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Happy Brights for House and Home

May 1, 2013

by Libby Hegtvedt handmade and vintage goods

Vintage dealer and prop stylist Libby Hegtvedt lives the dream in a little house by a creek in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. Passionate about vintage, she would almost always rather be thrifting or digging around in a forgotten attic. Her shop and blog, Rank and File Vintage, has showcased her eclectic, curated collection since 2007. 

Spring is finally, finally around the corner for us in Minnesota. It has been an especially long winter, and upon looking at my gray-on-wood-on-neutral-on gray living room (during our most recent snow storm), I realized my space needed a little pick-me-up. Luckily, it’s officially spring cleaning season, so this is the perfect time to switch out decor for something with a little zing!

In an effort to stave off the last of the winter doldrums, here are some bright picks for those of you who have been craving color, too.



[1. Handmade spring green pendant light by FiligreeCreations; 2. Paper strip garland by EllyGehrigDesign; 3. Yellow geometric planter by stvdiobrooklyn; 4. Abstract throw pillow by BeneathTheSunSHOP; 5. “Drop” art print by thepairabirds; 6. Mint green side table by UptownHeirloomCo; 7. Succulent sculpture by WaterstoneSucculents; 8. Vintage faceted ice bucket from cushionchicago; 9. Moroccan-style green and gold glassware from JaffaFindings; 10. Color Block magnets by CuppaColor; 11. Neon green retro cane chair by NeonVintageDesign; 12. “Giants” art print by PostiShop; 13. Hot pink magazine rack by VintageCommon.]

Add lots of color by going big with pieces of painted furniture or small with throw pillows, bright bar accessories or fun artwork. Spread the neon around: a lime green pendant lamp over your kitchen table, perhaps? Everyday can be a party with bright bunting strung across your wall or mantel. Geometric woodblock magnets for the fridge or a pink magazine rack keep the color more subtle.


[1. Original watercolor painting by malissasplace; 2. Red Dansk tea kettle from GallivantingGirls; 3. Gooseneck lamp with ombré cord from EarthSeaWarrior; 4. Vintage green Bakelite alarm clock from thelittlebiker; 5. Ohio Art Co. globe bank from HoofAndAntler; 6. Vintage globe bank from elizabethwrenvintage; 7. Shifting geometric blue quilt by AQuestionofEagles; 8. Lime and coral cushion by ThePrintSociety; 9. Palafitte table with coral lacquered top by JBplusDG; 10. Yellow book collection from VintageScholar.]

Some of my favorite vintage props for decorating around the house are tin globe banks (a group of 3 or 5 makes a great impact.) Another pro tip: Sorting your books by color creates an instant pop that looks great color blocked on a bookshelf or in simple stacks (perhaps with a little something perched on top for good measure). A geometric quilt, coral side table, and vintage clock radio bring the zing into the bedroom.


[1. Upcycled vintage vases by nashpop; 2. Mint green modern table lamp from ffogshop; 3. Enamel Finel tea pot from HouseofSeance; 4. Blue Melmac coffee mugs from ThriftCore; 5. “Coral Reef” abstract art print by thepairabirds; 6. Mid Century day bed from hopperandspace; 7. Yellow catherineholm bowls with teak tray from HouseofSeance; 8. Vintage lotus bowls from WiseApple; 9. Neon picnic blanket and napkins from OceanSwept; 10. “Curtain” giclée art print by marystengelstudio; 11. Abstract modern ceramic sculpture by Abbyzero.]

Little accents like a simple table lamp with an aqua base or bright yellow enamel bowls add just the right amount of pop to your place. Painted vases in bright neons give grocery store arrangements a boost, so does a print or piece of abstract sculpture. Love to go bold? How about a mid-century daybed in bright pink polka dots?

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