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9 Gorgeous Puzzles and Games to Keep You Entertained

Apr 3, 2020

by Jackie Buddie handmade and vintage goods

At the end of another day hunkered down at home, it’s safe to say we could all use a little social distance from our devices. One unexpected upside of spending our evenings indoors? Shutting off our screens, and rediscovering the magic of old-fashioned, unplugged entertainment. Whether you’re settling in with a glass of wine and a 1,000-piece puzzle or gathering around the table with a stack of dominoes and your closest kin, finding extra-special ways to unwind and reconnect with loved ones—even if through a screen—is always time well spent. To help you add some fresh ideas to your rotation, we’ve rounded up nine exquisitely crafted, heirloom-quality puzzles and games made by Etsy artists. They’re as delightful to behold as they are to play—and we call that a win-win.

A deck of illustrated playing cards from Jungwiealt
SHOP: Illustrated playing cards from Jungwiealt, $14

Thanks to an illustrated deck of playing cards featuring whimsical jokers, jacks, and queens, you’ll be surveying every hand of Rummy, Go Fish, and Crazy Eights with an extra-playful wink.

Children's 12-piece panda puzzle from Megan Bakke Art, $35
SHOP: Children’s 12-piece panda puzzle from Megan Bakke Art, $35

Lovingly painted with a parade of playful pandas, curious chameleons, and tropical toucans, these parent-approved chunky wildlife puzzles are sure to find a welcome place on any toddler’s toy shelf.

A laser-cut wooden domino set from Atelier-D
SHOP: Laser-cut wooden domino set from Atelier-D, $52

Whether you’re playing your favorite game (Chicken Foot, anyone?), or just lining them up to tip off a magnificent chain reaction, these laser-cut wooden dominoes are a refreshingly modern take on a classic. Etched with an original geometric design and sanded smooth, each elegant tile is as satisfying to stack as it is to topple.

A 500-piece impressionist painting puzzle from Karen WB Artist
SHOP: 500-piece impressionist painting puzzle from Karen WB Artist, $35

Nothing quiets the mind quite like tackling a jigsaw puzzle at a leisurely pace, and what could be more soothing than watching this kaleidoscopic landscape spring to life piece by stunning piece?

An animal portrait memory game from Berkley Illustration
SHOP: Animal portrait memory game from Berkley Illustration, $20

Featuring an animated cast of furry characters including a sea otter in a bowler hat and a kitten with heart-shaped sunnies, this wildly imaginative memory game is a perfect match for kids and adults alike with its extra-large cards and unforgettable original artwork.

A recycled skateboard cribbage board from Adrian Martinus.
SHOP: Recycled skateboard cribbage board from Adrian Martinus, $60

Talk about a conversation piece! The decorative chevron pattern on this one-of-a-kind three-player cribbage board is crafted from a surprisingly sporty source material: upcycled skateboards. 

A pocket-sized tangram puzzle from Oh Little Wren
SHOP: Pocket-sized tangram puzzle from Oh Little Wren, $16

Cut from birch wood and painted in two sunny colorways, this pocket-sized tangram puzzle makes a delightful diversion for curious kiddos, who’ll love solving for nine pre-defined animal shapes—and creating their own custom configurations.

A wooden cube block puzzle from Shannon Richardson Art
SHOP: Wooden cube block puzzle from Shannon Richardson Art, $98

With six possible picturesque solutions based on the artist’s original oil paintings, this beautiful brain teaser is a quirky and colorful way to keep any creative thinker engaged. Mix and match the 20 wooden blocks to complete each frame-worthy image, and put your favorite on display in an heirloom-quality keepsake box.

A marble solitaire board from Marble Board Games
SHOP: Marble solitaire board from Marble Board Games, from $55

A stylish and sophisticated marble solitaire board fashioned from reclaimed hardwoods offers hours of strategic solo play, and looks great left out on the coffee table at the end of the day—and that’s a combination that can’t be beat.

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  • unrqwr1g

    Solomiia Tepla from UnicornBeadsArt said 63 days ago

    I just want all these games to have in my home! It is so cool ideas, I am proud of all person who create such admirable items!

  • yuj948tp

    Julia from FeltStoryUA said 62 days ago

    Due to the global situation, many families are forced to sit at home in isolation, and this is very difficult. we are inclined to constant communication. To distract a little from home problems, you should buy one of these wonderful games. I am sure that all relatives will like them and will be popular.

  • kbqtwu0h

    Maria Startseva from MARYxDANart said 62 days ago

    These are great ideas to keep yourself at home. My favorite is Wooden cube block puzzle)))

  • 9glq29pk

    Agrafena Klimova from TeddyDollsandBears said 62 days ago

    Good ideas! Thank you for interesting and useful information!

  • x8qnpozo

    Anna from LissiKids said 62 days ago

    Very relevant !! Thank you for sharing!

  • bedouin

    Nicole from Crackerjackarma said 61 days ago

    Great ideas ❣ Beautifully made

  • esani

    Gillian Northcott from Esani said 61 days ago

    Love, love love the animal portrait game and the tangram puzzle. I had one like this years ago when I was a child and it was always very special.

  • 5ftjjt0a

    Nina from OriginalJewelrByNina said 61 days ago

    Какие чудесные игры! Такие классные идеи. Очень все понравилось!

  • zc1bnw3t

    Noman Riffat said 60 days ago

    this is the best thing seen today

  • katrinshine

    Katrin from katrinshine said 59 days ago

    I always liked puzzles especially big ones, something about 2000-3000 pieces, but it's difficult to find a lovely image. Th puzzle from KarenWBArtist shop is absolutely amazing! I liked laser cut domino too. There are so many great table games on Etsy to search!

  • PokutniaAnna

    Anna from FairyToysWorld said 59 days ago

    I like the wooden dominoes. They are so stylish. It isn't only game but the cute decor also.

  • ryabinina80

    Natalya Volkova from Volnamini said 59 days ago

    I was impressed with the Domino! I would like this Domino to play with children.

  • dianamozolevskaya

    Diana Mozolevskaya from MagicDreamss said 58 days ago

    All games are great! At this difficult time for everyone they will help brighten up your stay at home🙂

  • andreapeterfly

    Andrea Peter Fly from MyPhotographyArt said 58 days ago

    all of these are lovely!! The solitary board is just amazing, love it!

  • ujgoy87p

    Inessa from PrincipessaFLOWER said 58 days ago

    Very nice games with beautiful illustrations...

  • MashaCreate

    Mariia Shevchenko from MariUkraine said 57 days ago

    cool ideas for home isolation now..

  • SilverSculptor

    Joanne Simmons from SilverSculptor said 55 days ago

    I used to love tangram puzzles - never knew that was what they were called!

  • cbai7xga

    Anna from AnnaAndBarbaraToys said 46 days ago

    Such a gereat idea for engaging whole family. I like the engineering games. Tangram looks cool and you can make so many creatures with the help of a simple shapes. Each time, when I am designing the new educational toy, i am thinking about the development of a child. Here we see how the "adult childs" can be suprised with the developmental toys=)

  • gepm4hjr

    ComfortTex from ComfortTex said 42 days ago

    Etsyi inspires and develops :)

  • qppq320k

    Mariya from MagicArtForYou said 12 days ago

    just awesome game options! you can have fun and interesting time with your loved ones. Thank You for your ideas.

  • seruva14

    Carolynne DeLisle from NonnasNuttyKrafts said 7 days ago

    I love playing card, games and doing puzzles. I have done so many or played so many I think I'm a pro....NOT. Memory games are great for kids adults and keeps you thinking!

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