEunique says:

    this is nice <3

    4 years ago

  • GirlWhoSpeaksToTrees

    GirlWhoSpeaksToTrees says:

    Great tutorial! I just made one out of a grocery bag, and it's the perfect size for some of my flower hair clips! I do have one question, though. How might one send these boxes in the mail? They are too bulky for a padded envelope, but too small to fit in a package without a lot of extra space.

    4 years ago

  • susanwilliamsdesigns

    susanwilliamsdesigns says:

    Love this! Thank you!

    4 years ago

  • TheSpeckledKat

    TheSpeckledKat says:

    Man, I LOVE this! Thanks so much for this tutorial! It is perfect for my flower pins! Thanks again!!!

    4 years ago

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    1 year ago

  • mycraftingspace

    mycraftingspace from MyCraftingSpace says:

    This is amazing! Love it!

    1 year ago