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Halloween Mermaid Makeup Tutorial


My name is Traci Hines, and I’m a singer, mermaid model, performer, accessory designer, and a makeup artist too. Today I’m sharing step-by-step directions to help you achieve a fantastical mermaid look this Halloween.

A good set of makeup brushes
An eyelash curler

Mineral foundation
Finishing powder

Eye shadow primer and matte white eyeliner
Loose shimmer eye shadows in shades of white, ivory, purple, bronze, and the colors of the sea, green and blue! (I used some colors from Madison Street Beauty.)
Jet black liquid eyeliner
Black mascara
2 sets of false eyelashes – A thick and dramatic set for the top (I love the eyelashes from mrssteptoe) and a softer pair for your lower lashes.
Eyelash glue

Deep purple lipliner and lipstick (I used “Jester” from BL Soaps.)
Loose shimmer shadow dust in purple shade.

Special Effects:
Spirit gum
Large clear iridescent bubble paillette sequins in at least 2 sizes. ShinySparklePretty has some great styles.
Smaller nail art sequins. I chose to mix 2 colors: an iridescent clear and a light blue.
Baby oil to remove your makeup at the end of the night. (Especially those scales!)

Step 1: Get Your Face On
Start with foundation powder and blush. Apply pink blush to your cheekbones. Dust the mineral veil finishing powder over your entire face to set. Blend with your fingers if you need to.

Step 2: Eyes
Apply eye shadow primer across your lids. Carefully line your waterline with white eyeliner. Highlight under your brows and add just a touch of white to the inner corners of your eyes, extending out. Blend out any rough edges with your fingers.

Apply white shimmer eyeshadow over the white eyeliner. Make sure to brush under your brow bone and at the inner corners of your eyes, blending out. Using your fingers or a fluffy shadow brush, blend the green and turquoise shimmer powder along your temples. Blend down towards your jawline and up towards your forehead. Set the shadow by using a touch of translucent powder.

Finally, use a fine brush to line your eyes with jet black liquid liner. With the remaining liner left on your brush, brush a thin line below your lash line.

Step 3: Lashes
Start by curling your brows with an eyelash curler. Next, apply mascara to your top lashes.

Take your top false lashes and size them to fit your eye shape. Once your lashes are the right size, squeeze a thin line of glue right along the lash line. Wait 10 to 20 seconds to let the glue get tacky, then stick ’em on.

For the bottom lashes, cut a pair of long wispy lashes in half. Apply the glue along the line of eyeliner you created earlier and affix the half-lash. Finish with one last sweep of mascara to your top lashes.

Step 4: Mermaid Scales
Start by pulling back your hair so that no hair sticks to your face. Apply tiny dabs of spirit gum at the temples. Layer the paillette sequins at your temples, then extend to your cheekbones and above your brows. Make sure the sequins are applied on top of each other so that they look like scales. Finally, add smaller, nail-size sequins to complete the scale look.

Step 5: Lips

Begin by lining your lips with lip liner. You can also fill in your lips with the liner. Next, apply your lipstick. I use a lip brush because it gives me more control, so I can get that clean edge. Finish by dabbing shimmery lavender powder on your lips with your fingers. You can use eyeshadow powder as well.

Step 6: Hair
If you want to use your own hair, braid it the night before to create easy waves. No styling time necessary. Just pull it out the braid and, voilà: magical mermaid texture!

If you prefer to wear your mermaid hair in a color that isn’t your day-to-day, put on a costume wig. Start off by tightly braiding your hair, then pin it flat on your head so you can easily stretch the wig over your head front to back. Once you’ve got it on, pin the wig around your head so it doesn’t slip off.

Step 7: Costume
Finish with a fun mermaid costume. I’ve made myself a sparkly seashell top and added a tail made by my good friend Lisa Fabio. Now all that’s left to do is flip your fins. Make sure to fill your treasure bag before making your way back to your watery grotto!

Becky Sapp is a photographer, filmmaker, and artist based in Los Angeles. She also sells her photography and screenprints in her Etsy shop, xflyonthewallx. Traci Hines runs The Siren’s Grotto, where she makes and sells custom wigs and hair accessories (including those featured in this video). She also makes appearances and sings original music.