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Handmade Portraits: The Beerhorst Family

Aug 23, 2011

by Tara Young

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I was first intrigued by The Beerhorst Family, a.k.a. studiobeerhorst, when I stumbled upon images of their eye-catching Wonder Wagon. An Amish-buggy-turned-mobile-art-show, the Wagon was originally designed as an installation piece for Michigan’s art fest, Art Prize. This folksy ride now parks itself in the Beerhorsts’ driveway and continues to befuddle and delight their neighbors in downtown Grand Rapids.

Wherever Rick and Brenda Beerhorst go with their six kids, they inspire curiosity. Are they part of a circus? Hippies? A cult? The Beerhorsts make their living creating art and spend all of their time together at the Beerhorst compound. The children, ages 6 to 19, subscribe to “un-schooling,” a structure-less approach to homeschooling that does not focus on formal classes, textbooks or tests. The kids are encouraged to follow whatever interests them: beekeeping, homemade video game cabinets, and hand-drawn comic books currently make up their curriculum. To some, the hands-off approach to education can seem reckless, to others, it’s pure inspiration. The Beerhorst kids all have very different personalities, but what struck me the most was how articulate and independent all of them were — I would even say fearless.

The Beerhorst family and friends.

Brenda and Rick believe that their faith in God is what keeps the family steady. Brenda told me, “Everybody has to make their own path in this life and I do think about that for our kids. There have been times when I project the future and I think, will my kids be ready? But they’ve grown up with Rick and I as examples. And they’ve seen us struggle and they’ve seen us pray together and they’ve seen things change because of that prayer.” Find out more about the Beerhorsts on Brenda’s blog and their Flickr stream.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Romy Jenkins of Grammiesquiltz winner of The Beerhorst Family Sweepstakes! 

Enter The Beerhorst Family sweepstakes! Comment below to enter to win a Studiobeerhorst Girl With White Roses print. At 12 p.m. ET Wednesday, August 31, 2011 we will pick at random one commenter. (We apologize in advance that this sweepstakes is only open to U.S. folks over 18. Void where prohibited. Download a PDF of the full Rules and Regulations.)

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  • SweetiePieCollars

    SweetiePieCollars said 10 years ago

    Wow! I am loving their art. Reminds me of Frida. And of the Wissman family- a family of 14-ish, who all sing!

  • DessertWine

    DessertWine said 10 years ago

    Important to remember that societal norms are not the only options....

  • kathyjohnson3

    kathyjohnson3 said 10 years ago

    Wonderful article! Love the sock monkey! Thanks for sharing!

  • rebourne

    rebourne said 10 years ago

    incredibly inspiring.

  • myvintagecrush

    myvintagecrush said 10 years ago

    Very talented family!

  • stockannette

    stockannette said 10 years ago

    Amazingly fun and wonderful!

  • CarryTheWord

    CarryTheWord said 10 years ago

    Wonderful story of faith and family!

  • SweetMagnoliaLane

    SweetMagnoliaLane said 10 years ago

    Wow I love Rick's etsy shop!

  • AurDenDesigns

    AurDenDesigns said 10 years ago

    How wonderful. This is a gift my children have giving me. So inspiring and how lucky they are to follow their inspiration and curiosity. It is cool to be creatively weird.

  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm said 10 years ago

    What a wonderful talented family~

  • AliceCloset

    AliceCloset said 10 years ago

    Love this story!! A fantastic family and great shop :D

  • jammerjewelry

    jammerjewelry said 10 years ago

    Great story, Both Interesting and colorful. Thanks!

  • jennyleefowler

    jennyleefowler said 10 years ago

    Such an inspiration! Happy to see all of their work represented here.

  • subrok

    subrok said 10 years ago

    Nice Portrait.

  • Iammie

    Iammie said 10 years ago

    Cool! Love it!

  • uglyyellow

    uglyyellow said 10 years ago

    This is magical! ♥

  • GoodTimeJunkin

    GoodTimeJunkin said 10 years ago

    Very inspiring way to encourage creativity with little ones.

  • DivinelyDesignedBJM

    DivinelyDesignedBJM said 10 years ago

    Great imaginations! What an inspiration to all of us!

  • hypericumfragile

    hypericumfragile said 10 years ago

    Great story!

  • sparrowgrey

    sparrowgrey said 10 years ago

    Awesome story, great post!

  • abitofmonkeybusiness

    abitofmonkeybusiness said 10 years ago


  • jmartinez78

    jmartinez78 said 10 years ago

    Wonderful video! How can I join their clan?

  • hollyberry67

    hollyberry67 said 10 years ago

    This family is so talented! I love the way they live.

  • LittleMissCards

    LittleMissCards said 10 years ago

    It won't play for me *pout*

  • jibbyandjuna

    jibbyandjuna said 10 years ago

    Go Beerhorsts!

  • OuterKnits

    OuterKnits said 10 years ago


  • MootiDesigns

    MootiDesigns said 10 years ago

    Great photography and story.

  • JasmineLund

    JasmineLund said 10 years ago

    Inspiring! Thank God for parents who see their duty as parents clearly - who don't give their kids up to the government, who are brave enough to bring their children up as they ought, no matter what the immediate consequences are.

  • earthakitsch

    earthakitsch said 10 years ago

    Absolutely wonderful.

  • HelloMountains

    HelloMountains said 10 years ago

    I wish i could live like this with my love and our childs!

  • ScrappyTudeStudios

    ScrappyTudeStudios said 10 years ago


  • glasfaden

    glasfaden said 10 years ago

    Inspiring! Love the paintings. Thanks for sharing!

  • lovemilag

    lovemilag said 10 years ago

    I feel for these children, and I hope that they are truly prepared to make their own way in this world.

  • blueskyclouds

    blueskyclouds said 10 years ago

    I love studiobeerhorst..I have bought several of their prints....their work is so full of heart and soul. True talents!!! I'm so glad to see the story behind their family and work.

  • lovemilag

    lovemilag said 10 years ago

    I feel for these children, and I hope that they can live independently in this world. They seem so unprepared.

  • mamif

    mamif said 10 years ago

    that's so great

  • HibouCards

    HibouCards said 10 years ago

    pretty cool, thanks for sharing :)

  • scoutandrescue

    scoutandrescue said 10 years ago

    Amazing & beautiful portrait. Still, the kids will surely grow up to revolt, become accountants. Grass is often greener on the otherside even from an artisitc home.

  • theroyal

    theroyal said 10 years ago

    what they have accomplished is my vision of utopia

  • joycecountrywool

    joycecountrywool said 10 years ago

    If they grow up to 'revolt'; then so be it. Questioning and always looking for an alternative route is part of creating. We have nine children and have always encouraged them to go their own way. If they choose accountancy or plumbing, and as long as they continue to learn, we'll be happy!

  • jamiespinello

    jamiespinello said 10 years ago


  • jamiespinello

    jamiespinello said 10 years ago

    6 kids but a gazillion people in the photo...also,the woman to the right of the sunflower looks sad

  • jamiespinello

    jamiespinello said 10 years ago

    Kind of reminds me of portlandia...

  • PeachyKeenCreations

    PeachyKeenCreations said 10 years ago

    No one ever made history by playing by the rules. I don't think there would be any revolution. The parents seem willing to let their children follow their hearts. How can you revolt against that? Ars longa vita brevis! :) This family gets this saying. Love it!

  • studiobeerhorst

    studiobeerhorst said 10 years ago

    All those people are friends that worked with us on our Art Prize project last year. Any you are very observant jamiespinello, our dear friend on the bench struggles with sad spells from time to time.

  • extase

    extase said 10 years ago

    amazing! i didn't realize you guys were connected in such a way. i've been a fan of all of your works for a while. congrats! interesting vid.

  • Ryanplz

    Ryanplz said 10 years ago

    yes! i've been impatiently waiting for this moment. i know the beerhorst family folks and they are inspiring and wonderful people! i'm glad they're able to share their story here. well deserving for how much heart and soul they put into what they make. happy for you guys!

  • BowerbirdBazaar

    BowerbirdBazaar said 10 years ago

    jamiespinello, I took part in the Plan B project (that's me in the front with the long tan dress on the bicycle), and that photo was taken last year. i don't think she's sad there. we didn't really know when the pictures were being taken. she's just looking 'non-chalant'!! none of us are really smiling. she is very nice and was a wonderful help to the project. **So excited this Handmade Portrait is here! Like my friend Ryan (Ryanplz, above), we are both lucky to know the Beerhorsts and be inspired by them. They bring a lot of life to Grand Rapids.**

  • TheScarfTree

    TheScarfTree said 10 years ago

    Really interesting and such a huge family! Will read more! Thanks for the article!

  • lilfishstudios

    lilfishstudios said 10 years ago

    I've been an admirer of this unique and talented family for a few years now and find them extremely inspiring. Wonderful to see them share their story here.

  • JulieMeyer

    JulieMeyer said 10 years ago

    I'm inspired by how much freedom you allow for your children! It's wonderful!

  • galiana

    galiana said 10 years ago

    What a fascinating family. Hooray for unschooling!

  • ArchetypalTheatre

    ArchetypalTheatre said 10 years ago

    Yay! This is such an inspiration. Something like this is what I am working to create in my single parent household with my little one =) Thank you Beerhorst family!

  • redsweetpea

    redsweetpea said 10 years ago

    I must say I'm somewhat envious of your lifestyle. How brave to step out and really live through your art. If only we all had so much courage to break the mold and go back to what and who we need to be. Thank you.

  • PearsonMaron

    PearsonMaron said 10 years ago

    Loved this. Seems like such an amazing family. Would love to see a longer version.

  • julieandco

    julieandco said 10 years ago

    Hey! I know them....since the early 90's! We are lucky to have such fun and passionate people in our town!

  • VeraVague

    VeraVague said 10 years ago

    what a stupendous family! thanks for the article :)

  • acuriousbrood

    acuriousbrood said 10 years ago

    Thanks for sharing. Very much enjoyed meeting the Beerhorst family. I feel connected to their magic.

  • RaineDesign

    RaineDesign said 10 years ago

    WoW, what a cool family. I can only hope to live up to their "Un-Schooling" techniques when I have kids someday! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  • Grammiesquiltz

    Grammiesquiltz said 10 years ago

    I feel for families that spend 8 hours working, 2 hours traveling, 8 hours sleeping, 5 and 45 minutes in other pursuits and only 15 minutes talking to each.

  • BestDressedJewelry

    BestDressedJewelry said 10 years ago

    It's so inspiring that people are educating their children this way. It's one of the best ways for the evolution of the human spirit. Children can really delve into their creativity this way! I love it!!!!!!!!

  • CameronsJewelryBox

    CameronsJewelryBox said 10 years ago

    Your work is amazing!

  • Parachute425

    Parachute425 said 10 years ago

    Interesting and talented family. The artwork is wonderful. Peace and best of luck to you.

  • chickfamilyink

    chickfamilyink said 10 years ago

    Tara, another one out of the park. I have been thinking about the Beerhorsts lately and then Bam! you make a video about them. Pure serendipity/synergy. Keep making great work. Thanks.

  • MementoMinefield

    MementoMinefield said 10 years ago

    I find this to be extreamly inspiring. What a unique group of people, the kind of people you want to just spend some time talking with. Fantastic choice in story. Thank you.

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 10 years ago

    Amazing family, I think as you get older you do come to realise that its more important to go after what makes you happy in life. Its great that they're doing just that!

  • MarieVaughnDesign

    MarieVaughnDesign said 10 years ago

    Great story! My mom would love a hand painted gift like this!

  • ericawalker

    ericawalker said 10 years ago

    As always, this is a beautiful portrait. I especially love seeing the children so directly involved.

  • carriershannon

    carriershannon said 10 years ago

    it's always a joy to walk and ride past the beerhorst household... the wagon still keeps my head turning and their work is incredibly inspiring!

  • PonderingSeedsofHope

    PonderingSeedsofHope said 10 years ago

    Did I just find my old classmate from Calvin College? Wow, Rick has a very talented members in his family. Their living itself is the expression of Art!

  • emilybosma

    emilybosma said 10 years ago

    As a neighbor to this fantastic family, I love to see what they keep coming up with! Walks through the neighborhood are much more interesting :)

  • artworder

    artworder said 10 years ago

    have enjoyed the inspiration that rick and brenda are for our community!

  • Sapucha

    Sapucha said 10 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your story with the etsy community! Look forward to seeing you at Art Prize!!

  • MissHildebrandt

    MissHildebrandt said 10 years ago

    Wow. What a visual I just saw. Truly to the core. Truly inspiring.

  • gingerbreadstars

    gingerbreadstars said 10 years ago

    Family is an art form and this family makes beautiful art!

  • SmallEarthVintage

    SmallEarthVintage said 10 years ago

    Love the Beerhorsts and this profile! They are all so very talented and inspiring. Also, Rose Beerhorst is more well-spoken than many 40-somethings of my acquaintance. Thanks for this glimpse into their lives, Etsy.

  • lovelierseas

    lovelierseas said 10 years ago

    Oh I love this. Such an inspiration!

  • tugboatprintshop

    tugboatprintshop said 10 years ago

    Lovely feature!

  • penumbraimages

    penumbraimages said 10 years ago

    amazing family!!!!! I love all of the handmade portraits they are like jewels beautifully made and always inspiring. thank you for sharing your family with the world

  • Sandyervinshepherd

    Sandyervinshepherd said 10 years ago

    Young people need freedom of expression to develop as creative players... they should be encouraged to try skills without fear of failure. Inspiring Family!!

  • mollytrout

    mollytrout said 10 years ago

    ~inspiration, move me brightly, light the song with sense & color~~~

  • rubydash

    rubydash said 10 years ago

    What a beautiful family! I love that their kids are encouraged to follow their interests and that time for creativity seems almost mandatory, not simply alloted for a short period in the week. Blessings to you Rick and Brenda!

  • mybutterflyheaven

    mybutterflyheaven said 10 years ago

    I am so proud to know you personally. You all have been such an inspiration to me at the Fulton Street ARTisian Market and I learned so much at Art Prize. I love reading your blogs, and owning your art. May you all find the richest blessings that life has to offer. I commend you all on following your hearts. LaShelle

  • saci

    saci said 10 years ago

    Gorgeous paintings! Thank you for encouraging your kids to create. I'm an art teacher, and wish all children could have their creativity nurtured at home.

  • mck254

    mck254 said 10 years ago

    I love seeing the Beerhorst family. I've been following the blog, flickr stream and Etsy shop and was thrilled when I heard that you were doing a Portrait video! All amazing artists.

  • knitfitt

    knitfitt said 10 years ago

    Their prints are among my favorites. I love to give them to friends.

  • TheUntamedHeart

    TheUntamedHeart said 10 years ago

    What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!

  • treasurebooth

    treasurebooth said 10 years ago

    I love this. When I think back to doing time in Catholic school, I only wish I had been "un-schooled" myself. It's nice to see a family living how they want to live, not how they should according to contrived standards, expectations, cookie cutter molds etc. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life with us here on Etsy :)

  • thebeadgirl

    thebeadgirl said 10 years ago

    as a grand rapids native and neighbor. a fellow art prize exhibitor. and a homeschool mom. i know the beerhorsts and commend them for all they do! congrats on the great feature. you deserve it!

  • DiemDesignsJewelry

    DiemDesignsJewelry said 10 years ago

    They are a truly wonderful family!! I am glad to know them!

  • littlehouseofcolors

    littlehouseofcolors said 10 years ago

    Very interesting story---a great amount of freedom and unity within one family is very admirable. And everyone seems so happy, without the poison that lives in my household.....the t.v.!

  • tragicabbot

    tragicabbot said 10 years ago

    I've driven by that wagon hundreds of times - sheesh - next time I will stop and have a look. Thanks!

  • VintageHomeShop

    VintageHomeShop said 10 years ago

    sweet family...making their way and creating in the process. Lots of Love! Camille

  • AliceCantrell

    AliceCantrell said 10 years ago

    Wonderful video! What an awesome family.

  • yerringtonstudio

    yerringtonstudio said 10 years ago

    A beautiful film of a beautiful family. Love made manifest in the everyday struggle of life and not found wanting. They are being true to their hearts in loving God and their neighbors....Grace and Peace, Tim

  • Amyvzee

    Amyvzee said 10 years ago

    Wonderful, simply wonderful :) I am grateful for this family. Thank you Beerhorst's for sharing your life with us.

  • LichenStudio

    LichenStudio said 10 years ago

    What a beautiful, talented family! I've long been an admirer of your paintings, and love now being turned on to the amazing rugs and textiles you create. Lovely guitar playing, as well. Un-schooling is such a fascinating concept. I currently homeschool one of my daughters, and have toyed with the idea of allowing her to autodidact, but worry about so many things. Your post gives me courage, and heartens me. Thank you for allowing us a peek into your home.

  • mountgigantic

    mountgigantic said 10 years ago

    such an inspiring and creative family :)

  • 4lilcupcakes

    4lilcupcakes said 10 years ago

    Fun and different story. wonderfull story.

  • mizkatie

    mizkatie said 10 years ago

    What a beautiful story and family!!

  • CarlaRaeVintage

    CarlaRaeVintage said 10 years ago

    Marching to the beat of a different drummer. Inspiring and a very loving story. Congrats.

  • cayennepeppybags

    cayennepeppybags said 10 years ago

    What a rich heritage they are giving their children. Loved this story

  • BonChatBoutique

    BonChatBoutique said 10 years ago

    I agree, such a beautiful story about family and creativity!

  • deerdominique

    deerdominique said 10 years ago

    How wonderful, truly.

  • sophiemarie

    sophiemarie said 10 years ago

    I appreciate this!

  • astronuts

    astronuts said 10 years ago

    It is right my ideal family!

  • fripperie

    fripperie said 10 years ago

    An interesting portrait.

  • adfisher08

    adfisher08 said 10 years ago

    Amazing family ideals. Beautiful art- creativity, inspiration, innovation and passion are some of the greatest lessons any parent can teach.

  • LovePlease

    LovePlease said 10 years ago

    So brave to follow your hearts and be unique individuals...I'm new to Etsy and I am so inspired by all the artwork and blogs...keep strong...

  • duckychick1974

    duckychick1974 said 10 years ago

    How wonderful to see a husband and wife working together to inspire their children!

  • smoothpebble

    smoothpebble said 10 years ago

    i love the beerhorst family, and their art!! I've been enamored with their block print art for a while now. They inspire me!

  • AppalachianVintage

    AppalachianVintage said 10 years ago

    Wow!!! How inspiring!

  • ItsJustMeEmily

    ItsJustMeEmily said 10 years ago

    What a great idea.

  • pippijewelry

    pippijewelry said 10 years ago

    I would be thrilled to own such a beautiful work of art! Count me in! Thanks! :D

  • oddgirlart

    oddgirlart said 10 years ago

    What an amazing family! I can feel the love!

  • merio13

    merio13 said 10 years ago

    What an awesome family! And the artwork is amazing!

  • annasoc1

    annasoc1 said 10 years ago

    I love these. They have the look of old Flemish paintings.

  • erikajune

    erikajune said 10 years ago

    Oh! I love their values and their art! Way to break away from "The Man"!!

  • HolidayFrill

    HolidayFrill said 10 years ago

    Love the portrait!

  • kpkent

    kpkent said 10 years ago

    Love these portraits. Would make a beautiful focal point in our livingroom. What I love even more is that the art is done as a family!

  • mefisha

    mefisha said 10 years ago

    Beautiful portraits and such a talented family!

  • releia

    releia said 10 years ago

    Smitten! Inspired....

  • kceknits

    kceknits said 10 years ago

    flourishing creativity rocks.

  • ilikeyoucreations

    ilikeyoucreations said 10 years ago

    Love your family's work and ideals:)

  • designinkarnation

    designinkarnation said 10 years ago

    LOVE! We unschool, too. I love that their focus on togetherness is ART! Inspirational.

  • jonari

    jonari said 10 years ago

    If only everyone could be so open minded, live and let live. What a wonderful world it would be...

  • headpickle

    headpickle said 10 years ago

    Love this. Thanks for sharing this piece about this inspirational family.

  • Feltlicious

    Feltlicious said 10 years ago

    I'm already lucky...I live here in GR and see the family down at our Fulton Street ARTisians market on Sundays! Love my button bracelet from the Sock Monster. The painted artwork is amazing and anyone would be lucky to win!

  • jnnybee

    jnnybee said 10 years ago

    how amazing. i would love to win.

  • SewTechnicolor

    SewTechnicolor said 10 years ago

    I love this! Very inspiring. Their art is gorgeous- I love the "Eyes Closed" print.

  • glhearts

    glhearts said 10 years ago

    I love your family/friends picture! Great looking group of people!!!

  • angelkat2

    angelkat2 said 10 years ago

    Thank you for being such a good inspiration! We just created a studio in our home for our two very talented daughters (both <16 years old). One wants to be a fashion designer and creates amazing dresses. The other focuses her talents on illustration and has very detailed work. You can probably tell I'm one very proud mama...:)

  • tumbleweedprimitives

    tumbleweedprimitives said 10 years ago

    Your work is beautiful! God Bless your family :-)

  • PrairieG

    PrairieG said 10 years ago

    I feel like their story could be turned into a book. A beautiful family making beautiful art!

  • WoodbisonStudio

    WoodbisonStudio said 10 years ago

    Love it! Faith, creativity, and allowing kids to find their bliss. What a wonderful way to raise children. I'd love to see a follow up story in ten years about the kids and what they are up to.

  • sharon100

    sharon100 said 10 years ago

    I love this style of painting - great use of vibrant color! This talented family is so inspiring!

  • sherijberi

    sherijberi said 10 years ago

    As Hurricane Irene draws closer to Baltimore... you bring a ray of sunshine. Young kids, tweens and teens... a family of filled with art and love. We enjoy art in our home and will be inspired to bring more due to your video.

  • FossilRock

    FossilRock said 10 years ago

    Kudos to this family for allowing their kids to pursue their passions. I'm not brave enough for unschooling yet, but we did move to homeschooling last year. It's amazing!

  • pamalamb

    pamalamb said 10 years ago

    Fascinating!!! Inspiring!!!

  • dinocat

    dinocat said 10 years ago

    great inspiration

  • Dags

    Dags said 10 years ago

    Agree with the Flemish paintings comparison. Such interesting art!

  • lpc112

    lpc112 said 10 years ago

    love the paintings and the textiles, esp the hooked rug!

  • paperoranges

    paperoranges said 10 years ago

    Inspiring!!!! Very interesting idea on how to raise children....

  • JewelsByCoco

    JewelsByCoco said 10 years ago

    What a talented family! Love the eclectic mix of items they have ~

  • dianehawkey

    dianehawkey said 10 years ago

    incredibly awesome

  • AnnSiobhan

    AnnSiobhan said 10 years ago

    I'm in awe...such amazing talent and such a nurturing enviroment for the creative souls that are this family. I'm in love with this article, video & their art. Thank you Etsy for introducing us to them.

  • tofufoofoo

    tofufoofoo said 10 years ago

    I fell in love with this family! Beautiful story and art.

  • christiesampson

    christiesampson said 10 years ago

    Inspiring art and story!

  • hodgsonho

    hodgsonho said 10 years ago

    What an amazing journey to support your family through art. I am inspired by your abandon of what others think life should be...

  • rockcandymosaics

    rockcandymosaics said 10 years ago

    I am so fascinated by the Beerhorst family and have been following their art for a couple of years!

  • purplehopy

    purplehopy said 10 years ago

    What an interesting family!

  • Dress2ImpressEtsy

    Dress2ImpressEtsy said 10 years ago

    Very cool and unique.

  • pumpkinbunny

    pumpkinbunny said 10 years ago

    this is why i love etsy....there is always something interesting, beautiful, and inspiring to discover....

  • goodietruevintage

    goodietruevintage said 10 years ago

    What an AMAZING story!! Do you think they'd consider adopting me? Hehe :) Michigan has so many wonderful artists! Very inspiring, thank you.

  • ReclaimedDesigns

    ReclaimedDesigns said 10 years ago

    Such a cool, talented, colorful family! I love the paintings, and the textiles and rugs that are created by the different members of this family.

  • echogems

    echogems said 10 years ago

    Baroque-inspired art with a modern twist. Interesting!

  • mistressknit

    mistressknit said 10 years ago

    Love this!

  • susanconnors

    susanconnors said 10 years ago

    Love your family. So inspiring. And love all the different forms of artwork.

  • susanconnors

    susanconnors said 10 years ago

    So inspiring! Glad you're here and being who you are.

  • AmeliaDesign

    AmeliaDesign said 10 years ago

    Yay for fellow unschoolers/artistic folks. :D

  • bridiemurphy

    bridiemurphy said 10 years ago

    creating a context...and doing what's in your heart. yes.

  • sharonclancydesigns

    sharonclancydesigns said 10 years ago

    Such a beautiful creative family. I'm a huge fan of Rick Beerhorst art. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • BeadsbyOlga

    BeadsbyOlga said 10 years ago

    A loving, talented,inspiring family and something to look up to...God Bless!

  • sealioninmycereal

    sealioninmycereal said 10 years ago

    What a fun family! very inspiring!

  • RedbirdCottageArt

    RedbirdCottageArt said 10 years ago


  • necessityisthemother

    necessityisthemother said 10 years ago

    Waaaaaant that print. Art at its best is a reflection of the beauty and glory of God... I think that is the task at hand.

  • FruitOfMyHands

    FruitOfMyHands said 10 years ago

    Like their art, their life and their love of God.

  • angrygeisha

    angrygeisha said 10 years ago

    I have so enjoyed stumbling upon this inspiring family through another blog that originates in OR only to find that this fascinating brood lives but a hop, skip, and a jump away. One day I will be a collector...

  • WhiteDoily

    WhiteDoily said 10 years ago

    Three cheers to raising children with the chickens!

  • tinecassidy

    tinecassidy said 10 years ago

    What a joyous family! The paintings are absolutely beautiful and Brenda's hand hooked rug featured in the Etsy profile is lovely. If I don't win the print, can I have a ride in the wagon instead? ; ) Best to the Beerhorst family and to Etsy.

  • princessdoodlebeans

    princessdoodlebeans said 10 years ago

    love this peek into an exceptional MICHIGAN family. Well done Etsy and congrats Beerhorst family. Much handmade love coming to you from Leelanau County <3

  • kalikaboo

    kalikaboo said 10 years ago

    AN ABSOLUTE HONOR TO HAVE A CHANCE TO ENTER TO WIN THIS GEOREOUS PRINT! Especially from the kind of life you've been able to raise your children. It is so inspiring to read about your ways of being a family and raising your kids in this world that is filled with so much choas! Beautiful art and a beautiful way of life!

  • CristinaRTC

    CristinaRTC said 10 years ago

    This family is by far the most creative and unified one i have grown to know. I am friends with Rose and know of her family and they are ALL inspiring. I am lucky to have met her in an ArtWorks program at theUICA. I don't know if I have told her but she is the one who introduced me and inspired me to set up my own etsy shop. Also I adore Ricks music !u~ Much love for who they are and what they do <3

  • BlackCatBazaar

    BlackCatBazaar said 10 years ago

    I am a huge fan from afar! I follow their work on Flickr, as well. Congratulations on your wave making, Beerhorst family ~ may the ripples spread!

  • boubelina2

    boubelina2 said 10 years ago

    i have followed this family for many years on flickr and also wrote a blog post about them. i feel akin to their creative spirits and the realness of their lives. have wanted to meet them for the longest times but have settled for letters, cards and the occasional care package.

  • bluebicicletta

    bluebicicletta said 10 years ago

    what beautiful paintings and an amazing philosophy! I would love to win a print!

  • BlueWillowFarm

    BlueWillowFarm said 10 years ago

    Great and inspiring family! We are a bit Bohemian ourselves - single mom working from home and homeschooling my two girls I adopted from China. Wish we had the chickens and the bees - I'll have to look more into that LOL!

  • brookstreamstudio

    brookstreamstudio said 10 years ago

    Ha ha! Very cool...

  • MadFarmerMotherHen

    MadFarmerMotherHen said 9 years ago

    awesome and inspiring. i hope some day to craft a similar family! thanks for sharing your struggles and strengths.

  • livelydawn

    livelydawn said 9 years ago

    I wonder about the view implied here that 'unschooled' children will have equal opportunities in later life... yes, they may be more open to artistic pursuits and creative occupations, but the nature of 'unschooled' education means that all careers/vocations connected to higher sciences and mathematics are pretty much out of the question (it is very difficult if not impossible to 'pick up' or self learn such subjects). This is not meant as a criticism, as they seem a lovely, caring family -- but this approach to education seems to me to close as many doors as it opens.

  • alicat73

    alicat73 said 9 years ago

    Inspirational art and lifestyle! Not just thinking outside the box, but actually living outside the box. Thanks for the video.

  • mialopez3

    mia lopez said 9 years ago - Whether you are at home or on the move to a familiar or unfamiliar destination, you will find everything you need to know aboutwhat's happening in the world, right here, right now!... well, eventually. This is where you come in. Upload any of your events to with ease and share your event(s) with the planet.

  • TeofanaART

    Teofana from TeofanaART said 9 years ago

    Thank you for the video ! VERY Inspiring !

  • kdeason71

    Kristi from kdeason71 said 9 years ago

    I have been following your Flickr feed for a couple of years now, such an inspiration to creative homeschooling families! Much love<3

  • Caracarmina

    Norma Andreu from Caracarmina said 8 years ago

    I definitely was born in the wrong family! (Damn it!) some children are super lucky! how cool is this!!!!!!! :D

  • jennymaynatural

    Jennifer Tracy from JennyMayNatural said 7 years ago

    i thick i was born to the right family sorry : {

  • jennymaynatural

    Jennifer Tracy from JennyMayNatural said 7 years ago

    i am homeschooling so i now how it is and i love it !!!!!!!!!!!

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