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Featured Shop: Heirloom Home and Studio

Mar 21, 2014

by Gregg and Jackie Moore handmade and vintage goods

We are Gregg and Jackie Moore, owners of Heirloom Home and Studio. We design and produce ceramic tableware inspired by farmers’ markets, gardening, homemade food, family and community. We live just outside of Philadelphia in Glenside, Pennsylvania.


Our company became fully established in 2011 when we opened a brick-and-mortar location that serves as our studio, store, and physical tie to our local community. At the time, Gregg was on a year’s sabbatical from his full-time college teaching position, and alongside his plans for continued art installation projects and studio practice, we decided to build a ceramic design company together. The year was largely spent with our two young children in the garden, studio and kitchen. We grew, designed, tested, cooked, re-designed, produced and finally established a company that was born from our love of growing, making and sharing food – along with our passion for good tableware design as a critical component of the farm-to-table movement.


We carefully consider garden harvest varieties, and then design a unique piece of tableware that serves as its ideal counterpart. We combine various materials and processes, using both porcelain and earthenware clays, various glazes, and embedded hand-drawn or antique images. We combine slip-casting, hand-building, and wheel-thrown techniques to produce our final pieces. Our signature process is a trompe l’oeil technique; our green porcelain berry baskets serve to bring the look and feel of farmers’ markets to the kitchen and home. In the end, we aim to offer heirloom-quality vessels that beautifully and functionally display fruits and vegetables straight from your garden for mealtimes and entertaining.


In the three years following the launch of our company, it seemed as if local communities across the country had found a new relationship with both gardening and handmade goods, and our small operation soon began growing beyond our expectations. Wholesale orders followed, and our local store grew busier. We knew we still needed an effective online store to reach customers directly, but with increasing business demands, we had to spend our time where it mattered: in the studio and in our home and garden with our children. Gregg and I no longer had time to fully invest in managing our website and figuring out the inner workings of e-commerce while still maintaining full control of the process. So, we joined Etsy.


Etsy simplified all the processes of managing an online shop, but more importantly, we found a rich and unexpected sense of community. Having a brick-and-mortar shop and studio has afforded us the opportunity to interact with and impact our local community; it’s a dimension that enriches our business model, our design concepts and our lives. We found the same deep sense of community within Etsy; there are stories within the platform itself, and we have easy, direct communication with our customers on an ongoing basis.


For us, Etsy is the ultimate counterpart to what we have worked so hard to establish in our physical store: a unique environment ripe with opportunities to inspire, collaborate, communicate, and explore. We hope our garden-to-tableware collection serves to inspire our customers to consider local and home-grown food and how best to serve, present and fully enjoy their much-loved garden harvests.

All photographs by Heirloom Home and Studio.



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