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Handmade Kids: How to Make Rocketship and Ice Cream Cone Sandwiches

Oct 4, 2010

by ziggityzoom handmade and vintage goods

kristin_fitch_bio.jpgKristin Fitch is a parenting expert, author, educator and mom of three beautiful boys. She is also the CEO of Ziggity Zoom, which hosts several crafting, parenting and activity sites including,, and, among others.  Her book, Parenting without a Paddle: Navigating the Waters of Parenthood, will be available soon.

My two passions are food and photography. I love cooking because of the tastes, textures and great combinations that can be pulled together to create something extraordinary. 

I’m pretty creative when it comes to breakfast and dinnertime meals but, in the past, lunchtime or kids’ party fare has totally stumped me. I have found it does not matter whether I give my kids, be it a paint brush or cookie cutters: they will create a fun, artistic masterpiece. This is a project I came up with that’s both fun to make and great to photograph afterward. 

The directions for the Rocketship and Ice Cream Cone Sandwiches are merely a guide to get your creative juices flowing. Swap out a few of the veggies for something that works for you and your family, and even pull out a set of food-safe markers and draw or write your child’s name on their rocketship sandwich. Let your inner artist out to play in the kitchen!


Next time you need to make a sandwich for yourself or your child, have a little fun playing with your food. This recipe was inspired by my boys who are always launching a toy into the air and pretending it is a rocket. They also love every rocket toy they have ever owned.

For the Rocketship:
• 2 slices white bread (use thin bread for best results)
• 1 slice whole wheat bread
• Radish
• Cheese slice
• Assorted pepper slices
• Cucumber slice
• Cheese for star
• Sandwich filling of your choice

Trim off crusts and cut bread slices into a rocket shape. Fill with sandwich filling of your choice. Ham & cheese? Turkey and mayo? Cut rocketship legs from whole wheat bread and fill. Make cheese slice and orange pepper legs to add to the top of the whole wheat legs. Cut three, thin radish slices for rocketship windows. Make flames beneath the rocketship from yellow pepper. To finish, cut a star from a cheese slice or orange pepper. Make a “moon” slice from cucumber. This will delight kids of any age!


Photo by Michael A. McCullough


You can mix up this sandwich and customize each ice cream cone sandwich to match your child’s favorite ice cream flavor. You can also make the sandwiches ahead of time and let your child decorate it once they get to school. This allows them to have an artistic break during a busy school day.

For the “Double Dip” Ice Cream Cone:

• 1 slice white bread
• 1 slice pumpernickel bread
• 1 slice whole wheat bread
• Snippets of colored veggies
• Carrot
• Sandwich filling

Remove crusts from all bread and then cut each slice of bread in half. Fold like pieces of bread together. Cut a large triangular shape for the cone from the whole wheat bread. Cut an ice cream “dip” from white bread, as shown with a drippy bottom. You will need to cut the top of the “cone” to the shape of your white dip, just cutting away a tiny amount so the fit is good. Cut a second dip from the pumpernickel in the same manner. Adjust the top of the white dip to fit the bottom of the dark dip, as shown. All pieces should align nicely.

Fill all sandwich pieces with desired filling and set in place on the plate. Cut thin strips of carrot to form the cross hatching on the cone. Cut pieces to fit. Now cut little snippets of different colored veggies to make “sprinkles” to add to the top of the ice cream. We used radish, celery, yellow pepper and orange pepper. Use whatever veggies you have on hand. Finish by garnishing the plate with extra little sprinkles.

I hope these sandwiches inspire your family to serve healthy, easy, and creative options for lunch or anytime you want to add a little whimsy to a meal.

More creative sandwich recipes from Kristin can be found on her website,

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Rocket Ship and Stars Organic T-Shirt, hand pale grey purple with navy blue Ink, sized 2 Toddler
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