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Guest Curator: Lifestyle Blogger, Designer, and Retailer Eddie Ross

Apr 22, 2009

by eddieross handmade and vintage goods

A native of Greenwich, Connecticut and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Eddie Ross, aka eddieross, has spent the last ten years working as a style and decorating editor for a variety of major magazines. As Associate Decorating Editor at House Beautiful, he produced the popular “Weekend Shopper,” a monthly article in which he’d travel to flea markets around the country, finding new ways to use old things. Later, as Senior Style Editor at Martha Stewart Living, he produced consistently elegant stories, from concept to completion, relating to a variety of people’s tastes and budgets. He and his partner Jaithan Kochar produce a daily blog at with inspirational tips and information on how to cook, craft, decorate, and entertain both beautifully and affordably.

In 2008, after an appearance on Bravo’s reality competition show Top Design, Eddie, along with Jaithan Kochar, founded Eddie Ross, Inc, offering styling services, guided flea market shopping trips, and vintage tabletop goods right here on Etsy. Every piece in the collection Eddie selected, washed, ironed, and polished by hand. Every piece carries with it detailed descriptions full of ideas. Every piece he would most certainly use in his own home. And every piece is $100 and under. Below, he shares some of his favorites from the Etsy marketplace. Eddie and Jaithan will be hosting a Shop Live in the Virtual Labs soon — so stay tuned for that too! Here’s Eddie.

Spring is finally here and with it, warm-weather entertaining! To kick off the season, I’ve assembled all the makings of a fun, festive al fresco dinner party, vintage modern style!

Super long farm table – Glacier meets Tuscany

Rustic farmhouse meets modern minimalism with barn boards dating back to 1884! Throw in a few dings, dents, scrapes and stains, and it’s a charming start to a party. By jeffbuildsfurniture, $1600.

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Square Chair

This chair may be square, but there’s nothing sleepy about it! I love the hearty sapele wood mixed with the modern metal frame. By artavironi, $1313.

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Oyster Dinnerware-4 pc Set

With our furniture picked, it’s time to set the table! I love this set of hand-thrown dinnerware for its milky color, beautiful lines, and durable glaze. By DodgeStationPottery, $105.

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Vera 10 Vintage Vintage Napkins Set Unused

Now we need some color in the mix, and these vintage Vera linens will do just the trick. They’re painterly and graphic with a bright, sunny floral of yellow-centered daisies and beautiful blue mums. From joules, $28.

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Set of 8 1970s Modern Smoked Gray Glasses

I can’t set a table without at least something of my own! These smoked gray glasses harken back well before the likes of Calvin Klein with a modern square base reminiscent of the chairs. Margarita, anyone? From eddieross, $80.

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Brass flatware set

For the flatware, how gorgeous is this? I’m loving the mix of brass and rosewood on this table. Plus, it gets even better: this is a complete, 144-piece set with serving, salad, and dessert pieces. We’re talking rare! From evebrown, $50.

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Modern Swedish candlesticks

What’s a dining table without candlesticks? Here’s a Swedish set with a cool mix of materials, a chic linear shape, and a profile just low enough for talking (and toasting!) across the table. From bluebellbazaar, $48.

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Mid-Century Teak Candelabras – Set of 2

Nothing says drama like candelabras. These are tall but thin, so they won’t block the view. The graduating heights are perfect for layering light. From rabbitohrabbit, $26.

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Pure Beeswax 10 inch Hexagon Taper Candles

We can’t forget candles, and beeswax are the best. They have a wonderful, natural color, and they burn beautifully. By SwarmNatural, $7.99.

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Mid Century Modern USA Vase Planters White On Gold Spatter Vintage 1950s to 1970s

For the flowers, I’m thinking two, low arrangements in these super cool splatter planters from the 70s. Green hosta leaves, together with white shasta daisies to mimic the napkins, would be beautiful. From VintageEmbellishment, $28.

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Vintage Wood Tray

While Jaithan’s off making drinks, I’m grilling up a storm. Tonight, we’re having barbeque skirt steak fajitas, garnished with fresh chopped cilantro and lime wedges, all served on this cool, modern bentwood tray. From HausProud, $22.

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Split Leaf Bowl

For the sides, I’d use this unusual piece, perfect for, say, chipotle grilled corn discs, together with a jacama lime slaw. By elementclaystudio, $68.

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Dansk Teak Salad Bowl – Big Modern Bowl – Demark

Then, for a salad in this handsome bowl, I’d do chopped Romaine lettuce with a cumin and roasted tomato vinaigrette, grilled onions, and fried tortilla strips. From UncommonEye, $16.99.

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And finally, to dish it up, check out these stylish salad servers! From annrk2020, $32.

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Vintage Modern Georges Briard Glass Dish Set

With the table ready, the candles all lit, and the guests about to arrive, it’s the perfect time to set out the hors d’oeuvres. On a cool, mid-century modern dish set, I’m serving individual quesadillas with a spicy chipotle salsa, chilled shrimp with fresh guacamole, and skewered mango with sea salt and lime. Etsy never tasted so good! By TailfeathersVintage, $35.

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Did you enjoy Eddie’s taste? We sure do! Join us as we host Shop Live in the Virtual Labs with Eddie and Jaithan on Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 7PM. See you there!

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  • MarcoLaGrenouille

    MarcoLaGrenouille said 8 years ago

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    lovesmenot said 8 years ago

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    SadieAndLeo said 8 years ago

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  • baconsquarefarm

    baconsquarefarm said 8 years ago

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  • cozycottagecreations

    cozycottagecreations said 8 years ago

    Gorgeous items all of them! I'd love to dine al fresco on that farm table! Summer's around the corner!

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    VintageEyeFashion said 8 years ago

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