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Handmade Portraits: Biscuit Scout

Feb 8, 2011

by BiscuitScout

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(Animation by Julia Pott; Music by Gerhard van der Merwe)

The Etsy video team has invited experimental and documentary filmmakers to contribute to our original video series, Handmade Portraits, Process and There’s No Place Like Here. Ashka Wierzycka is a South African producer and director based in New York City.

At the southernmost tip of Africa, where immense rogue waves crash on the jagged coast, Lynn Garret, a.k.a. Biscuit Scout, knits large decor pieces that seem like an extension of her rugged world, over-sized but also playful and a little eccentric. Lynn’s long had a passion for using knitting in an unexpected way — her first large project was a cover for her washing machine! But it is her huge knitted armchair slip covers, inspired by a pattern in Erika Knight‘s Simple Knitting With a Twist, that have won her acclaim in decor circles.

There is something magical about encountering a giant Aran chair sweater in real life. They feel like something Alice would encounter in Wonderland. Even more fantastical is the sheer amount of backbreaking work that goes into creating these woolly mammoths. Lynn knits everything by hand and has no assistants, so each piece is completely hand finished and takes over a week to complete. Just one cushion takes a day and night of knitting, and it’s hard not to marvel at how intricately these are constructed.

While it’s easy to romanticize Lynn’s decision to move to the country and pursue her passion for knitting, she also works extremely hard to sustain herself and her business. She knits every day and everywhere — her garden, her bed, by the fire with her cats — and every object she completes is another step in making life in the country possible.

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  • TwinkleStarCrafts

    TwinkleStarCrafts said 6 years ago

    Fabulous! Love these!

  • thepapermoonstudio

    thepapermoonstudio said 6 years ago

    Love the afghan! Beautiful pic!

  • myvintagecrush

    myvintagecrush said 6 years ago

    Totally agree on the knit armchair, very whimsical!

  • TheVinylChalkboard

    TheVinylChalkboard said 6 years ago

    Gorgeous! Love your shop!

  • iWALLS

    iWALLS said 6 years ago

    This is so beautiful! I love her story!

  • scarletbegonia11

    scarletbegonia11 said 6 years ago

    wow! Very cool!

  • Asianexpressions

    Asianexpressions said 6 years ago


  • RejDesigns

    RejDesigns said 6 years ago

    This is just a fantastic story. Who would have thought to knit covers for armchairs, yet they look so beautiful!

  • arsazaria

    arsazaria said 6 years ago

    Beautiful! Cool items!

  • tiialin

    tiialin said 6 years ago

    I think i have a new hero.

  • pottersong

    pottersong said 6 years ago

    I like!

  • LittleWrenPottery

    LittleWrenPottery said 6 years ago

    wow beautiful work, thats dedication to your craft!

  • VintageEye

    VintageEye said 6 years ago


  • paramountvintage

    paramountvintage said 6 years ago

    i love how thick, chunky, and cozy your knitting is.

  • thelittlemarket

    thelittlemarket said 6 years ago

    Beautiful work!! The afghan and the slipcover.....heavenly!!!

  • Mclovebuddy

    Mclovebuddy said 6 years ago

    gorgeous. what a great process. love the products. :)

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage said 6 years ago

    You have an incredible skill in creating that beautiful cover!

  • theroyal

    theroyal said 6 years ago

    i am blown away by this persons work. i cant wait to see more.

  • EveryPrettyThing

    EveryPrettyThing said 6 years ago

    Oh my goodness, if I had $700, I would buy this today. It's absolutley gorgeous!

  • blueroompottery

    blueroompottery said 6 years ago

    OMG!! What a special individual!! I love your work, you are such an inspiration!! Thanks for being YOU!!

  • treasurebooth

    treasurebooth said 6 years ago

    I completely understand the move away from the city. I realize more and more everyday how much I thrive on the quiet, thoughtful pace away from all of the noise and chaos. Your work is amazing, I love the idea of the chair having a sweater all its own :)

  • Jungle

    Jungle said 6 years ago

    I really respect all the hard work and dedication that goes into your work. Props to you for making your life your own!

  • AmberGypsySky

    AmberGypsySky said 6 years ago

    I've seen the armchair covers before. They're great!

  • MegansMenagerie

    MegansMenagerie said 6 years ago


  • JulieEllisDesigns

    JulieEllisDesigns said 6 years ago

    Beautiful work! Creative, cozy and awesome!

  • FiligreeCreations

    FiligreeCreations said 6 years ago

    Great story & artist! :) Very inspiring!

  • amysfunkyfibers

    amysfunkyfibers said 6 years ago

    Love it!I can't imagine sticking to projects that big!

  • LifesaBeachGlass

    LifesaBeachGlass said 6 years ago

    What effort that must take!

  • mylenefoster

    mylenefoster said 6 years ago

    I would love to have one of her knitted creations; a beauty to behold!

  • jesspeterson

    jesspeterson said 6 years ago

    wow.... beautiful!! and so unique.

  • jennybradley

    jennybradley said 6 years ago

    I have seen your shop and have been loving it. Wishing the video was longer, I am left wanting more! Beautiful work though.

  • jibbyandjuna

    jibbyandjuna said 6 years ago

    Wonderful! I so enjoyed learning more about her. It certainly makes the case for being inspired by your surroundings - what gorgeous countryside!

  • bedbuggs

    bedbuggs said 6 years ago

    Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • originalsbyannemarie

    originalsbyannemarie said 6 years ago

    I admired BiscuitScout for some time!

  • KMalinka

    KMalinka said 6 years ago

    Amazing! Great job!

  • rebourne

    rebourne said 6 years ago

    i too am left wanting more--more scenery, more of your daily life and what propels you to work so hard at your craft. thanks for the glimpse! love your work.

  • lulusnest

    lulusnest said 6 years ago

    Awesome shop! Such a neat story too.

  • JuliaDent

    JuliaDent said 6 years ago

    I just want to curl up in that chair!!!

  • AltogetherLeather

    AltogetherLeather said 6 years ago

    What an awesome shop! I love your items!

  • PaigeIsom

    PaigeIsom said 6 years ago

    I love the little documentary format and thank Etsy for featuring a mature crafter artist.

  • SugarCubeVintage

    SugarCubeVintage said 6 years ago

    love the amazing slipcover....

  • candycanecottage

    candycanecottage said 6 years ago

    I so loved this. Just that little glimpse into a life - of someone doing what I want to do. Beautiful!

  • PattiTrostle

    PattiTrostle said 6 years ago

    Wonderful work!!

  • poorjimsvintage

    poorjimsvintage said 6 years ago

    Love it! Love her slow paced life. Love THAT CHAIR!

  • yimmekedesign

    yimmekedesign said 6 years ago

    Lost for

  • SewnNatural

    SewnNatural said 6 years ago

    Yay! So glad to learn more about your work, which I've admired for so long. Thanks for sharing this.

  • choisette

    choisette said 6 years ago

    chair. sweater. i just like saying the words.

  • blueskyclouds

    blueskyclouds said 6 years ago

    I have loved that sweater chair slipcover for oh so long. I hope I can someday order one. Too fabulous!

  • WoodlandCottage

    WoodlandCottage said 6 years ago

    Quite simply lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  • knitrgal

    knitrgal said 6 years ago

    I am in awe of the attention to detail and the sheer size of the projects. Absolutely AMAZING!!

  • hankietankie

    hankietankie said 6 years ago

    a true artiste! love your work!!! xoxoxo

  • collectiblesatoz

    collectiblesatoz said 6 years ago

    Projects are great!

  • RAWelding

    RAWelding said 6 years ago

    I love it, great work!

  • ChristinaThomasArt

    ChristinaThomasArt said 6 years ago

    Awesome chair! Must have taken forever to make!

  • frommylifetoyours

    frommylifetoyours said 6 years ago

    beautiful work.

  • cthings

    cthings said 6 years ago

    Love the video and your work is fabulous!

  • InnerPeace4u

    InnerPeace4u said 6 years ago

    I love your style

  • CoolWaterGems

    CoolWaterGems said 6 years ago

    Wow! Beautiful work.

  • IrenaSophia

    IrenaSophia said 6 years ago

    Amazing! Beautiful art.

  • SpiralsandSpice

    SpiralsandSpice said 6 years ago

    I am a knitter and crocheter...and the size of those projects are amazing in themselves. The designs are gorgeous! Great inspiring story!

  • daydreamjewels

    daydreamjewels said 6 years ago

    Lovely items, congrats on your success!!!

  • Handamade

    Handamade said 6 years ago

    such a lovely story! love that chair cover.

  • beliz82

    beliz82 said 6 years ago

    wonderful shop and loved the the video !! Congrats

  • jedugoddess1228

    jedugoddess1228 said 6 years ago

    What a fantastic video. Brilliant chair cover!!

  • BlueStarrGallery

    BlueStarrGallery said 6 years ago

    Love the warm chair cover

  • enjoyorigano

    enjoyorigano said 6 years ago

    WoW !!! So wonderful handmade !!

  • 1dream

    1dream said 6 years ago

    lovely works..

  • thehopetree

    thehopetree said 6 years ago

    That was an amazing little video. She is so talented. I come from South Africa too but live in France, so watching that video was like watching a bit of home! thank you:)

  • girliepains

    girliepains said 6 years ago


  • OliveLongstocking

    OliveLongstocking said 6 years ago

    Lovely shop and story !!

  • Franellie

    Franellie said 6 years ago

    great work, love your knitting addiction. the video of your house and south Africa is very inspiring!

  • ikabags

    ikabags said 6 years ago

    This is fantastic ! Great handmade ! Great history ! You are great !!!

  • forpawsandhome

    forpawsandhome said 6 years ago

    I am about speechless what beautiful work I can't imagine how long it took you to do the arm chair. I so love it!

  • 2BlackCats

    2BlackCats said 6 years ago

    That chair cover is AMAZING! I want! Love everything in your shop, the wrap is stunning (the photo of the lady with the wrap around her is so lovely and peaceful feeling) and I adore the idea of the hot bottle cover! Amazed by your creativity.

  • craftaria

    craftaria said 6 years ago

    An inspiration to me! Amazing artist and example to all of us.

  • vKnit

    vKnit said 6 years ago

    beautiful! I've watched Lynns shop for a while - she makes stunning objects :) xox

  • strikk

    strikk said 6 years ago

    ah, lovely to see a fellow south african featured ;-)

  • SugaBelleStore

    SugaBelleStore said 6 years ago

    strikk, i was about to say that too, although im from Zimbabwe, but it's the same thing ;)

  • robertacummings

    robertacummings said 6 years ago

    Fantastic portrait! I am so pleased this wonderful maker has received this coverage! :)

  • ericawalker

    ericawalker said 6 years ago

    What a lovely portrait. It makes me want to come spend the afternoon.

  • lovelygifts

    lovelygifts said 6 years ago

    Amazing! Congrats!

  • redemptionart

    redemptionart said 6 years ago

    Beautiful Lynn...awww, Biscuit hugs to you!

  • ChrissiesRibbons

    ChrissiesRibbons said 6 years ago

    Amazing work! Such a stunning place to live too.

  • KikiLaRu

    KikiLaRu said 6 years ago

    What a great spirit.

  • fantasiabridalveils

    fantasiabridalveils said 6 years ago

    Beautiful work!

  • kathyjohnson3

    kathyjohnson3 said 6 years ago

    I really want to curl up in that cozy looking armchair! It is soooo cold here in minnesota and that chair looks very inviting!!

  • breadandroses

    breadandroses said 6 years ago

    I've admired the Aran chair for some time now. Cozy is the word! Beautiful work.

  • ethne

    ethne said 6 years ago

    BiscuitScout - I am an avid fan - just L O V E your stuff....

  • julessabjewelry

    julessabjewelry said 6 years ago

    What a wonderful town to live in. I wouldn't have ever thought of knitting a cover for my washing machine or dryer, but if it works!

  • naquaiya

    naquaiya said 6 years ago

    Love the story and this is a gifted gal with ahead of her time vision!

  • MadeMary

    MadeMary said 6 years ago

    Delightful and inspiring! Lynn, I wish you and Biscuit many mornings of knitting in that lovely morning light.

  • laurastark

    laurastark said 6 years ago

    Awesome story. Her chair covering is genius! Thanks for sharing.

  • acuriousbrood

    acuriousbrood said 6 years ago

    Adorable Etsy intro, lovely film, inspiring woman, fantastic work.

  • Bumbleweedz

    Bumbleweedz said 6 years ago

    I love the portraits, portraits convey so much!

  • coolstuffartgallery

    coolstuffartgallery said 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing! Love the article,Her work is amazing!

  • priya123

    priya123 said 6 years ago

    Beautiful Work.. Such a hard work.. Thanks for sharing:)

  • mittisha94

    mittisha94 said 6 years ago

    Just so beautiful work and your home seems so peaceful. What an amazing place to create and design. Can i move in with you, i will be very

  • blessedvintage

    blessedvintage said 6 years ago

    Beautiful items and pictures

  • Parachute425

    Parachute425 said 6 years ago

    Amazing art and artist. Thank you for the insight.

  • Caseysadoption

    Caseysadoption said 6 years ago

    The knitted chair cover is beautiful. Wonderful idea! Loved the video.

  • OuterKnits

    OuterKnits said 6 years ago

    Wow, she must have hands of steel. Amazing work!

  • CoolStuffByDesign

    CoolStuffByDesign said 6 years ago

    Amazing work!

  • shopbobbi

    shopbobbi said 6 years ago


  • RedorGrayArt

    RedorGrayArt said 6 years ago

    i so enjoyed this .. keep knitting !!

  • melissahager

    melissahager said 6 years ago

    What beautiful work! I love it!

  • PrettyLoot

    PrettyLoot said 6 years ago

    I love it all. The stuff and the lifestyle!

  • paulajeansgarden

    paulajeansgarden said 6 years ago

    i love the domesticity, gentleness, quiet and creativity that is invested in your work. every stitch makes the world a more peaceful and beautiful place. thank you.

  • Jusadreamin

    Jusadreamin said 6 years ago


  • storyline

    storyline said 6 years ago

    Oh, how I would love to meet this beautiful lady with her peaceful energy and unique creativity

  • nookiejars

    nookiejars said 6 years ago

    Very inspiring and in only moments it's like we have met. Thank you for sharing your world and artful knitting. I love the chair sweater. I wonder how long that took to create . . . The only item I ever knitted was a black arm band when I was a young girl mourning the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. I still have it and it's in my car. Somehow a knitted item has so much substance in it.


    MIPOH said 6 years ago

    Love your artwork! So beautiful!

  • HouseOfMoss

    HouseOfMoss said 6 years ago

    The armchair cover has been stuck in my head ever since I first saw it months ago! Such beautiful work.

  • handprintlady

    handprintlady said 6 years ago

    What an original idea! I love it! I can almost feel the texture in my imagination!

  • prillarguri1976

    prillarguri1976 said 6 years ago

    I wish I could be sitting in that chair on one of those boats. Lovely.

  • Verdurebydesign

    Verdurebydesign said 6 years ago

    I very much enjoyed the video. Thank you for letting me in. I am in awe of your work. Congratulations

  • TheJoyofColor

    TheJoyofColor said 6 years ago

    As a knitter from early age i can appreciate her wonderful work , Beautiful film and knitting love it

  • edithweezie

    edithweezie said 6 years ago

    Aah, that slipcover- I have been lusting after it for quite some time. I really appreciated getting a closer look at one of my favorite items and getting to see Lynn's beautiful scenery. Thank you~

  • MsVeronicas

    MsVeronicas said 6 years ago

    Proof positive that you MUST love what you do.

  • granatina

    granatina said 6 years ago

    Is so goood to begin the day with such an inspiring portrait! Thanks, Lynn, thanks, Ashka!

  • stepbackink

    stepbackink said 6 years ago

    How can anyone be any happier then living in a beautiful place like that. I love her knitting projects, what a wonderful shop Thanks for sharing :)

  • Mattie714

    Mattie714 said 6 years ago

    That is absolutely amazing! I'm inspired to learn how to knit!

  • MayanBlue

    MayanBlue said 6 years ago

    the armchair INSANE!!! I LOVE IT!!! Makes me wish I was more proficient at knitting!

  • MysticalRaindrops

    MysticalRaindrops said 6 years ago

    Wow! Dedicated work. I like that knitted lamp cover. I'm teaching myself to knit as I go along.

  • calicodaisy

    calicodaisy said 6 years ago

    Sweet and quiet and beautiful! What a great piece.

  • thebeadgirl

    thebeadgirl said 6 years ago

    i watched this while i was on the treadmill today and was absolutely FLOORED - such amazing workmanship! ye-ow!

  • opendoorstudio

    opendoorstudio said 6 years ago

    sweater + Chair= brilliant!

  • thesequinnedsheep

    thesequinnedsheep said 6 years ago

    Such beautiful work, totally inspirational! How wonderful, I really admire her! I love that armchair cover, would buy it today if I could!

  • InnerWild

    InnerWild said 6 years ago

    Lynn is a legend! i love this portrait.

  • Witchey

    Witchey said 6 years ago

    This is so whimsical and cozy. They remind me somehow of the cozy armchairs in Bilbo Baggin's hobbit hole and an Irish thick wool sweater at the same time. All of her items are gorgeous. I really appreciate the hard work that goes into every last one of her expert stitches.

  • isamocrochet

    isamocrochet said 6 years ago

    amazing story! I wish to move to the country myself, I wonder if it is ever going to happen :) thanks for the story!

  • ShisaKnits

    ShisaKnits said 6 years ago

    Love Aran sweaters--wrapping a chair up in one makes it look instantly more comfortable and inviting. Nice portrait.

  • SuePsales

    SuePsales said 6 years ago

    Ah, the art of knitting, who needs apholstery when you have giant knitting needles. Probably only you. Great imagination. Bravo on your uniqueness. Pearl On!

  • polkadotscloud

    polkadotscloud said 6 years ago

    wow, i love this blog section , there are always amazing craftsters

  • 88editions

    88editions said 6 years ago

    congrats this is wonderful Go House of Art and Design Team!!!!!!!!

  • misslieze

    misslieze said 6 years ago

    CAPE TOWN!!!!!! Oh how i miss you! Congrats Lynn! Dis so wonderlik om the sien dat jy die oudste Suid Afrikaanse tradisie ann hou! Ek maak ook lekke serpe en hoede. :) Ons Oumas sal so trots wees!

  • misslieze

    misslieze said 6 years ago

    oh, and my kittie "Meow Meow" is my biscuit :D

  • bertazimdars

    bertazimdars said 6 years ago

    You have made such a wonderful life. I loved the images of your country and your space. Thank you for sharing. Berta

  • MissRosy

    MissRosy said 6 years ago


  • SladeMadeIt

    SladeMadeIt said 5 years ago

    COZY!!!!! could use some of that warm stuff in Montana!

  • Silkcraft

    Silkcraft said 5 years ago

    Amazing! What an idea!

  • agnestheowl

    agnestheowl from agnestheowl said 4 years ago

    What a happy lady! Love the warmth and curiosity in her eyes! And the creativity follows...

  • Bocianek

    Edyta Bodziony from YellowFuzzyAndGreen said 3 years ago


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