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Handmade Weddings: Personalized Wedding Gifts From Fashion Illustrator Brooke Hagel handmade and vintage goods
I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in Fashion Design. Illustrating was always my favorite part of the design process, but I was told repeatedly that there was no longer any demand for fashion illustrators.
I’m now at the age where many of my friends are getting married, so I had to figure out the perfect custom gift to give them. I started drawing bridal illustrations of my friends for their wedding gifts. They’d hang in their homes, friends and neighbors would see them and want one for themselves, and before I knew it I had a fledgling illustration business with brides and grooms being my core clientele.

Whether it’s a baby shower, engagement party, birthday or wedding, I pride myself on giving a gift that is so fabulous, personal, and creative that it nearly brings the recipient to tears. I’m an artist, always have been. That being the case, gifts that really leave an impression usually involved me personally creating something or adding that special artistic touch to customize a store bought item.

Here are some of my favorite Etsy picks that would make perfect custom gifts — gifts that stand out from the crowd and have that personal touch.



If you’re interested in giving one of my custom drawings as a gift, feel free to Convo me. I have some custom listings in my shop with more details too.



For the engagement party (or as a congratulatory engagement gift), this adorable customized vase with your newly engaged friends’ initials on it would be ideal. After all, a newly engaged and excited couple is reminiscent of young love. And what symbolizes that more than carving you and your sweetheart’s initials in a tree or doodling your names in your notebook? By LittleRetreats, $40.


As a bridal shower gift, one idea is to order monogrammed or custom stationery. Brides get a lot of help along the way in planning a wedding, so some nice custom letter pressed stationery would really come in handy, especially before the invitations and thank you cards are ordered. It’s also her last few months of having her maiden name so why not feature it! By simplesongdesigns, $27.


There are also many gifts to help the bride personalize the wedding day. One of my closest friends made charms and lockets that she incorporated by hanging from her bouquet. Each one had a memory or photo of her grandparents who had passed away, so they were there with her on her special day. These custom silhouette charms would be great to remember those who couldn’t be there. By luckymebeads, $88.50.


Another unique and sentimental gift for the actual wedding day is this custom ribbon label that can easily be sewn into the dress. Have it embroidered with her new initials or new name and the wedding date. She will now have her something blue! EmbroiderybyLinda, $10.


For the “big” wedding gift there are tons of options available to make it something special and truly unique to the couple. These custom hair portraits would be ideal for the artsy modern couple. And the couple portrait option would be great if you have a fantastic photo from their wedding. You do have up to a year to send your wedding gift, so it’s perfectly fine to wait until after the wedding to have their gift made, especially if you’re using wedding photos and making the gift all the more special. By MissCrowland, $41.



Their new last name captured in architectural photography is another distinctive custom gift option. By kelsyhenke, $100.

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