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Handmade Weddings: ‘Til Death Do Us Part…

Feb 10, 2010

by monkeyandsquirrel

Today Jenn of monkeyandsquirrel shares the tender details of her Day of the Dead themed nuptials as part of our ongoing Handmade Weddings series.

“I’ve known others and I’ve loved others too, but I loved them ‘cause they were stepping stones, on a staircase to you.”

When Evan and I first heard the lyrics to “Offering” by The Avett Brothers we knew we would one day dance to them at our wedding.  After the question was popped we realized other elements we wanted from our wedding; we decided to keep it simple, 100% vegan, relatively inexpensive, and as handmade as possible. These were the things that were truly important to us.


Choosing a venue ended up being a no-brainer once we saw this old dairy barn in Fort Mill, South Carolina. It had been beautifully renovated and restored and was perfectly suited to our tastes. The irony of two vegans getting married in a dairy barn was certainly not lost on us!

The first bit of décor that we decided upon set the tone for our entire wedding: we saw a cake topper online that we absolutely fell in love with, but being a die hard DIYer, I decided to custom make one and save us a pretty penny in the process. I modeled the Day of the Dead themed bride and groom after us, complete with clothes to match our wedding day attire. It took me weeks to finish, as I’d never worked with polymer clay before, but it was worth it; it looked so perfect on top of the cake, especially after my two wonderful sisters-in-law decorated it with rose petals.

Evan and I also designed the save-the-dates, invites, programs, and seating cards ourselves. (Evan has a background in graphic design, which definitely came in handy.) We used a painting that I did of the cake topper on the invites and programs to keep the theme going. Little sugar skulls also appeared in other aspects of our wedding: the boutonnieres that I made for our groomsmen, the ring bearer’s pillow and Evan’s vest all had tiny skull buttons as finishing details. (Speaking of Evan’s vest: it was handmade by his mom, who also made my wedding dress — what a woman!)


The day of our wedding, we got up nice and early and headed over to our local farmers market with my mother and sister. We knew that buying all of our flowers there was such an easy thing that we could do to help make our event a little greener. It was also a really beautiful and relaxing way to start the day, and again, a wonderful way to save some cash!

So many elements went into our wedding to keep it really personal. A close family friend whom I’ve known since I was 12 was our officiant. She added little stories into the ceremony that made it so special and really lightened the mood. The groomsmen walked into the ceremony to Europe‘s “The Final Countdown” and Evan’s brother’s reading of “I Wanna Grow Old With You” from The Wedding Singer definitely got a few laughs.

Our good friend Matt Miller from Our Labor of Love was kind enough to be our photographer. He has such an incredible, non-traditional way of photographing weddings, he couldn’t have done a more wonderful job capturing every moment. We didn’t want to take much time out of the day doing all the family photos, so when the sun was setting and the lighting was just right he gathered us for an amazing, natural family portrait.


We made sure to stop and look around to really enjoy the moment as the day went on. It all flew by so fast and we simply can’t thank all of the people who came together to help us enough as we kick off our life as Mr. & Mrs.!

See more photos from our handmade vegan extravaganza here!

Visit MonkeyandSquirrel’s blog and Etsy shop for more handmade goodness.

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    Benzy55 said 7 years ago

    I envy your wedding, I had a traditional wedding and it was more about pleasing everyone else and not about my groom and me. I guess our wedding took though because we have been married since 1974 and every day since has been about us but I really looked at your wedding day with envy and knew that your wedding day was truly special because of the way you involked yourselves into every decision. I think your guests probably loved every minute of the day as you and your groom did. I hope your marriage will be just as wonderful as the wedding day. :) Bren

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