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Handmade Weddings: Southern Intimacy

Jun 14, 2010

by dolangeiman

Dolan Geiman is a Chicago-based mixed media artist creating contemporary art with a Southern accent. He and his business partner (and now wife) Ali Marie manage their Etsy shop, dolangeiman, tour the country participating in art and craft fairs, and sell artwork to retail shops and interior designers nationwide.


After seven years and five months of dating (but who’s counting, really?), Dolan and I took the plunge and were married on Friday, May 7. Thanks in no small part to the busy lifestyle that results from a full-time art career (we know you can relate) we opted for an intimate wedding with just the two of us and Dolan’s childhood pastor. Dolan’s preference might have been to wander out to the middle of a forest to exchange our vows, but I suggested an alternative: the flora–filled (but rain proof) Garfield Park Conservatory here in Chicago. Originally from the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I don’t think Dolan would have ever imagined getting married in Chicago. So, though a low-key affair, we did our best to throw some Southern flair and down-home flavor into the occasion. Here are some details from our wedding along with some Etsy finds and inspiration.

The wedding was a wonderful excuse for me to get gussied up and, through the process, support a few of our friends in the hair and make-up industry. Trisha Star, who applied my make-up, opted for all-natural products. Since Dolan and I run a green business, I’m also increasingly aware of such things, both professionally and personally. Here are a couple all-natural vegan make-up options: Vegan 10 Jars Mineral Makeup Kit by pinkquartzminerals and Vegan Rose Sugar Mineral Lip Tint by FrenchGirlOrganics.

Gia Tummillo did my up-do and thought of the button idea for my hair. The buttons were hand-sewn into my hair with needle and thread. Dolan, being a collage artist, loved their tactility and color. My buttons were purchased from Etsy sellers dirtybirdiesvintage, kandcsupplies, and kraftedkeepsakes288. There are also some great options in the Vintage Button Lot from LuckyWishesCharms and, for a retro/Americana-themed wedding, I love the idea of using these vintage game pieces from kelleystreetvintage in an up-do.

Dolan’s mother, watercolor artist Lisa Geiman, had given me the cowboy boots as a present a while back, so we decided to start our outfits from the ground up. For a “something blue” idea, one could spin it with navy cowboy boots like these from JewelBoxTreasures. Dolan wore a pair of vintage Frye boots, similar to the Frye Campus Workboot from KingDogVintage.


I’m not a big fan of wearing rings, so in lieu of an engagement ring Dolan had a friend (artist Adam Smith) modify his grandmother’s locket into an engagement necklace. You can commission something similar with Chicago-based Etsy designer Broad Street, who repurposes heirloom jewelry into one-of-a-kind pieces. Dolan’s sister, jewelry designer and Etsy seller breckengeiman, “hand-picked” my vintage floral brooch to complement my bouquet. For different inspiration, check out this woodland-inspired creation by gardensofwhimsy that would be lovely for bridesmaids.

After recently attending our first Derby party, we’ve been obsessed with the equestrian prep look. For my evening bag, I purchased this amazing vintage carved leather handbag from Coronetweedsvintage. Dolan rocked a western-style suit adorned with cowboy accouterments. Men’s clothing, especially vintage suits, can be difficult to track down, so here are a few suggestions for custom-made items. For custom men’s suits, check out AJ Machete and Sons. For custom, hand-carved leather belts, see Fabulous Phil’s Custom Leathercrafts on Etsy. And, for fun, here’s a handmade cow bolo that was too cute to pass up, by bydorothylouise.


My bouquet and Dolan’s boutonniere were created by Chicago’s Hello Darling, with the flower selection and arrangement co-designed by Dolan’s mother and sister. As an added bonus, the owner, Natalie Walsh, was kind enough to barter artwork for the arrangements. I loved all the primary colors used in the bouquet, and one of my favorite flower selections was the thistle. If we had done wedding invitations, thistle would have been a great theme for the Save the Date cards, like these by LePetitPapetier. Before deciding to work with a florist, our other idea was for Dolan to create a sculptural bouquet of colorful found objects, such as this lot of bright red shotgun shells from scenicnewyork


My grandmother and my grandfather were married for over 75 years so I figured by wearing her wedding ring maybe some of their marriage luck might wear off on me! Dolan’s wedding ring was a modified version of this ring by Milwaukee-based mother and son team Wounded Line. Another idea we had was to commission a coin ring using a confederate coin that has been passed down in Dolan’s family. We conversed with Etsy seller SpiritualFlyer about the idea, but ultimately went with the rings above.


As you can probably guess by now, many of our friends are fellow creators and entrepreneurs, so our wedding was a wonderful occasion to support their businesses. Our wedding cake and cupcakes were prepared by Etsy seller tinycakes — note the amazing sugar buttons on the cake to match my hair! Stephanie and Tim of tinycakes were kind enough to stage our mini-reception in my office during our ceremony so that I could surprise Dolan with a cake and toast. The more significant surprise surrounding our wedding is the office itself: Dolan’s wedding gift to me was a surprise office makeover while we were out of town for an art fair. The tulips in the background, for example, are wooden tiles Dolan screenprinted and applied like wallpaper to the back wall of the office (formerly a closet). 

Studio_Rooftop1.jpgWhile the structure and style of our wedding is certainly not for everyone, I hope our photos and story give all you bride-and-grooms-to-be some ideas for a wedding that falls somewhere in the middle of eloping to $50,000+ wedding spectrum. I know early on in our own wedding planning it felt very black and white: you fly to Vegas or go for the whole shebang. The fun and excitement of the wedding planning came when we finally decided on what we wanted, realized there was an alternative, and then started building the narrative. And, actually, our wedding tale continues: we’ve had follow-up celebrations with my family in Indiana (to coincide with an art fair, naturally) and are soon leaving for Virginia to celebrate with Dolan’s family (and possibly explore some abandoned houses for new collage materials). It’s been a blast and we’re so thankful for the wonderful day we shared together.
To everyone with weddings on the horizon, I say create your own story and you won’t regret a moment. And I must add a little shout-out to my younger sister, Caley Walsh (editor of Fave Crafts), and her fiancé, Dave Concannon, on their recent engagement. I can hardly wait for her homemade wedding day cupcakes.

 Congrats Ali and Dolan and thanks for sharing your beautiful handmade wedding! Their lovely photos are by Laura Meyer Photography and you can see more on Flickr.

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    Thanks everyone! It's a delight to share our wedding with everyone. One more tip we have to plug. Our friend just launched her Etsy shop, Check out her amazing, 1920s reproduction garters (authentic both in construction and with period-appropriate embellishments).

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    Love those wedding bands! What a fun wedding!

  • JustBakin

    JustBakin said 8 years ago

    Buttons in the hair is AWESOME!!!!!!

  • lorenabr

    lorenabr said 8 years ago

    Lovely wedding and the buttons are cute like the cake :)

  • StudioCherie

    StudioCherie said 8 years ago

    neat story, so well told. I love Dolan Geiman's art too

  • sillyturnip

    sillyturnip said 8 years ago

    What a fun and creative couple you make! Such beautiful ideas. Best Wishes to you both! Thank you for sharing this with etsy.

  • TutusChic

    TutusChic said 8 years ago

    What a fantastic use of both of your creative energies and talents to make a personal wedding. Love all the primary colors and the button theme! Gee, won't you too just have some creative genius child some day?!!

  • MarthaMae34

    MarthaMae34 said 8 years ago

    These pictures are beautiful, amazing details! So appropriately artistic!

  • athomewithhenry

    athomewithhenry said 8 years ago

    FANTASTIC!!! as someone who has never had the white dress fantasy and who (quite frankly) thinks the thought of a big wedding is mortifying, i love to see this. while aesthetically this ceremony is, of course, magnificent, what strikes me most is that it is (in my opinion) focused on EXACTLY what a marriage ceremony should be: the two people getting married! what a wonderful celebration of each other for each other and no one else. bravo! and many years of happiness ahead. xo

  • NotYoMommasHandbag

    NotYoMommasHandbag said 8 years ago

    How much fun was that?!!!! smiles...

  • HindLand

    HindLand said 8 years ago

    Oh I'm in love with EVERYTHING!!

  • AustinJames

    AustinJames said 8 years ago

    Congratulations! Beautifully unique!

  • evamer11

    evamer11 said 8 years ago

    i love how you didnt have an engagement ring, but rather a necklace, its so unique and everything was so beautiful. i love to see weddings that are different and unique, but sometimes they get wierd, and this one was so cool! good luck to you both!

  • gilstrapdesigns

    gilstrapdesigns said 8 years ago

    Congratulations you make such a beautiful couple and you did your way and that's very special. Lots of Blessings.

  • crybabycrafts

    crybabycrafts said 8 years ago

    Really cute :)

  • yoshibearstudio

    yoshibearstudio said 8 years ago

    I am LOVING the punches of primary colors - what an eye-catching and memorable way to personalize your wedding accessories! Way cool!

  • cocokato

    cocokato said 8 years ago

    congratulations!! very cute wedding, Love the flower arrangement and color coordinate!!!

  • studio35

    studio35 said 8 years ago

    beautiful wedding!

  • Alexisasha

    Alexisasha said 8 years ago

    C*O*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S! A beautiful, dreamy, original, natural, wispy wedding~ Have a wonderful life, 'cause it is! ~A

  • Alexisasha

    Alexisasha said 8 years ago

    A wonderful, magical, wispy, natural, creative wedding~ C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S !! It's a wonderful life, it truely is~ Blessings ~A

  • FloweryDeer

    FloweryDeer said 8 years ago


  • PrettyMuchArt

    PrettyMuchArt said 8 years ago

    How wonderful! Congrats!

  • ahdQuiltsAndSuch

    ahdQuiltsAndSuch said 8 years ago

    Wonderful article... refreshing!

  • streetnoodles

    streetnoodles said 8 years ago

    wonderful shoot & article...i find this more appealing and just down-right-more-authentic than an ordinary traditional wedding.

  • farandtwee

    farandtwee said 8 years ago

    oh yea! and May 7th is my BDAY!! Congrats!!! - love a Chicagoan and a fan!

  • H2OCouture

    H2OCouture said 8 years ago

    Beautiful and Unique! Love the photos!

  • Gemjen

    Gemjen said 8 years ago

    So cute!!! I love handmade weddings!

  • greengirlieusa

    greengirlieusa said 8 years ago

    I absolutely love it!!!

  • feesk

    feesk said 8 years ago

    Unique and adorable wedding- Love the bouquet of buttons in her hair!

  • encountre

    encountre said 8 years ago

    Loving it!!!

  • ktolve

    ktolve said 8 years ago

    love the buttons in that hair, ive been making some button accessories that will fit right in with that!

  • dzmajik

    dzmajik said 8 years ago

    This made me want to have my very own handmade wedding! Brilliant ideas, loving the buttons! Right on!

  • PortugueseVintage

    PortugueseVintage said 8 years ago

    I love everything! what a marriage! And I thought that my marriage was modern!

  • myfavoriteplum

    myfavoriteplum said 8 years ago

    sweetness xo

  • LivWild

    LivWild said 8 years ago

    So cute!

  • bebeandalice

    bebeandalice said 8 years ago

    congrats to Ali and Dolan! super great couple..all the best to them and their future!

  • kgcdesigns

    kgcdesigns said 8 years ago

    The buttons are great...Love the boots also congrats much love!!

  • yorkiema123

    yorkiema123 said 8 years ago

    I love the bright colors! Congradulations. The Flowers went so well with your wedding plan!

  • weddingheaven

    weddingheaven said 8 years ago

    Handmade weddings are so much fun. I love this~~

  • CroSheaCreations

    CroSheaCreations said 8 years ago

    What a fantastic and creative wedding!

  • Snazziedrawers

    Snazziedrawers said 8 years ago

    The boots are fabulous! I feel like I want a redo for my wedding!

  • reflectionsjewelry

    reflectionsjewelry said 8 years ago

    Your hair looked great....and, of course, as everyone else says, the buttons are adorable :)

  • mark13148

    mark13148 said 8 years ago

    Nice items!

  • KDjewelry1

    KDjewelry1 said 8 years ago

    Love the boots!!

  • foxconscious

    foxconscious said 8 years ago

    The cowboy boots are genius! I think the best weddings are when you really make it your own.

  • CustomDogBandanas

    CustomDogBandanas said 8 years ago

    Beautiful! The boots are fantastic!

  • justanns

    justanns said 8 years ago

    Cute! Boots and buttons, I like !!

  • kadydesigns

    kadydesigns said 8 years ago

    Very unique and creative!!! Just love to see something different and not another cookie cutter wedding. Congradulations! Many Happy years together!!!!

  • stephanielevy

    stephanielevy said 8 years ago

    yay! I love Ali and Dolan! An amazing creative team and I wish them allllll the best :)

  • sofisticata

    sofisticata said 8 years ago

    the buttons look great, very nice idea, I love her pictures!! ;)

  • gatheredcomforts

    gatheredcomforts said 8 years ago

    Love the vintage wedding look, wishing you both the best!!!

  • kittykelly

    kittykelly said 8 years ago

    One of the coolest weddings ever, I suspect. :)

  • cherrylippedroses

    cherrylippedroses said 8 years ago

    ...good grief...that is one of the most precious well thought out ceremonies I have ever seen...AND...honest...personable...sweet...didn't cost ten thousand dollars...AND...these youngsters will VERY likely make it to their GOLDEN 50....;)))CLR...wish I could see that!

  • aquacitrine

    aquacitrine said 8 years ago

    that button hairpiece is amazing! lovely photos! :)

  • SASessories

    SASessories said 8 years ago

    many a bride from Montana can be found wearing cowboy boots and getting married on the side of a mountain...

  • simplychiclily

    simplychiclily said 8 years ago

    These are cute ideas! Love the pics.

  • tiffanisaxtondesigns

    tiffanisaxtondesigns said 8 years ago

    Seriously fun wedding! I can gaurantee that there is not one guest who didn't have a fantastic time!! Your style and photographs are amazing!

  • CassiopiasCreations

    CassiopiasCreations said 8 years ago

    I love the simplicity of the wedding clothes, the bright, dominant colors of the buttons & flowers! It gives it just the right pop of uniqueness!!

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