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Guest Curator: Bonnie Tsang & Her Mini Partner in Crime handmade and vintage goods

Through both her professional and personal blog, photographer Bonnie Tsang shows her love of all things visual and captivating. But nothing captures her heart quite like her 7-year-old daughter Venise, most often referred to as Miss V. When Bonnie isn’t working, you’ll most likely find her and her daughter eating the tastiest of food. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Miss V even has her own blog!


I’m more into things that are simple and neutral, but it’s always fun to throw in little colors here and there at home to spark Miss V’s imagination. Perfect examples are a bright yellow basket to carry little toys, a Balloon of Dream print for the wall  or even a sweet little bunny head for Miss V’s bedroom.


Miss V and I are both foodies and these are some “must haves” for us: a snack pouch, homemade marshmallows, and a cute mug for teatime.


I love having Miss V as my “officemate,” because it’s fun sharing ideas and showing each other our latest work. Happy, colorful polka dotted pencils make a workday extra fun. A girly paper bowl can carry paper clips, pins and other smaller desk items and a brainstorm notebook is for all of our random thoughts.


Miss V is super girly with lots of imagination, so these items are perfect for her and I like that I can join in the fun too: dress up doll decals, summer lunches at the BBQ playset, and flashlight-illuminated stories in the tablecloth playhouse.


We both enjoy traveling and often do short road trips. We keep a blanket strap to carry our blankets in style; don’t forget a lunch bag for snacks and a good canvas bag to carry everything!


Miss V wouldn’t be such a happy child without the care and love from family and friends, so we want to make little gifts to show our appreciation. Who wouldn’t love a cupcake?  These cupcake liners will make our creations look extra yummy. Tiny house postcards are a fun way to send a “hello.” Miss V loves making little drawings and writing notes to friends, so these polka dotted envelops are perfect.

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