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Hot Home Decor Trend: Chunky Knits

Dec 15, 2015

by Valerie Rains handmade and vintage goods

The term “sweater weather” doesn’t just apply to your wardrobe. More and more, cozy crochets and warm woolen knits are finding their way into the world of home decor, thanks to texture-loving designers on Etsy and beyond. Today we’re sharing buy-or-DIY ways to bring these familiar fluffy comforts into your living room, bedroom, and any other space that could use a soft touch.

Blankets and Throws

To Buy: The designer behind The Knit Therapy’s loopy, wool-blend throw is also an engineer — so you can rest assured that the open-weave blanket’s construction is, nevertheless, totally solid. (The Knit Therapy, $185; buy it here)

To DIY: Calling all arm knitters: There are no needles required to make this exaggerated basketweave bedspread. (Flax & Twine, $5.50 for a pattern; buy it here)

To Buy: As chubby and rosy-hued as a newborn’s squishy little cheeks, this hand-dyed merino wool baby blanket will be the hit of any shower. (Broadwick Fibers, $70; buy it here)

To DIY: This blanket knitting kit contains an easy-to-follow pattern, oversized tulip-wood needles, and enough merino wool to turn out a truly luxurious lap warmer. (Wool Couture Company, $100; buy it here)

Poufs and Pillows

To Buy: This is no one-size-fits-all ottoman; instead, you can choose from wool or linen yarn in 20 shades, and decide whether you want to have it shipped stuffed or unstuffed from the maker’s studio in Lithuania. (GieMarGa, $98; buy it here)

To DIY: One pattern download nets you instructions for knitting six sizes of poufs, so even your littlest family member can prop her feet up in comfort. (Cara Corey Designs, $5.50; buy it here)

To Buy: Made from durable knitted polyester cord, this textured beanbag cover takes laid-back lounging to the next level. (Puffchic, $167; buy it here)

To DIY: For an extra-fuzzy furniture moment, follow this pattern‘s bonus instructions for making your own yarn out of fleece. (Lucky Hanks, $7 for pattern, and also available in finished form; buy it here)

To Buy: Add some ski lodge–worthy style to your seating area with a cushion cover that’s made in the UK from all-natural alpaca and wool yarn. (REW Homeware, $78; buy it here)

To DIY: Try a beginner-friendly pillow kit that comes with a pattern, knitting needles, yarn, and a tapestry needle for finishing. Fair warning: Once you master the first one, you may be compelled to make more. (Kitsnknits, $25; buy it here)

Baskets and Bins

To Buy: The possibilities for this crocheted linen-rope basket are endless: Use yours to conceal an unsightly planter, catch winter hats and mittens near the front door, or even corral your own crochet supplies. (Oversized LT, $90; buy it here)

To DIY: If you’ve got time to spare, consider crocheting a whole set of nesting baskets, designed to be crafted with cotton and jute. (JaKiGu, $8 for three patterns; buy it here)

Rugs and Mats

To Buy: At three inches thick, this unique knitted rug can almost double as a spare mattress — or at least provide some extra sleeping-bag support for unexpected overnight guests. (Ohhio, $700; buy it here)

To DIY: Two hours plus the contents of this kit — from one of our favorite jumbo yarn sellers, Loopy Mango — are all you need to complete your very own, super-chunky round knit rug. (Loopy Mango, $239; buy it here)

Pet Beds

To Buy: A made-to-order merino wool pet bed that comes in four sizes — so it will just fit your finicky feline. (Bloisem, $62; buy it here)

To DIY: Technically a pattern for a footstool cover, this cable-knit design would make the coziest perch for a medium-sized pooch. (Midknits, $4.60 for pattern; buy it here)

Woolly Wall Art

To Buy: Like an un-killable twist on a vertical garden, this wool and silk wall hanging is wonderfully wild. (Catie Beth Thomas Designs, $315; buy it here)

To DIY: With a fully equipped weaving kit from Oake & Ashe, you can make whatever kind of faux foliage, geometric design, or abstract wall art you like. (Oake & Ashe, $199; buy it here)

Little Extras

To Buy: Because everyone could use a little extra TLC every once in a while, there’s a personalized hot water bottle cover hand-knitted in Somerset, UK. (Chi-Chi Moi, $39; buy it here)

To DIY: Decorative cable knit details make this hot water bottle cover pattern even more delightful. (BiscuitScout, $5 for pattern; buy it here)

To Buy: What’s better than drinking coffee or tea out of an actual, honest-to-goodness mug? Wrapping said mug in a hand-crocheted checkerboard-stitch cozy. (Isabelle Knits, $25; buy it here)

To DIY: Make a reusable sleeve for your favorite coffee date with this easy pattern — a handy way to use up scraps from your other projects. (Knit & Kaboodle Designs, $3 for pattern; buy it here)  

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