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Guest Curator: Right-Hand Rings With The Frisky’s Amelia Parry

Jun 24, 2009

by ameliamagritte handmade and vintage goods

Amelia McDonell-Parry is the editor of The Frisky, a blog for tha ladies. In particular, she writes all about her love for Ryan Gosling, feminism, “The Bachelorette,” cardigan sweaters, and her experiences with dating. She has a lovely dog named Lucca and is planning a much needed vacation to the Amalfi Coast, where she hopes to ride on the back of a cute boy’s Vespa. Ever since her engagement ended, she’s been on the hunt for right-hand rings that celebrate her singleness — these are some of her picks. Don’t worry, they work for you soon-to-be-betrothed folks too. After all, it is wedding season!

Beyoncé says that if he likes you, he should put a ring on it. For her, this translates into a $5 million diamond, but for the rest of us without Jay-Zs in our lives, there are still tons of gorgeous, original, and affordable options. Single ladies: silver, bronze molds, and spark plugs are your new best friends. All of these babies will fit your right ring finger just as well.

Gold Love Knot Tree Bark Ring

Organic, naturalist elements with a dash of posh? This tree bark ring will be a quick fave for anyone who doesn’t like their jewels to be too flashy. By bcyrjewelry, $540.

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Original Modern Rock Ring in Silver

This jewel-shaped ring is a trillion times cuter than a gaudy diamond. By metalicious, $65.

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Rockwell ring part III

People will certainly take notice of Macha Karis’ rockless bauble because of its size, as opposed to its flash. Careful! You could put someone’s eye out with this one. By thebeside, $230.

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Sappho, a Diamond , Platinum and 22K Gold Ring

Who says you can’t mix metals? I love the vaguely Art Deco-ness of Jeweler On The Roof’s ring, and the fact that it’s incredibly versatile. $235.

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herkimer diamond ring – sterling silver

Simple, classic, Tiffany’s-inspired, without the hefty price tag. By Onestonenewyork, $145.

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Black Diamond and 14kt Gold Ring

Think regular ol’ diamonds are for Park Avenue Princesses? Black diamonds are about as punk rock as they come and this one from jeweler stamp is no exception. $235.

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Conveying love or commitment is expressed in all sorts of ways. Beyondtherockz knows knots are the ties that bind. $70.

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Heart Ring

Mod3rnArt roughed up this sterling silver heart ring, giving it a burnished finish and a sizable bite. $38.

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A shelter for our love RING

The next time I am invited to a super fancy party, I am going to pair senayakin’s badass statement ring with a pretty party frock and confuse the hell out of people. $260.

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Silver ring with Diamond

Wear this AnaNordeste band alone for a dainty look, or layer it with other rings for a funkier style. $170.

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Engagement diamond ring

Architectural lines make this miavanbeek ring appear more rigid than your average engagement bauble, but if Ayn Rand is your hero, you’ll likely love it. $1350.

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rose gold heart cigar band

How many movies exist where the poor hero proposes to the heroine with a cigar band because he can’t afford anything better? This sterling silver cigar band takes that sentiment up a serious notch. By lovinganvil, $85.

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