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Handmade Portraits: The Sandhills Boot Company

Aug 21, 2012

by Tara Young

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Kyle Rosfeld of The Sandhills Boot Company in Cody, Nebraska, grew up on his uncle’s ranch and started working as soon as he was old enough to shut the gates. Rosfeld did everything — running the tractor, haying, as well as tending to the cattle. After years of physically demanding work as a ranch hand, he decided to follow a different calling: custom cowboy bootmaking.

Rosfeld uses traditional methods and vintage equipment. His shop, in the six-business town of Cody, feels as if the old railroad might still make stops in this remote corner Sandhills. Rosfeld’s interest in the history has made him an advocate in the community for preserving the town, the old ways, and the traditional methods of making a proper cowboy boot.

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