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Halloween Treats: Goth Costume Ideas for Everyday

Sep 11, 2008

by Vanessa Bertozzi

It’s just barely September, but I wake in the middle of the night, having sleep-walked to my closet, daintily fondling my black lace gloves by the light of a drippy candle. How did this kohl find its way round my eyes? From whence are these faux cobwebs in my hair?

All I can do is put Sisters of Mercy on the stereo, gurgle some warm milk (with fake blood), and put myself back to sleep with visions of skeletons jumping over tombstones.

Below are some delightful Neo-Victorian and gothic lolita trappings for the spooky ones amongst us. Maybe it’s that time of year for some, while you bold ones make it an everyday look. C’mon, who is excited for Halloween??? 


  • OpulentOddities

    OpulentOddities said 10 years ago

    Confession: I was a teenaged goth. Yep, big stompy boots, ripped stockings and torn Bauhaus tshirts. Goofy, but there you have it. I'm 20 now, but it used to be hella fun dressing up.

  • sillylittlelady

    sillylittlelady said 10 years ago

    Love the balconette ojos ;)

  • TheTinyTragedies

    TheTinyTragedies said 10 years ago

    Yay GrimVisions! Another Etsy Darkside Team victory!

  • autumnsarrival

    autumnsarrival said 10 years ago

    Neat stuff- that mask is just amazing!

  • reqbat

    reqbat said 10 years ago

    i used to be a goth, HARDCORE. strangely, im wearing a skull print vest today. oi. some things never change ^_^

  • reqbat

    reqbat said 10 years ago

    ....and i still draw crows. heh.

  • bayousalvage

    bayousalvage said 10 years ago

    southern born & southern bred, i'm southern goth until i'm dead, yall (what we chanted as teens)

  • vintageland

    vintageland said 10 years ago

    it came upon a midnight dreary,gosh I have almost as much halloween decor as christmas.thats ok i love being something I'm not .....can't wait will put new decorating pictures on my Vintageland home page...the leaves are falling..the crows are calling...

  • SavageArtworks

    SavageArtworks said 10 years ago

    Very cool stuff! oops, my dark side is showing.

  • Corpseknit

    Corpseknit said 10 years ago

    Autumn is the perfect settings for dark romantic inspirations!

  • kmwatkins

    kmwatkins said 10 years ago

    Cool! I like the eyeball bra. hilarious.

  • vivametal

    vivametal said 10 years ago

    Very pretty things! Congrats to those featured. =)

  • Perceptions

    Perceptions said 10 years ago

    Dangerous and lovely items!

  • JoyandWhimsy

    JoyandWhimsy said 10 years ago

    Do you ever watch that black & white cartoon preceding PBS TVs "Mysery"? That's the gothic art of Ed Gorey and I'm selling one of his books (later plan to sell another title. Check out my first page for that and for a very steampunk tote that has metal rivets...

  • JoyandWhimsy

    JoyandWhimsy said 10 years ago

    Oops- I meant "Mystery" not "Mysery"

  • PayingCustomer3000

    PayingCustomer3000 said 10 years ago

    Oh, i want to get well done by the "Gothic Bat Wing Leather Plague Mask with Third Eye" on Him.

  • archeress

    archeress said 10 years ago

    Kirby has some great stuff in her shop, I've had hearts on her items for a while now! :)

  • ebbandflo

    ebbandflo said 10 years ago

    oh my goodness! once a goth, always a goth - brings back some great 80's memories

  • ZuliDesigns

    ZuliDesigns said 9 years ago

    That's one spooky mask!

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