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Handmade Portraits: Stellarquilts

Jan 11, 2011

by stellarquilts


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(Sound by Marcy Hokama; Music by Oh Halo)

Sometimes we encounter the most surprising individuals. Jimmy McBride, also known as Stellarquilts, was on a short visit to earth when we crossed his path. Jimmy spends his time transporting salt and vinegar from planet to planet, but his favorite pastime is creating and reveling in the comfort of quilts. These textile wonders reflect the cosmic landscape that float past his spaceship’s window: galaxies, nebulae, black holes — even the Milky Way. Jimmy has opened the pod bay door and invited us on an unbelievable voyage.


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  • Ciaffi

    Ciaffi said 9 years ago

    Fantastic!! Congratulations!! :-) :-)

  • UrbanRevisions

    UrbanRevisions said 9 years ago

    so jazzed to see this video! I've been drooling over your work for quite some time now :) Congrats!

  • GloryBDesign

    GloryBDesign said 9 years ago

    I'm always amazed at how a true artist can take an idea or technique with such deep roots and long standing practices and totally re-invent it! Stellar work (pun intended, but compliment sincere)!

  • brienna

    brienna said 9 years ago

    Brilliant back story for your work; the video really brings your process to life.

  • OldFactory

    OldFactory said 9 years ago

    Wonderful film! Amazing stellar work!

  • DecadesOfVintage

    DecadesOfVintage said 9 years ago

    Your work is amazing.

  • creativityismessy

    creativityismessy said 9 years ago

    Awesome video! And your work is absolutely incredible!!

  • beliz82

    beliz82 said 9 years ago

    Love your work !!! And great video !!!

  • AmberGypsySky

    AmberGypsySky said 9 years ago

    NGC6302 is my favorite quilt

  • VivaGailBeads

    VivaGailBeads said 9 years ago

    Your work is amazing...thank you for sharing!

  • joclothing

    joclothing said 9 years ago

    Awesome. Beautiful work.

  • LoveandKnit

    LoveandKnit said 9 years ago

    Great video, great work...

  • SewnNatural

    SewnNatural said 9 years ago

    WOW, this is fantastic. Thanks for this!

  • mother8daughter

    mother8daughter said 9 years ago

    I remember the 4 generations of women on my mom's side sitting around quilting together by hand at my great grandmother's house. I'm sure they would have been amazed at your beautiful work as am I. Wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • rarebeasts

    rarebeasts said 9 years ago

    Awesome video and great work. I love the story.

  • studiopainters

    studiopainters said 9 years ago

    beyond creation. scrupulous attention to detail.

  • StrandRedesign

    StrandRedesign said 9 years ago

    Fantastic portrait and fabulous work!

  • coolstuffartgallery

    coolstuffartgallery said 9 years ago

    Love your work!

  • auntjanecan

    auntjanecan said 9 years ago


  • MegansMenagerie

    MegansMenagerie said 9 years ago

    Amazing video! Your work is beautiful!!!

  • behappynow

    behappynow said 9 years ago


  • Yokoo

    Yokoo said 9 years ago

    WOOOWWW PASCAL!! THIS IS your BEST!! JIMMY Your work is amazing!!

  • flabbergastbanana

    flabbergastbanana said 9 years ago

    Beautiful/Amazing video! I love it!!!

  • Yokoo

    Yokoo said 9 years ago

    Spielberg just called and asked for you number! LOL So good I had to come back and watch it again!

  • Asianexpressions

    Asianexpressions said 9 years ago


  • HibouCards

    HibouCards said 9 years ago

    that's pretty amazing!

  • QueenofCuffs

    QueenofCuffs said 9 years ago

    Fantastic concept - and so beautifully stitched together.

  • myvintagecrush

    myvintagecrush said 9 years ago

    That's great! ...and now I need those space pillow shams, heehee!

  • madebynanna

    madebynanna said 9 years ago

    What a great talent!!!

  • vKnit

    vKnit said 9 years ago

    wow! very talented! xox

  • TheEvesLikeUs

    TheEvesLikeUs said 9 years ago

    W O W

  • krize

    krize said 9 years ago


  • Rokali

    Rokali said 9 years ago

    Brilliant! The spirit of the craftsman is inherent in the aesthetic of the portrait. Clothes make the man.

  • JerseyLovey

    JerseyLovey said 9 years ago

    I've been a fan of your work for a long time... Congratulations on the feature!!

  • Parachute425

    Parachute425 said 9 years ago

    Your work is out of this world. The video is brilliant. Congrats on the very deserving feature.

  • 3564td

    3564td said 9 years ago

    Stunning! Impressed does not begin to describe the feeling!

  • Mattie714

    Mattie714 said 9 years ago

    I loved this video and his measuring tape that's tattooed on his middle finger... That's love!

  • mints

    mints said 9 years ago


  • glasfaden

    glasfaden said 9 years ago

    Stunning quilts, awesome video!

  • beatyboutique

    beatyboutique said 9 years ago


  • LLsCreations83

    LLsCreations83 said 9 years ago

    That was an amazing video! the quilts are, to state the obvious, STELLAR!

  • lauralynn

    lauralynn said 9 years ago

    Jimmy, I've been an admirer-from-afar of your work for a long time - the combination of detail and resourceful repurposing of materials is an inspiration! And Pascal, amazing job on the video - definitely your best yet! Congrats to both of you!

  • LogCabinCreation

    LogCabinCreation said 9 years ago

    Wow, Amazing work...I love quilts! Such talent, keep up the splendid work!

  • breadandroses

    breadandroses said 9 years ago

    I found Stellarquilts a short while back & am impressed with this artist's talent. Decades ago, when art quilts were a seminal movement, men quilt artists were a real rarity with Michael James being the best known. It's simply wondrous to see how this medium continues to evolve and expand its inclusiveness. Congratulations!

  • DesertSolDesigns

    DesertSolDesigns said 9 years ago

    That's definitely taking quilting to another dimension;) (wink, wink)

  • mehndiart09

    mehndiart09 said 9 years ago

    wow That's amazing.

  • JudiPaintedit

    JudiPaintedit said 9 years ago

    Ummm.....??? I couldnt do it!

  • loveineverything

    loveineverything said 9 years ago

    Wow! Truly amazing and beautiful!

  • mudpuppy

    mudpuppy said 9 years ago

    I think i just had a dream...about a guy that makes these amazing quilts.

  • MissHildebrandt

    MissHildebrandt said 9 years ago

    I can't say the same.

  • MissHildebrandt

    MissHildebrandt said 9 years ago

    ...and then he made an etsy account. Congrats.

  • blueskyclouds

    blueskyclouds said 9 years ago

    Oh, my...what work! I make quilts too, and I know the patience it must take to make these beauties!

  • RetroRevivalBoutique

    RetroRevivalBoutique said 9 years ago

    Sheer awesomeness. Congrats on your truly wonderful work! :)

  • hiwaar

    hiwaar said 9 years ago

    Great work

  • BingoBox

    BingoBox said 9 years ago

    A man who fell to earth - BEAUTIFUL !!

  • Jusadreamin

    Jusadreamin said 9 years ago

    AWSOME your work is outta this world hope YOU MUCH SUCESS

  • whimsywhimsical

    whimsywhimsical said 9 years ago


  • maggiesraggedyinn

    maggiesraggedyinn said 9 years ago

    Yes you are different and your work is amazing!!!

  • AvianInspirations

    AvianInspirations said 9 years ago

    This was so wonderful! I just got into Battlestar Galactica, and your lovely video was perfect for my mood.

  • editionbw

    editionbw said 9 years ago

    fantastic imagery, beautiful dedicated work to be admired.

  • vickychan

    vickychan said 9 years ago

    OMG!! Awesome and unique! Proper craftmanship there!

  • TerraRed

    TerraRed said 9 years ago

    H.a.l.l.u.c.i.n.a.t.o.r.y , inspiring video and work!!!

  • FrancesPhotography

    FrancesPhotography said 9 years ago

    It is a beautiful video and so interesting. I am very impressed! Congratulations!

  • reiter8

    reiter8 said 9 years ago

    whoa. Beautiful work to you both, Pascal and Jimmy.

  • daydreamjewels

    daydreamjewels said 9 years ago

    Great imagination! Love your work ;)

  • sparrowsalvage

    sparrowsalvage said 9 years ago

    Wonderful quilts! The video is probably the best thing I've seen in ages and ages. The loneliness of 1970s science fiction which comes from the vast indifference of space meeting with the tenderness of a human mind- all captured here. And perfect music.

  • hankietankie

    hankietankie said 9 years ago

    wow!!! super inspirational and amazing work! a joy to discover your remarkable talents on etsy! xoxox

  • jessalinb

    jessalinb said 9 years ago


  • OceanPatch

    OceanPatch said 9 years ago

    Awesome story and awesome quilts! Yay for the 'grandma program'!

  • hosanna

    hosanna said 9 years ago

    what a fantastic video to support such amazing work work!

  • 2BlackCats

    2BlackCats said 9 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant! Brilliant video, brilliant quilt artist! Jimmy, your work is truly inspired. You channel pure awesomeness!

  • chaps676 Admin

    chaps676 said 9 years ago

    Great work from the Etsy Video Team!

  • Nathalyc

    Nathalyc said 9 years ago


  • ocpottery

    ocpottery said 9 years ago

    Awesome video!

  • OliveLongstocking

    OliveLongstocking said 9 years ago

    Fantastic video - 5 stars ! *****

  • JustColor

    JustColor said 9 years ago

    Wow! Amazing work. How intricate, beautiful and unexpected.

  • JustColor

    JustColor said 9 years ago

    Love the video. Awesome!

  • MandyMcDee

    MandyMcDee said 9 years ago

    How fantastically awesome!

  • khobkhuncraft

    khobkhuncraft said 9 years ago

    cool...thx for sharing :)

  • FrayedFuzzies

    FrayedFuzzies said 9 years ago

    Jaw meet floor. Amazing.

  • CharlotteM85

    CharlotteM85 said 9 years ago

    Beautiful videography! Beautiful work!

  • KathrinKneidl

    KathrinKneidl said 9 years ago

    Brilliant! Your work is so spaced out. I'll save me bucks now!

  • ChayaGallery

    ChayaGallery said 9 years ago

    Wonderful - living proof that quilt-making is an art form !!

  • TokulCrafts

    TokulCrafts said 9 years ago

    Dreamy...the wind howls and batters against the night sky yet the stars never stray.

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 9 years ago

    wow beautifully intricate work, space really is just beautiful!

  • onionbagel

    onionbagel said 9 years ago

    Jimmy has an interesting profile. An excerpt: "... i downloaded a grandma program and she's been teaching me how to quilt. there's no "log cabins" or "pointsettias" around so i just stare out the window until something catches my eye."

  • SonasCandles

    SonasCandles said 9 years ago

    Beautiful work and how wonderful to see the art shown in this way, it' snot just for little ole granny's!

  • askartelija09

    askartelija09 said 9 years ago

    Cool! Like your cosmic wold and ideas!

  • EllaJewelry

    EllaJewelry said 9 years ago

    Bon Voyage!

  • EllaJewelry

    EllaJewelry said 9 years ago

    Very artistic perform!

  • SchneiderGallery

    SchneiderGallery said 9 years ago

    spectacular! love your work and universe of course!

  • lalalandArt

    lalalandArt said 9 years ago

    beautiful video and congratulations on the feature! Your work is gorgeous!

  • jungledread

    jungledread said 9 years ago

    Like all good art, this takes me away and leaves me re-imagining life!

  • trinityrocks

    trinityrocks said 9 years ago


  • spontaneousreality

    spontaneousreality said 9 years ago

    Quilt on cosmic child, your work is beautiful!

  • Tirabaralla

    Tirabaralla said 9 years ago

    For the love of sci-fi! This was wonder-full!

  • CMEdesign

    CMEdesign said 9 years ago

    How is your mind? "Well is blown!!" Love the THX vibe of the video & your quilts are what stars are made of. Beautiful creations!

  • DesiCloe

    DesiCloe said 9 years ago

    wow! I love what you do and the magic inside it!

  • theearlygirl

    theearlygirl said 9 years ago

    Is that a true story? tee-hee..... gorgeous quilts

  • NsewFabrics

    NsewFabrics said 9 years ago

    "Stellar"----Quilts !!! Just beautiful & amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • polarity

    polarity said 9 years ago

    I want my grandma program!! Total magic Jimmy- I am totally inspired and amazed!

  • sewZinski

    sewZinski said 9 years ago

    Completely inspired and blown away. Fantastic talent.

  • serdomania

    serdomania said 9 years ago


  • Niftic

    Niftic said 9 years ago

    Absolutely stunning work!

  • ikabags

    ikabags said 9 years ago

    Yes fantastic handmade work and well done Pascal !

  • ElenaMary

    ElenaMary said 9 years ago

    Very very far out..stunning work!

  • sarahbadera

    sarahbadera said 9 years ago

    Beautiful, amazing work. Quilts are such great artwork!

  • ladyfarmerjr

    ladyfarmerjr said 9 years ago


  • baseworld

    baseworld said 9 years ago

    gorgeous...the stuff of dreams!

  • ThePolkadotMagpie

    ThePolkadotMagpie said 9 years ago

    Suck a beautiful short film. The quilts is stunning too. 2 thumbs up from a retired movie costume maker.

  • cmjolley

    cmjolley said 9 years ago

    quilts are amazing!

  • ValintheValley

    ValintheValley said 9 years ago

    GAH! I LOVELOVELOVELOVE your work. When the money flies in, I know what to get myself. *In artistic shock*

  • arhetrick

    arhetrick said 9 years ago

    Awesome quilts! I wish I had the patience for quilting but I just get frustrated. You have a real knack for this!

  • HouseOfMoss

    HouseOfMoss said 9 years ago

    Hooray for making quilts a form of fine art! Your work is breathtaking.

  • BlkSheepProductions

    BlkSheepProductions said 9 years ago

    You just reinvented the quilt for us. Thank you!

  • beadyiz

    beadyiz said 9 years ago

    incredible work -- thanks for the inspiration to create!

  • TheFeltElf

    TheFeltElf said 9 years ago

    Outstanding quilts and a fantastic video that certainly does them justice!! I loved this!

  • RomanceCatsAndWhimsy

    RomanceCatsAndWhimsy said 9 years ago

    Amazing talent! Love your quote about doing what you love.

  • willowstreetworkshop

    willowstreetworkshop said 9 years ago

    Incredible quilts and great video!

  • grandmamarievintage

    grandmamarievintage said 9 years ago

    These are amazing. I really really love them. Hopefully someday soon I can afford to buy one!

  • Mclovebuddy

    Mclovebuddy said 9 years ago

    love this! i really love the NASA nebula quilts. awesome.

  • paramountvintage

    paramountvintage said 9 years ago

    i absolutely love your quilts! i am a longtime admirer. congrats on the feature!!!


    ANANEE said 9 years ago

    just amazing!!peacefull

  • greg123

    greg123 said 9 years ago

    I certainly mean no disrespect to etsy....but your work belongs in an art museum.


    DICOLLECTION said 9 years ago

    I love this so much it's almost unbearable! The quilts are exquisite, and what an amazingly well done video.

  • atthestudiodoor

    atthestudiodoor said 9 years ago

    Now that's what I'd call embracing your inner space cadet! In the best way possible :) GREAT video, guys! Stellarquilts - wouldn't it be awesome if you could upload this in place of one of your alloted product photos for each listing?!

  • theprojectroom

    theprojectroom said 9 years ago

    OMG, I love your work!!! The video is so unique and fun too. I'm utterly impressed. :-)

  • empireofdire

    empireofdire said 9 years ago

    amazing video, would love to meet jimmy! x

  • daBusiness

    daBusiness said 9 years ago


  • daBusiness

    daBusiness said 9 years ago


  • wildwoodemb

    wildwoodemb said 9 years ago

    OK, you do great work but the video is spooky to me

  • ourfrontyard

    ourfrontyard said 9 years ago

    I Love it!! I Love it!!! the video, the quilts, the imagination.

  • chetart

    chetart said 9 years ago

    Wonderfully creative work.

  • happysewluckyshop

    happysewluckyshop said 9 years ago

    Incredible pieces! So unique, beautiful and exquisitely executed. I also love that you are charging the true value for your work. Too many people selling their souls for nought on Etsy. When I find a spare $8K I'm coming a knocking for the "Ambush in Quadrant 4 on the Far Side of the Pleiades." Thanks for waking up my neurons today!

  • TheArtofFabric

    TheArtofFabric said 9 years ago

    Absolutely brilliant

  • redspottedpatch

    redspottedpatch said 9 years ago

    I love what happysewluckyshop said! I can't stop thinking about your quilts (I've been back to visit this site a few times already today) and I'm tremendously curious who taught you to quilt?

  • MadeMary

    MadeMary said 9 years ago

    wonderful, engaging and magical -- thank you! I need a grandma program in our house ... I'm thinking a quilt might be the first step toward successful implementation!

  • FabricFascination

    FabricFascination said 9 years ago

    I am a Grandma. You are welcome for the quilting tools. :o)

  • emilybidwell Admin

    emilybidwell said 9 years ago


  • KimsCraftyApple

    KimsCraftyApple said 9 years ago

    beautiful work!

  • lindasartquilts

    lindasartquilts said 9 years ago

    Your work is absolutely captivating. Love your mind that created these works.

  • joeyandaleethea

    joeyandaleethea said 9 years ago

    WOW! Amazing quilts, truly jaw-dropping work! LOVE the video. Awesome work, Pascal!

  • amysfunkyfibers

    amysfunkyfibers said 9 years ago

    What a wonderful subject that we take for granted.What a wonderful world!

  • amysfunkyfibers

    amysfunkyfibers said 9 years ago

    What a wonderful subject that we take for granted.What a wonderful world!

  • EleanorGastonStudios

    EleanorGastonStudios said 9 years ago

    Beautiful! My own Grandmother would have been so inspired by these marvelous quilts. Well done, quilts and film. Magnificent!

  • CamilleMarie

    CamilleMarie said 9 years ago

    All I can say is WOW! I'm gonna have to spend some time in his etsy shop checking out all of his fantastic handywork! Very impressive, and the portrait was very clever and interesting! Stellar you are very talented!!


    ARTinVENICE said 9 years ago

    very nice!

  • AmberRaeCreations

    AmberRaeCreations said 9 years ago

    Your tattoo seems very practical! Do you use it when hand-quilting or -piecing? Amazing talent, by the way!

  • AndreaFuentesDesigns

    AndreaFuentesDesigns said 9 years ago

    this video was epic! congrats - loved you story

  • sweetpotatopancakes

    sweetpotatopancakes said 9 years ago


  • aitken549

    aitken549 said 9 years ago

    Well...I have to say that brought a tear to me eye...

  • FrenchMermaid

    FrenchMermaid said 9 years ago

    Very, very clever!

  • HazelHoney

    HazelHoney said 9 years ago

    I love the video it's like a wonderful movie and I love sewing so it totally spoke to me in a very meaningful artsy way!!

  • woolheadworks

    woolheadworks said 9 years ago

    WOW! This was not at all what I expected to find, and I loved it! The video presents a beautiful, imaginative, captivating story. I'm very, Very intrigued! (And it makes me think a bit (differently) about my own story...)

  • epintado

    epintado said 9 years ago

    Wow! It took me away to another place, a place of peace. Love it!! very inspiring to use the simplest tools and make something great!

  • LuluTales

    LuluTales said 9 years ago

    That's not your Grandma's quilt! Excellent work at updating an artcraft that's been with us for so many generations.

  • art4ear

    art4ear said 9 years ago

    Captivating video! Stellar work!

  • rainyhandmaidy

    rainyhandmaidy said 9 years ago

    Incredible! Pure genius!

  • VitalTemptation

    VitalTemptation said 9 years ago

    Amazing artist!Very inspiring story!

  • knitfitt

    knitfitt said 9 years ago

    Thank you so much for the video and the chance to meet such an amazing artist. Actually two artists, the quilter and the film maker. The quilts are truly inspiring (and I don't say such things easily).

  • NotYoMommasHandbag

    NotYoMommasHandbag said 9 years ago


  • johanneratte

    johanneratte said 9 years ago

    Quel beau reportage ! Moi qui est très »univers» et très tissu j'adore tout le travail que tu fais !

  • martasrose

    martasrose said 9 years ago

    You have such a rich innerlife. The quilts you create are a beautiful expression of that life. Thank you for sharing both.

  • sbellestri

    sbellestri said 9 years ago

    You Rock! What a great imagination and fantastic work! I loved the credit to grandma!

  • sacredhand

    sacredhand said 9 years ago

    Really awesome the sky really has no limit!

  • MaleneFiberart

    MaleneFiberart said 9 years ago

    Thank you for making my morning . Magical.!!! Malene, fellow artist on Earth.

  • AnastasiaBijoux

    AnastasiaBijoux said 9 years ago


  • KamiMegumi

    KamiMegumi said 9 years ago

    This is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • pearliemae

    pearliemae said 9 years ago

    Very cool. Amazing work! I do have a question.issue, though: Since not everyone can hear, would it be possible to get captioning or perhaps a link to a transcription? Maybe something to consider for the future? Video is great, but half of it is going to be lost on a lot of people.

  • catiques

    catiques said 9 years ago

    Superb Work, Awesome, Amazing.

  • EmeraldForestStudio

    EmeraldForestStudio said 9 years ago

    Absolutely freakin fantastic. Brilliant.

  • artistsloftppaquin1

    artistsloftppaquin1 said 9 years ago

    What an Awsome Video to go with your Awsome Quilts, I kind of hate to come back to Earth, But then Spring is almost here!

  • ElainesDesignStudio

    ElainesDesignStudio said 9 years ago

    absolutely beautiful

  • SciroccoGlass

    SciroccoGlass said 9 years ago

    A stellar imagination, too! Kudos.

  • jazminjules

    jazminjules said 9 years ago

    You inspire me.

  • bydaniela

    bydaniela said 9 years ago

    Absolutely amazing!!

  • emilyryan

    emilyryan said 8 years ago

    LOVE your work!

  • miasole

    miasole said 8 years ago


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