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Storyboard: Hit the Open Road

Jul 18, 2011

by Su Wu handmade and vintage goods

Unfurl a map of the continent on the kitchen table. Take the nickel you’ve been turning over in your pocket and toss it in the direction of unfamiliarity, toward somewhere you’ve never been. There’s a long flat hum of asphalt heading wherever the nickel lands, out beyond shared memories. Ride there.

[Clockwise, from top left: Handmade “Human Shell Studio” leather jacket from Mykano; Eureka tape repairer vintage tin from artsygemini; Antique saddle blanket pin from fromanotherday; 1921 Dyke’s Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia from vintagebooklover; Barbour waxed linen thread from mendedways ; Sleeveless denim shirt from October 18th; Solid brass talon tray from ashaloo; Vintage whiskey leather boots from Kenaione]

There’s nothing much to your bike, an engine and two wheels, enough to keep you
going, and a blanket-padded seat. When the sky is big above you, allow yourself some
wonderment, at the clouds like brushstrokes, at the low-hanging stars. They shine for

[Clockwise from top left: Fringed suede 70s vest from shmooozinRawhide satchel from DiazBagsTwo-piece harness belt from DNTXSpanish leather driving gloves from kgbcreationsBleached denim cut-off shorts from skeltonkeySocket set from Daisy and FlorrieHowling wolf silver earrings from sugarlily]

Ride through weather patterns and landscapes, through dusty gas stations and fruit stands,
toward the ocean in the distance. Grab a handful of brake and pause to consider every
yard sale along the way, every scenic turnoff. Mail things to yourself, a small mountain
of packages, waiting.


[Clockwise from top left: Denim crocheted edge top from Mystique VintageVintage Polish police bag from Euro VintageBuckskin beauties iron-on patc from rusticrelicsVictorian seed pearl and turquoise snake pin from Blue Grotto1970s squirrel pocket jeansfrom Capricious TravelerArt deco brass upraised arms stamping from uppsydaisyVintage men’s leather boots from bootmeister; Sandstorm flask with hemp strapping from Willows Keep Pottery]

The only sound is the wind in your ears and eventually that fades too, until it’s just you chasing nothingness. This might not be freedom, but it’s something like it, going nowhere in particular, alone and fast.

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