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Handmade Code: EtsySaver and Favoritizer

Dec 21, 2010

by UglyBaby handmade and vintage goods

Handmade Code is our series showcasing cool and useful tools built using Etsy’s API. In this edition we check out a new way to publicize your shop’s coupon codes and a cool new tool to organize your favorites.

Rosalie Gale,
creator of EtsySaver


What’s the basic idea of the application?

EtsySaver does two things: first, it’s a site where Etsy customers can find coupon codes for their favorite Etsy shops. Second, it’s a great way for Etsy shop owners to promote and market their sales. What’s that saying about killing two birds with one stone? Well, EtsySaver does just that (except without the hurting birds part).

How do you use it?

When you visit the site initially, you have the option to create an account using your Facebook login. No need to create a separate user account here — we all have enough of those. Once you’ve created an account, you can submit your own coupon code to the site.

Where do we go to find it?

You can visit the EtsySaver site or our Facebook Fan page. And finally, to complete the trifecta of awesome, take a look at our Twitter account.

How many people are using it right now?

We launched about two weeks ago, and more people are joining every day. We currently have around 200 registered users and many more who just view the site without logging in.

Are there any costs to use it?

Nope. It’s completely free-a-mundo.

What should one do if there’s a bug or a problem?

Contact me using our form or email me directly.

EtsySaver User Testimonials:

“As a shop owner, it’s another fantastic way to get word out about your sale and goods in general. As a shopper, it’s perfect. I love getting all the new listing updates and images through the email list, as well as being able to sort by discount amount on the site.” — Tina Jett from Scatterbox and Spoon

“I’m getting a record amount of interest and sales in my shop since I started posting on Etsy Saver!” — Nikki Majewski from Sugar Shox Crafts

Are there other ways to get involved?

You can advertise on for just $15/month — check out our advertising page for details.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Stay warm and eat more potatoes.

Ashley, Eric and Katrina, creators of Favoritizer


What’s the basic idea of the app?

Favoritizer makes it easy to organize your favorite items and favorite shops into any number of custom lists. You can name your lists anything you like and create as many lists as you wish. You can also share your lists with friends and family. This works great for creating a gift registry or to create Treasury list ideas and share them on Twitter and Facebook. Of course, you can still keep your other Favoritizer lists private, if you wish.

What need does it fill and who is it for?

The app is useful to a variety of people. However, we’ve found that there are three types of people who seem to be unable to live without it.

  1. The Organizer: This is the person who has so many favorites that it would take eons to find one in particular. We’ve seen some users with nearly 5,000 favorites, and they were nothing short of elated when they first learned about Favoritizer. That makes us super happy.
  2. The Treasury Addict: The person who is addicted to treasuries can now make a treasury in just a few short minutes of dragging and dropping items into a list. Even easier, she or he can share that list with friends to get feedback.
  3. The Hard-to-Shop-For Person: The person who is difficult to buy for can now curate their favorites in their own wish list, mark those lists as public and share the links with friends and family. Great for the holidays!

How do you use it?

We worked very hard to make every aspect of Favoritizer incredibly easy to use. We are proud that we minimized the login process to a single click on Favoritizer’s site to start the process, and then a single approval button on Etsy to confirm. No entering email addresses, no logins or passwords to remember — none of that mundane stuff. Once you click through, you have all of your favorite shops and listings loaded into Favoritizer, and you’re ready to organize! Just create a list and start dragging favorites into it.

Where do we go to find it?

You can find us at

How many people are using it right now?

We have over 1,400 users and are experiencing a large amount of new daily signups. The usage and continuing growth is higher than we expected, but it’s a nice surprise!

Are there any costs to use it?

None whatsoever. This is a tool we’ve wanted ourselves for a long time, so it’s our gift to the Etsy community. We are currently working on some other apps that may have a nominal fee. However, Favoritizer will remain free for-evah!

What should one do if there’s a bug or a problem?

We really do love hearing from our users, and based on some of the feedback we’ve received, we made some big changes to Favoritizer. Many of these were features that would not have been made without this insight. We realize we aren’t the experts: the people who use Favoritizer are. We take their opinions to heart.

The main ways to contact us is through the site itself. We have a “Feedback” tab that appears on every page of Favoritizer where you can offer new ideas, “me too” ideas that others have posted, describe problems you’re experiencing, or just give us a little note of praise. We also have a “Live Chat” tab where you can chat live with us, leave a message, or request a phone call with us. During our normal working hours (PST) we are almost always available to chat about any problems that arise. Of course, you can always contact us directly through email as well. Our respective emails are,, and

What’s one surprising/fun/amazing story you’ve heard about someone using your application?

The most amazing thing for us was the sheer volume of favorites our users have accumulated over the years. When we first heard of someone having a problem importing their 10,000 favorites, we were shocked. We had no idea how much pain Favoritizer solved. Needless to say, we ratcheted up our testing for large volumes of favorites. We’re looking forward to learning about other ways people use Favoritizer and building it into an indispensable tool for Etsy users.

Here are some quotes we’ve received about Favoritizer:

“What a timesaver! You have earned the love of many an Etsian.” bythebead

“I love it, and I’ll shout it from the rooftops! This is great and so badly needed. Thank you so very much.”BerkanasGarden

Are there other ways to get involved?

We are always looking for sellers to partner with us on what we call our “Customer Advisory Board.” Essentially, we are looking for sellers who may wish that a new tool or software was available to help them sell better or faster or easier. The fantastic feedback we received after launching Favoritizer has motivated us to seek out other pain points within the Etsy community, and the advisory board is the best way we’ve found to get directly to the source and solve some of these issues. Ideally, we like to meet with people in person if possible, but that’s hard for many people, so we are happy with phone calls or email correspondence as well. Connecting with our users is one of the best parts of our day.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We absolutely love the great community around Etsy, and appreciate all the love people have sent our way.

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  • persnicketyvintage

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    uuummmm...... "If you proceed, Favoritizer will have permission to do the following on your behalf: * Change listings in your shop * Create new listings in your shop * Add to and remove from your favorites * Read your billing and sales data * Manage your shipping address" maybe i'm just paranoid...but i don't like the sounds of any of that! am i crazy? am i missing something?

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    mazedasastoat said 5 years ago

    I'm with persnicketyvintage on this... why can't things pertaining to Etsy be available THROUGH Etsy, istead of allowing all sorts of random sites to have access to our so-called "secure" log-in details?

  • CrunchyFamilyRising

    CrunchyFamilyRising said 5 years ago

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    Fabulous tools - EtsySaver brought me a bunch of traffic and sales, too! I <3 it!!

  • ericj

    ericj said 5 years ago

    @persnicketyvintage - We hear ya. Unfortunately, this is the same message you'll see when using any third-party Etsy app at all, from Etsy Saver to Etsy on Sale to Statsy to Favoritizer. Justin's mentioned that they're working on making the permissions finer-grained, so once that's ready, we'll certainly refactor our code to make use of it. Eric @ Checklet

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    While I am enjoying the Favoritizer, I don't like how there's no link from my favorites directly to it. Will one be added? Using a third party site is acceptable if it's easy to find and use. I can bookmark it on my laptop, but not on my work computer. Maybe there can be a button atop our favorites list that says "organize" to link us the Favoritizer? I'd also like to second PersnicketyVintage. Those permissions sound scary! I look forward to the fine-graining you mentioned, Eric.

  • PaisleyAnnHome

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    Rad! So glad you guys are finding it "nice...and helpful" . That was the goal! Your comments are making our day! Thanks.

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  • kdfein

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