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The USB Typewriter

Sep 10, 2012

by jennyschweitzer

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(Music by J. Seger, Jack Zylkin)

When 25-year-old engineer Jack Zylkin came across a vintage typewriter left curbside for the dump, he couldn’t allow such a spectacular machine to be trashed. After briefly displaying it on his mantelpiece, he decided try to put it to use, hauling it down to Hive76, a hackerspace he founded in downtown Philly. Their motto? “Make things awesome by making awesome things.”

Egged on by his tech-savvy buddies, Zylkin soon developed the USB Typewriter, a modified machine which leaves the typewriter looking, feeling, and working like a regular typewriter — attached to a contemporary computer. In his own words, his invention is “a groundbreaking advancement in the field of obsolescence.”

With this new gadget, Zylkin collides old technology with new, offering an authentic vintage typewriting experience combined with a modern computer’s functionality and convenience.

Filmmaker Jenny Schweitzer has spent the last 15 years producing independent feature films, including: The Ballad of Jack and RoseTwelve and HoldingKeane, and Personal Velocity. She is currently developing the feature film Magnificent Girl, under the Notable Features banner.

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USB Typewriter Conversion Kit -- Easy Install Version
USB Typewriter Conversion Kit -- Easy Install Version
$99.00 USD


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