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Heath Ceramics: A Living Legacy of Craft and Community

May 24, 2012

by Karen Brown handmade and vintage goods

In 2003, industrial designer Catherine Bailey and her husband, engineer Robin Petravic, had achieved a comfortable level of professional success. But there was one problem: they didn’t like their jobs.

Leslie Williamson

Cathy Bailey and Robin Petravic.

For the couple, “success” had come to mean working with big-name companies on projects that had become increasingly abstract, soulless, and routine. As they share in their book Heath Ceramics: The Complexity of Simplicity, “…the compromises we had to make in order to please those sales executives hungry for added-value bells and whistles left us tired, frustrated, and looking to rebuild not so much a design career as a design life.”

That new design life appeared unexpectedly with a move to Sausalito, California. While exploring the neighborhood, they discovered a funky mid-century pottery workshop – Heath Ceramics – tucked between the town’s shipyards and bohemian houseboat community. Founder and iconic mid-century designer Edith Heath was then in her nineties, and the couple learned that the business – which did not appear to be thriving – had recently lost a prospective buyer. Acting quickly, they took a chance on a dream and became the new owners of the historic California pottery.

But no legacy comes without its share of challenges. Built in 1959, the Marquis & Stoller-designed workshop flooded at high tide and leaked pitifully when it rained. “It was just really, really sad,” said Cathy. They used trashcans to catch water from the roof, and sandbags and extruded logs of clay to keep out the floodwaters. “It was manual labor, hard physical work, but when we got through that first flood we felt like we had really achieved something,” she said.

“What was pure and obvious was that everyone was still coming to work and making pottery. We never shut down for a day.” All 24 employees continued with Heath after the sale and every piece of Heath pottery is still made at the Sausalito location. (Later this year, a new facility dedicated to tile making will open in San Francisco.)

“We think about things in terms of a 100 year cycle,” said Robin, emphasizing quality above short-term profits. To that end, the couple sought to amplify sustainability practices built into Heath from its very beginning.

For example, Edith Heath – raised with Depression-era frugality and accustomed to post-war shortages – developed a revolutionary clay body that is still in use today, made from local materials. It requires only a single “low and slow” firing, resulting in great energy savings. The workshop now recycles every scrap of unused clay, and captures and reuses all the overspray from glazes.

Striving for what Robin calls “business decisions with community in mind,” the couple was determined to pay 100% of the health care costs for Heath’s employees, some of whom had been with the company for over 30 years. They realized they could not afford employee benefits – which also include profit-sharing and a retirement plan – unless they emphasized retail sales over wholesale. So they launched a catalog site and opened stores at the Sausalito location, in San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Karen Brown

Pieces by Julie Cristello.

The stores provided an opportunity to feature goods from independent artisans whose work they love, including collaborator Julie Cristello, and Etsy sellers Skinny laMinx, Papaver Vert, enormouschampion, Diana Fayt Ceramics, Bottlehood, and studio44eighty.

Jeffery Cross

To complement Heath’s original three lines of dinnerware, Cathy and Robin revived forgotten tiles and glazes, launched seasonal collections, and developed new lines in collaboration with artisan businesses like Chez Panisse and Alabama Chanin.

Heath Ceramics

These collaborations are not simple logo-ing deals, but deep, slow design explorations that create visible, thematic bonds between brands. For example, the Alabama Chanin line required special etching techniques that evoke the look of hand stitching. Since no one on staff had the skills to do this, Heath hired illustrator Kersey Barrett-Tormey to develop a visual vocabulary for the patterns and personally hand etches every dish herself. The work is so precise that Kersey only etches for four hours a day, taking on other tasks in the workshop the rest of the time.

To help customers understand the value of artisan work, Cathy and Robin open the workshop for five public tours a week. “Our stuff is not inexpensive, but when you see how it is made you understand what it’s worth. People treasure it more when they feel they know the maker,” said Cathy.

“We just want to have jobs we enjoy,” smiles Robin. And perhaps the strongest confirmation of the “new” Heath’s success occurred when Edith Heath toured the workshop for the last time. She turned to Cathy and Robin and the assembled crew and said, “This is really, really, really, really remarkable. Thank you.”

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  • blainedesign

    Karen Brown from blainedesign said 5 years ago Featured

    Thanks, everybody, for your comments. Heath has such a long history, I had to omit many interesting details, including: when Cathy and Robin acquired the company, it used only typewriters and owned no computers; Heath makes nine teapots to get two that meet its quality standards;. and that there were once about 500 independent pottery companies in California -- Heath is one of only a handful that remain and the only one that has been in continuous operation. I hope some of the strongest points came through, particularly Cathy and Robin's commitment to workplace, community, and good design, and their appreciation of independent artists, including many Etsy sellers.


  • neusbatllori

    neusbatllori from neusbatllori said 5 years ago

    nice glazes! congrats on your success!

  • LivingVintage

    LivingVintage from LivingVintage said 5 years ago

    Gorgeous! An inspiring story.

  • PoconoModern

    PoconoModern from PoconoModern said 5 years ago

    Stunning work. I love the tile!

  • OuterKnits

    OuterKnits from OuterKnits said 5 years ago

    Beautiful shapes! You saved a treasure.

  • emmashepard

    Emma Shepard from SewWonderfullyMade6 said 5 years ago


  • emmashepard

    Emma Shepard from SewWonderfullyMade6 said 5 years ago

    By the way, the first pic is gorgeous!

  • OncleHope

    Oncle Hope from OncleHope said 5 years ago

    What luck! To do what you love, live on it and share with others! I suppose that's what we all strive for here...Good to read about people who do. It inspires me so thanks for telling their story.

  • mattyhandmadecrafts

    Matejka Max from NattyMatty said 5 years ago

    Excellent picks!!!

  • guziks

    Stephanie from Phylogeny said 5 years ago

    Such an inspiring story of rebirth for this company. Congratulations to them and all of their employees on keeping the tradition and the craftsmanship alive.

  • exlibrispaperdesigns

    exlibrispaperdesigns from exlibrispaperdesigns said 5 years ago

    these are all so beautiful, and I love hearing about businesses and people focusing more on sustainability and durability and not just profits. Thanks!

  • StringBeardCraftery

    Stephanie from StringBeardCraftery said 5 years ago

    Awesome Awesome Ausgezeichnet! I love the mood and feel of every picture and every piece of pottery. So comfortable and stylish.

  • theheirloomaddict

    theheirloomaddict from TheHeirloomAddict said 5 years ago

    This is a RAD article!! I love the Heath brand (my boyfriend is a ceramics nut)! As a sustainability consultant in CA I congratulate the couple and company on there continued efforts and success!!! yay!

  • laurastark

    Laura Stark from laurastark said 5 years ago

    Heath has capital A - Amazing matte glazing! Two weeks ago I was fortunate enough to see their shop in the Ferry Building in SF. Their color palette is beautiful and calming. I feel zen just holding their work.

  • RedorGrayArt

    Elaine Kean from RedorGrayArt said 5 years ago

    this beautiful story made my day !! Wonderful!

  • amysfunkyfibers

    Amy Gunderson from amysfunkyfibers said 5 years ago

    Sounds like you saved a treasure!

  • dmonetryan

    daughn monet-ryan said 5 years ago

    I've been a fan of Heath Ceramics for a long, long time (thanks Grandma!) and am so happy to hear the ownership has passed on to equally passionate folk. May you thrive in your new "careers".

  • BijouxOdalisque

    Bijoux d'Odalisque from BijouxOdalisque said 5 years ago

    Magnificent. These stories Karen weaves for us are so inspiring. I am constantly reminded that a long day of work in my studio is more than paying the bills. I am leaving behind a lifelong legacy.

  • volkerwandering

    Jess from volkerwandering said 5 years ago

    What an awesome place!

  • uniquefabricgifts

    Unique Fabric Gifts from uniquefabricgifts said 5 years ago

    I love this wonderful story!

  • mbueb

    Monica Bueb from MonicaBags said 5 years ago

    Incredible etching! What a true success story.

  • TwinkleStarCrafts

    Judith and Raymond from AnnaOliveDesigns said 5 years ago

    This story made me teary. Carrying on Edith Heath's legacy, adding your own common sense to grow and build it and caring enough about these long time employees to do the right thing by Congratulations and wishing you continued success.

  • mazedasastoat

    mazedasastoat from mazedasastoat said 5 years ago

    Wonderful story! And great to know that the "new" owners realise that if you're lucky enough to find good staff then they're almost literally worth their weight in gold & definitely worth looking after!

  • tigersanddragons

    tigersanddragons from TigersandDragons said 5 years ago

    Very cool article, it's wonderful that this long standing business could keep it's original employees, and still make fabulous pottery in the USA. Reusing clay scrap is a very common practice, done by every potter I know. It just takes a bit of old fashioned elbow grease, or clay mixer/plug mill. I hadn't heard of reusing spray for glazes that usually coats spray booths, for those who spray instead of brushing or pouring glazes.

  • LeasaMarie

    Leasa from LeasaDesigns said 5 years ago

    I LOVE clay and tile making!! Took classes at our local college for years! Now trying beading and jewelry making - but will be back to clay again I'm sure!! I can see why you purchased your business, as it makes wonderful pieces - GOOD LUCK and will have to look you up when I get up more north. HEATH is such a classic name in pottery!!

  • prunellasoap

    Janell Anderson from prunellasoap said 5 years ago

    Thanks for this article, love Heath pieces so much!

  • ballandchain

    Katrina Balling from ballandchain said 5 years ago

    wonderful story!

  • slathered

    Sharon Moores from slathered said 5 years ago

    I really want to take a factory tour now.

  • Joliejye

    Julie Duchesne from Joliejye said 5 years ago

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  • Lindseyawilts

    Lindsey Breen from Lindseyawilts said 5 years ago

    I recently heard of Heath on hgtv and then here, I am defiantly going to have to get a piece to see this quality.

  • JasminBlancBoutique

    Erika Iozsa from JasminBlancBoutique said 5 years ago

    amazing story... I'd love to have a tour around this factory...My father also has a workshop together with my mother, were I was first introduced to clay...and it contracted me, surely! :) But I love visiting other workshops, studios and small factories, seeing people handle clay is pure beauty to me, time stops and my heart skips a beat at every movement, feeling excited about the next... It is just something so difficult to put into words...

  • messinabella

    messinabella from BandBEstate said 5 years ago

    Great post!

  • blainedesign

    Karen Brown from blainedesign said 5 years ago Featured

    Thanks, everybody, for your comments. Heath has such a long history, I had to omit many interesting details, including: when Cathy and Robin acquired the company, it used only typewriters and owned no computers; Heath makes nine teapots to get two that meet its quality standards;. and that there were once about 500 independent pottery companies in California -- Heath is one of only a handful that remain and the only one that has been in continuous operation. I hope some of the strongest points came through, particularly Cathy and Robin's commitment to workplace, community, and good design, and their appreciation of independent artists, including many Etsy sellers.

  • bedouin

    Nicole from Crackerjackarma said 5 years ago

    Woo Hoo Viva la California Pottery

  • oliveti68

    Oliveti from BeelineStudio said 5 years ago

    Thanks for such a wonderful spotlight on an outstanding company! Edith Heath has always been a huge inspiration, and I love that the company has retained such notoriety and a long standing following among pottery lovers. Truly awesome work! Thanks for including my vintage Heath piece as well ! Excellent piece! Thanks again! Beeline 68

  • sonyarasi

    Sonya Rasi from sonyarasi said 5 years ago

    A great and inspiring story!

  • RawBoneStudio

    Robin Romain from RawBoneStudio said 5 years ago

    I've been a fan of Heath Ceramics for a long time. May you and the brand thrive for many more years and generations to enjoy!

  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie said 5 years ago

    Wow...such a great story! I love the colors and the delicate etching! Just beautiful!!! =)

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  • fantasygarden

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  • vitamini

    Casey Starks from vitamini said 5 years ago

    I love Heath Ceramics! My old office was just a 5 minute walk from their workshop in Sausalito. It's a beautifully funky area. Thanks for the little look into how the company has evolved over the years.

  • TheBeautyofBoredom

    Gracie from TheBeautyofBoredom said 5 years ago

    Wow, what an interesting story! It's amazing that you survived more than a few floods, and still had the courage and the will to keep going. Very nice that all the clay scraps and extra materials are recycled, they might as well be used for something. I especially like the colored dishes with funky prints on them, very cool.

  • EmiliaFaith

    Edie Ann from OhHoneyHush said 5 years ago

    Great story ! Love the style.

  • earthformsbymarie

    Marie Wingate from earthformsbymarie said 5 years ago

    You have saved a piece of history & culture... it is important to recognize the fact that without preserving the small business/ creative industry we will drown in the mass produced faceless dollar mugs & with it the creativity, individuality & culture that belongs in every community. Bravo!

  • CafePrimrose

    Amanda Gynther from CafePrimrose said 5 years ago

    I love the article. The pictures were great also. Showing how things get made. Fun read.

  • PinesVintageClothing

    Pine from GoodOldVintageOnline said 5 years ago

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  • HomeStudio

    Stef and Mark from HomeStudio said 5 years ago

    Amazing work!

  • totemcolorblocks

    Pamela from totemcolorblocks said 5 years ago

    Such a remarkable and touching story. How often does a historical craft business change hands and retain the original beauty and thought whilst evolving into something even more wonderful?!

  • FayesAttic11

    Rachel Parr from FayesAttic11 said 5 years ago

    The work is so beautiful! I feel in love with all the items! Great story and wonderful work!

  • juliecristello

    juliecristello from juliecristello said 5 years ago

    What a beautiful story Karen! Cathy & Robin are in full support of independent artists-- such as myself-- and I can't thank them enough. It has been completely amazing to work with them, as well as the entire Heath staff. I'm so happy they are able to thrive! Thank you for this historical peek into the history of Heath Ceramics.

  • RenataandJonathan

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    What a great story ! Beautiful work.

  • auntjanecan

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  • paisleybeading

    LuAnn Poli from PaisleyBeading said 5 years ago

    Loved reading this, Karen! What a big step to buy a studio from 90 year old Edith. They took what was solid and good, and built on top of it. Used their imaginations to reach beyond to new possibilities. Hooray for doing what you love! A heartwarming ending to hear Edith's comment of approval!

  • prettydreamer

    pamela from prettydreamer said 5 years ago

    Karen. love this story so much!... the beautiful work and human scale and of course the happy ending too!

  • Rebcasd

    Rebecca Sarah from PaperHeartGreetings said 5 years ago

    Too funny - I was sitting and drinking hot cocoa out of my Heath mug when I opened this article, and it's actually pictured here! I took a tour of Heath Ceramics in Sausalito two years ago and left feeling very inspired. As a potter myself, it was interesting to see the inner workings of a real ceramics "company."

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    iammieCLAYshop from iammieCLAYshop said 5 years ago

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  • iloveludwig

    Astrid R. from AnAstridEndeavor said 5 years ago

    This is a great article- thank you so much for sharing. Heath is one of the local treasures that the Bay Area is so very lucky to have- you captured that sentiment exactly!

  • riorita

    Irith Mashiah from rioritajewelry said 5 years ago

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    Katie from lilacsandlace said 5 years ago

    I was introduce to Heath Ceramics by Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine! They featured the GORGEOUS Heath teapot as part of a "nature inspired registry." Needless to say, I'm dying to get one. :)

  • tutulucylu

    Christa Thomas from ThemeAndVariations said 5 years ago

    So happy to hear this story. My MIL lived around the corner on one of the houseboats for many years and she was a huge Heath fan. We loved walking over to the studio and poking around in the "seconds" where we found many treasures to buy. I have some of her Heath dishes now and they bring back happy memories. I am so glad to see Heath thriving now.

  • pprdesign

    printking prdesign said 5 years ago

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    Victoria Baker from LittleWrenPottery said 5 years ago

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    Erika from ErikaPrice said 5 years ago

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  • TheEverlastingPosy

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    rivahside said 5 years ago

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    Wonderful article, and I am so proud to have my goods stocked at Heath. I was lucky enough to visit the Sausalito factory last year, after a number of years of supplying my tea towels and things, and realised even more what a special place it is. xx

  • mexiricansister

    Rita Sokolowski said 5 years ago

    I love this story. It made my heart swell. This is a place I would love to work at for the very reasons Catherine and Robin bought it. How nice for Edith Heath to see how well it was doing and know her business love continues and is GROWING. Now to see what I want to buy!! Love the orange!

  • soveryhappyart

    Diane from soveryhappyart said 5 years ago

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  • huenemevintagemodern

    huenemevintagemodern from huenemevintagemodern said 5 years ago

    Thank you for writing this blog. We have enjoyed Heath ceramics for many years. To Bailey and Petravic - many, many years of future success.

  • lkmccray

    Linzee from lkmccray said 5 years ago

    I have long loved Heath Ceramics, and now I know their beauty is far greater than "skin deep." Thanks, Karen, for enlightening us about a small business that cares about aesthetics, history, the environment, and its employees.

  • localevintage

    localevintage from localevintage said 5 years ago

    I love Heath ceramics and this article makes me smile! Also, if you are looking for a set of vintage heath tea cups and saucers I have a set for sale in my store right now. :-)

  • yogakittycat

    Kathy said 5 years ago

    This story touches on every aspect of why I love Heath. First, as a native Californian, I greatly value native Californian industry and artistry--not the Hollywood glam, but real beauty wrought by hard work. Secondly, every piece of Heath Ceramics is just plain amazingly gorgeous. And I should know--I've got a lot of it--dishes, bowls, cups, vases. And my kitchen backsplash is Heath. Heath is something I use, appreciate and love every day. I am soooooo lucky!

  • alangood

    alangood said 5 years ago

    Another great post. I ride my bike near Heath all the time and finally went in to see what it is all about. Amazing! Thank you Karen.

  • janeeroberti

    Jane E Roberti from janeeroberti said 5 years ago

    My parents used their Heath olive speckled cermic set as formal dinnerware up until the mid-1980's, when they "fancied up" to china. It is still cherished by all of us. So glad that Heath is still alive and thriving.

  • TuscaloosaRoad

    Karen Sullivan from TuscaloosaRoad said 5 years ago

    I love stopping by the Sausalito studio whenever up in SF. I grew up with a love for Heath Ceramics infused by my mom's wedding set of brown glazed cups, bowls and plates, which i luckily inherited! I'm glad Heath is still going strong!

  • catherinebailey

    catherinebailey said 5 years ago

    Karen, thank you for doing such a wonderful job telling our Heath story! Beautifully done...and thank you to all the lovely Etsy community for your kind words of support! - Catherine Bailey

  • Alaroycreature

    Alaroycreature from alaroys said 5 years ago

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    The Bosun and Sarita Li Johnson from TheLandlockedSailor said 5 years ago

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    Carey from VeryCarey said 5 years ago

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    Ashley DeVrieze from stubborndog said 5 years ago

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  • MelinSun

    Melin Stockmann said 5 years ago

    Love this story, and the photos that together with your words, bring it to life! I knew I liked Heath ceramics, but I had no idea about the "back story." What an inspiration. Thanks for the research and poetry!

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