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Handmade Moment Contest: We Have a Winner

(Extended drum roll…) The winner of the Handmade Moment Video Contest is “Handmade Moments are Everywhere” by Daniel Kwan! Daniel’s outstanding animation gets across the playful spirit of Etsy. Our judges and the community were all drawn to the cute characters. While the piece is fantastical, it also outlines the Etsy shopping experience. We think this video entices people and makes them want to learn more about Etsy. Congratulations to Daniel, who will be hearing from our chief bean-counter Sinohe who will be presenting Dan with a giant $3250 check (designed by our own Pete).

Daniel, in his own words: “I am a student at Emerson College studying film production, but this has the potential to change instantly as I am the inventor of the sport Gazeball-Z, a lover of children’s TV programming, and an experimental seamstress. For now I spend most of my days in front of the computer animating nonsensical whatevers, but hope to one day retire and spend my days writing children’s books because I refuse to live in a society where people stop telling their kids stories about magical purple crayons and bears with missing buttons.”

Thanks to all who joined us in cheering the winners in our live awards ceremony in the Virtual Labs this afternoon. Here’s Tara‘s behind-the-scenes look at the judging process from the other night:

Our three runners-up also win big today. They will be receiving giant checks for $1250 each. Give them a huge round of (virtual) applause!

2nd Place is “Robot Gets Its Wings” by Norma Toraya, a.k.a. Crankbunny. This was also the Community Favorite!


3rd Place is “Painting the Girl” by Estelle VanderHeide, a.k.a. estellelle.

Estelle, we apologize for the rude interruption from Lori “Kanye” 40, who thought that Beyonce should have won.


4th Place Mr. Squid’s Handmade Moment by Hine Mizushima, a.k.a. hine.


Please take a moment of silence for the great loss to the creative community this year: Mr. Patrick Swayze. Sarah Rockstarpoli, Beug, and Matt serenaded us with a musical tribute, while Jesse and Danielle created a visual montage in his honor. We all “had the time of our lives.”

They also warmed up the crowd with a live rendition of Beug‘s original music composed for the contest. Dee-dah-dee-da-dit-dit!

The six other finalists get $500 each. These really are all winners! They’re all in this playlist below:


A huge thank you goes out to everyone who entered and to all of our voters. We all had our favorites! We’ll be using the top videos in upcoming marketing campaigns, so stay tuned.

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