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Inside the Milliner’s Studio

Nov 20, 2012

by danestabrook

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(Music by Michael Leviton)

Behida Dolic was  raised by a community of crafters, kilim makers, and furniture builders in her small northern Bosnian village, but she found her passion in millinery. After studying at the San Francisco Art Institute, she landed in Hudson, New York , where she opened her own brick-and-mortar hat shop.

I’ve been to Hudson many times and knew it as a close community of creative people, so I was so excited to visit Behida and learn more about her craft. It was an honor getting to watch Behida and her model Helena at work, but wasn’t until the end of the shoot, over an amazing twelve-course meal at a restaurant in town, that I stopped gawking and smiling and realized, oh dear, I’ve made new friends.

Dan Estabrook is an award-winning art photographer and sometime filmmaker who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His portrait photograph is by Tyler Norman.

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