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Handmade Weddings: It Takes a Village to Craft a Handmade Wedding

May 14, 2009

by eleen

Jimmy and I got married at our alma mater in Berkeley, California, in late January 2008. I cherish that day and the months leading up to it — not only because I got to marry my superstar sweetheart husband, but for a few other reasons as well. The first? Our wedding was an amazing and unforgettable collaboration of family and friends, which made it that much more special. Second, I really got to thinking that maybe the world of handmade could be the life — and a living — for me!

My last freelance gig as a web project manager ended in October 2007, and I spent the next three months plotting for what I came to see as the uber craft project challenge of a lifetime. Given free reign by Jimmy, I set out to DIY it all: from invites to thank you cards, bouquets to centerpieces, favors to photo booth…to wedding gown and veil!

Credit: Top Left: Jesse Leake Photography, Bottom Right: Nina Lao

Little did my then-fiance realize what this would mean for him: hours of paper punching, sticker adhering, flower assembling and other crafty tasks ahead. Soon I recruited even more unwitting victims — friends and family — to help along the way as well. No one was safe from crafty endeavors, for as I learned, it takes a village to craft a handmade wedding.

Credit: Bottom Right: Nina Lao

About 25 projects and minus ten pounds later (wedding planning is a great method for rapid weight loss), we had our very own DIY wedding! Bridesmaid Clara contributed the tastiest his-and-hers batches of homemade green tea (his) and double-chocolate (hers) cupcakes, topped with our initials.

Credit: Jesse Leake Photography

Big sister/matron-of-honor Christine and brother-in-law Don grew our delightful wheatgrass centerpieces, displayed in hand-stained wooden boxes and bringing bright happy splashes of green throughout our UC Berkeley Faculty Club venue.

Credit: Nina Lao

And the groom’s family labored over intricately designed centerpieces made of orchids and bamboo. These were one of the main elements of our wedding day, chosen for their symbolism of longevity, strength and grace.

Credit: Jesse Leake Photography

Bridesmaid Jenn masterminded our slideshow, which she transformed from the traditional photo-by-photo setup and turned into a real deal stop-motion animation film!

Something that still comes up in conversation with friends is our homemade lip balm wedding favors. This was one of my favorite projects, as Jimmy and I each concocted our own recipes (mine was Hot Chocolate Mint and his was Cool Cucumber Melon) and gave each guest a packaged tube of creamy lip balm marked “Please ask about our free lifetime refills.” (Make your own with this how-to!)

We couldn’t do it without a photo booth, so we rigged our own setup with PVC pipes, some free software, a borrowed DSLR camera and a remote control. We loved how creative our guests got with this, and we came home with boatloads of memorable shots.

Credit: Left: Jesse Leake Photography, Right: Don McKee

Then there was the gown, which was by far the biggest and most stressful project. I sketched out a look based off an assortment of gowns from ripped-out magazine pages and online bridal sites, then found an out-of-print sewing pattern that somewhat resembled my design. I was having the hardest time fitting it on myself, so Mom came up from Los Angeles and made me a wacky replica of myself via a duct tape dressform. (Here’s a how-to from the folks at Taunton publishers.) I spent an entire three months on my gown, veil and wrap, and ultimately considered it a relief and a success when nothing fell apart as I walked down the aisle or as Jimmy flung the veil from my face.

Credit: Nina Lao

Once we danced the Hustle for our first dance (which you can see a part of in this mini-commercial made by our dance instructors), we costume-changed into our traditional garb to round out the night: Jimmy in his traditional Filipino barong tagalog and me in my Taiwanese chi pao. Luckily Mom talked me out of making my own chi pao, and I found the perfect one online instead.

What are the lessons I learned from having a DIY wedding? One thing I’d say is that even if you CAN make it yourself, that doesn’t mean you should! In retrospect, there were plenty of projects I probably should have outsourced or de-prioritized. I can’t say I regretted any of them, but I probably could have saved myself a few moments of panic had I turned elsewhere — like all of the talented sellers on Etsy! — for them.

And two of the best pieces of advice I got? Not everything’s going to turn out the way it’s supposed to on your wedding day. When that happens, don’t even think about it! This is just one day in a lifetime of days ahead…and no one else is going to notice anyway. Also, accept help from other people! Don’t try to do everything on your own.

In the end, it was our perfect wedding. Handmade or not, we were together and surrounded by loving family and friends in a beautiful venue, and were even blessed with a bright sunny day in the heart of an otherwise rainy winter month. We couldn’t have been happier. And that’s our story!

Credit: Jesse Leake Photography

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    Everything looks beautiful darling. -M

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  • jeweledblossoms

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  • Faeriedtreasures

    Faeriedtreasures said 7 years ago

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    NinaReneeDesigns said 7 years ago

    Beautiful wedding...I looove the centerpieces! :-)

  • iheartnorwegianwood

    iheartnorwegianwood said 7 years ago

    I'm in the middle of planning a handmade wedding myself and LOVE these articles. I have until next June, so hopefully I can spread the craftiness out over the next year!

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  • worksofwhimsy

    worksofwhimsy said 7 years ago

    What a lovely story. Thanks for sharing it. You're very lucky to have such a helpful (and crafty) family.

  • Vanessa Admin

    Vanessa said 7 years ago

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  • ShiStudio

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  • leandrageorge

    leandrageorge said 7 years ago

    Very pretty. Your dress looks beautiful. I did a handmade wedding too, including making my dress and bridesmaids. One thing I have to say is you really put your heart and soul into it when you've had a hand in the making of everything.

  • yumiyumi

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    how touching and beautiful Jimmy and Eleen - I have tears in my eyes from your dance video :) ~ I'm a little emotional at times :) ~ this is such a super story - thanks etsy for letting two very special people share it with everyone!

  • eleen

    eleen said 7 years ago

    Thanks everyone, and thanks so much to Etsy for letting me share my story!

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    Had my wedding reception in the exact same place and---though this was years ago, long before I knew about etsy or was singing the praises of handmade ("homemade" my Jim likes to say)----my dress and hat were, yes, all made by hand. thanks for sharing your lovely day!

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    Thanks so much for all the new comments! Gotta love the Etsy community -- always so supportive and full of kindness! anandi - Our cake toppers were custom-made by a seller to look like us, right down to his barong and goatee and my chi pao. :] She no longers sells on Etsy, but I know there are other custom cake-topper makers out there! sweetbabylove - I'll message you this weekend with details!

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    PreschoolDoll said 7 years ago

    How funny. My fiance and are using the color green in our wedding and adding a lot of vintage pieces and handmade projects! We too are doing all the invites, placecards, programs, favors, etc! It's been fun but stressful. Our table has been surrounded by family and friends, deep in concentration and deep into the night too. I hope it's all done by August 8th! Thanks for the story and beautiful pictures. I'm glad to see there's other women who have taken on this challenge, and one with similar taste to my own! What wonderful memories in the "making".

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    weddingdresses said 6 years ago

    Pretty photos! And the bride in the wedding dress is so sweet!The column style wedding dress is quite well fitting and is more suitable for the slimmer lady. It is not the most forgiving so if you have body areas that are perhaps a little larger than you are happy with, this dress will not do well to hid it.Best wishes to the couple!

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