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Holistic Beekeeping With IlluminatedPerfume

Jun 24, 2010

by IlluminatedPerfume handmade and vintage goods

Roxana_bio.jpgRoxana Villa’s passion for the planet, its resources and gifts, is evident in her life as an artist — both in the visual and aromatic arenas. She creates whole, vital, organic perfumes with stories, which can be found in her Etsy shop, Illuminated Perfume. Her latest adventure and mission is to save the honey bee!

I was immersed, typing away on a blog post, when a gift from Aphrodite flew into my life. The golden package was a swarm of winged alchemists, honey bees, who arrived at our compost bin looking for a home. The week before I had watched the film trailer for Queen of the Sun, where French bee historian Yvon Achard says, “Beekeepers are chosen by bees.” Indeed!

Queen of The Sun Teaser Clip from Taggart Siegel on Vimeo

During art school I became obsessed with engravings found in vintage and antique books, particularly those having to do with alchemy and nature. The iconic image of the bee sang sweet songs to my hungry art spirit. In May 2004 my husband Greg and I were at our yearly attendance of the Bug Fair at the Natural History Museum. While strolling the aisles, drooling over gem-like bugs resembling miniature cars and African masks, Greg stopped at a booth and made a purchase. It was a small book titled Love in the Garden by Jean-Pierre Otte, filled with short stories of love and treachery among flowers and insects. The story that captured my heart was an enchanting tale of a little velvet-corseted bumblebee in “The Astonishing Deception of the Bee Orchid.” After reading this eight-page poetical fantasy I was quite keen on using the bee as part of the branding for my perfume company. The symbolism of the honey bee originates from their ability to work as an individual, and within a team, to create an intoxicating elixir from the sweet aroma of flowers.


I had a deep yearning to delve into beekeeping but knew nothing about it and really wasn’t sure how to begin. Then last August I read an article in the LA Times that led me to Kirk Anderson and his group, Backwards Beekeepers. Smitten with Kirk’s mission to save the bees, I attended a meeting at a member’s home. I was initiated into a new world — a new vocabulary — with words like “drone,” “caps,” “nuc box,” “bearding mode” and “trap-out,” just to mention a few. I was thrilled to finally be moving forward with manifesting another dream and learning a new skill set. Now, besides saving local oak trees, I’d be going on bee rescue missions!


The dream took some time to manifest, mainly because I couldn’t figure out where to put the hive. When the swarm arrived at the compost bin I took it as a sign and set the hive up there. Nature, in all her infinite wisdom, had intervened and put me on course. The location was perfect, as it was tucked away from people, received morning light and was under the eaves of the studio, which would provide a little extra protection from rain.

That first swarm departed, regrettably, which I’ve since learned is a common tragedy among beekeepers who practice organic, chemical-free beekeeping. The main premise of holistic beekeeping is to allow the bees to do what they do best. The group I belong to uses the word “backwards” because we rely on observation and natural practices, rather than pesticides and other chemicals, to keep our bees thriving. Like organic farming, holistic urban beekeeping is on the rise. Many believe that the small urban beekeeper will bring an end to colony collapse. Organic beekeeping encourages strong bees instead of strong pathogens, and feral and treatment-free bees will be able to thrive throughout the world.


I was devastated when my first swarm left, but a fellow member of my Backwards Beekeeping group said I could have her “bird house” bees if I came to get them. One of the more experienced members of the group, John Lyons, facilitated a “cut out” of the bees, which are now cheerfully residing in a periwinkle bee hive while my husband and I quickly immerse ourselves in the art of organic beekeeping. Luckily we have the Backwards Beekeeping blog and Yahoo group, along with our beekeeping bible, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Beekeeping.

My bee guru, Kirk, explains that the bees’ problem, like most of nature, is man. There is quite a bit of misinformation being circulated in the media about the bees. The hysteria over “Africanized” bees is factually unsound, and the term itself is essentially useless in evaluating whether or not we can work with any particular hive of bees. I will do what I can in my little microcosm to affect the macrocosm. I invite you to do the same.


Our global hive needs some tending so that we may all evolve to “an illuminated state of floral consciousness.” As author Tom Robbins says,

“With an increased floral consciousness,
humans will begin to make full use of their
‘light brain’ and make more refined and sophisticated use of their ‘smell brain.’
The two are portentously linked.
In fact, they overlap to such an extent that they may be considered inseparable.”
— Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

Thanks to Roxana for sharing her inspiring story of holistic, organic beekeeping.
Do you know of any urban beekeepers? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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  • earlypinkelevator

    earlypinkelevator said 7 years ago

    I highly recommend you pick up and read the book, BEES and their KEEPERS by Richard F. Trump, 165 pages; ISBN 0-8138-0214-8. This delightful book is all about beekeeping through the ages and environmental issues. It also goes into bee’s lifestyle, how they make honey and beeswax and the bee colony as a living organism. A very interesting book with some very revealing details!

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  • Furiousdreams

    Furiousdreams said 7 years ago

    I loved the French beekeeper clip! I'm posting again because I forgot to add a (sub)urban beekeeper I know. There are many others in my region just outside Philly, this is just one. Two Gander Farm in Berks County, PA doesn't have a website, but you can read my notes about the workshop we held last year and see a video of him showing the hive.

  • WickedDarling

    WickedDarling said 7 years ago

    Roxana, I love your shop and your spirit! Great article!

  • SheepishYarns

    SheepishYarns said 7 years ago

    holistic beekeeping sounds like a truly inspired idear, i hope more people take it up as bees currently need all the lucky breaks they can get

  • bonjourfrenchie

    bonjourfrenchie said 7 years ago

    I love that a theme is kept, keeps me around to see what's next!

  • bluebeeinatree

    bluebeeinatree said 7 years ago

    Oh I can't wait to see that film! Thanks for sharing your experiences with these beautiful creatures.

  • kloveart

    kloveart said 7 years ago


  • LovelyCat

    LovelyCat said 7 years ago


  • LovelyCat

    LovelyCat said 7 years ago


  • somsstudiosupplies

    somsstudiosupplies said 7 years ago

    I am fascinated by bees and bee hives so thanks so much for this article! And great finds I must add!

  • PaperPhine

    PaperPhine said 7 years ago

    I've been thinking about becoming a beekeeper myself for a long while now or at least getting my own hive and put it in with a friend's hives... It's just amazing what these little creatures can do and of course having one's own honey doesn't sound that bad either. But living in the city at the moment I guess I have to postpone the idea till I (and my atelier) move somewhere greener...

  • masaoms

    masaoms said 7 years ago

    Amazing!!! Here is my blog it forward bees post! ;-P

  • designMatter

    designMatter said 7 years ago

    Perfect:)) Congrats!

  • themarketintheglen

    themarketintheglen said 7 years ago

    We put up a Mason Bee house this year without much luck, but I am excited to see such a renewed interest in all things bee-related. As a former environmental restorationist, I try to find every way I can to attract pollinators of all varieties. Growing native flowers are one of the best ways even the unambitious can help out. These little guys really are important not just on the larger scheme of an ecosystem, but even to modern farming practices. Thanks for this article!

  • JaniceCordeiro

    JaniceCordeiro said 7 years ago

    All will be lost without the bees. NJ is making a huge effort to save the bees. No bee, no pollination, no food. Great and timely article.

  • michellepryorart

    michellepryorart said 7 years ago

    I'm a holistic/natural beekeeper in Texas and it's wonderful to see others who are lettting bees do what they've been doing for centuries. Thank you!!!

  • Korkalot

    Korkalot said 7 years ago

    Beautiful. Bees are one of my favorite insects, and I love finding new bee-themed products on Etsy. Thank you for highlighting these wonderful finds!

  • DiamondAntiques

    DiamondAntiques said 7 years ago

    beautiful photos!!

  • bosscakes

    bosscakes said 6 years ago

    Wonderfully written article with great media attached. Kudos!

  • dreamyvintage

    dreamyvintage said 6 years ago

    so awesome!!

  • earthangelsarts

    earthangelsarts said 6 years ago

    We are going to start some hives off this summer. A holistic course on bee keeping in March in Kent, England. What first amazed me about the queen, is how she mates! A SPIRAL flight into the air with the bees following her, and mates with as many as she can. The spiral is seen so much in nature, like the magical Golden Mean spiral. Something very sacred to life.

  • CaeruleusLady

    CaeruleusLady said 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and inspiring story. I found it very uplifting.

  • yvonanov

    Yvona Nov from yvonanov said 5 years ago

    Few weeks ago I've read the book "The Shamanic Way of the Bee". It inspired me so much that I don't know where to start. Reading your story was very uplifting too. Beautiful written. Thank you.

  • murphymae

    Murphy Adams from MurphyAdamsStudio said 5 years ago

    Lovely, thanks for this beautifully written article. I read this after reading about the featured shop today. We have been urban beekeepers for years, with 12 hives around our very small house and many more throughout the neighborbood and beyond. My husband has started a side business putiing in hives for people and training them beekeeping basics. Everyday is filled with fascination!

  • luvitaly7

    Trisha Aquino said 5 years ago

    Simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing...

  • jillmcshaw1

    Jill M said 4 years ago

    I know this post is old, but this was very informative. I have been interested in natural bee keeping since hearing about colonies of bees disappearing. We removed some ugly overgrown shrubs from our yard, and then I remembered how much the bees had loved them, so we planted a nice herb garden in its place to bring the bees back. Our only problem now is the suffocating pesticides and herbicides many of our neighbors choose to use. Bees and their keeping are so fascinating. Thanks Roxanne!

  • TwinAntiques

    Debbie Krusen from TwinAntiques said 3 years ago

    Roxana: So happy to read your account of keeping bees. I have an affinity for them because my birth name is Deborah, which is Hebrew for "bee." Things with the image or form of bees are attracted to me, like the pretty colorful table cover I purchased when I was in Provence years ago, only to discover bees in the design when I got home! Best wishes in all of your endeavors, including the wonderful perfumes you create.

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