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Going for Gold, Silver and Bronze

Aug 12, 2012

by Gabriella Cetrulo handmade and vintage goods

For many people, gold, silver, and bronze represent the levels of achievement earned during the Olympic games; for me, these metals hold more mystical connotations.

A few years ago I became interested in ancient mythology and stumbled upon the Greek poet Hesiod. According to Hesiod, gold, silver, and bronze represented the first three ages of man. The Golden Age was marked by harmony between gods and humans, but every subsequent age of humanity worsened until Hesiod’s own era, which he characterized as a time forsaken by the gods.

Now, whenever I put on a golden necklace or a silver ring, I can’t help contemplating the magic these metals have held through the centuries.

[1. Artemis 18k Gold Vermeil Ring by PreyJewelry; 2. Leather and Brass ring, set of three, by SolDelSur; 3. Mini Gold Vintage Shield Charm Necklace by DeuceFashion; 4. Gold tone Body chain with pyramid stud detail by iheartnorwegianwood; 5. Black Band Ring by clacontemporary; 6. Small Fortune Brass and Gold Earrings by LaurenHauptJewelry; 7. Hammered 7 Band Gold Stacking Ring Set by forkwhisperer.]

You may not be able to spin straw into gold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a bold statement in exotic pieces that embody the warmth of summer.

[1. Modern Sterling Silver Zodiac Sign Ring – Taurus by NangijalaJewelry; 2. Geometric Bracelet by GingerPickle1; 3. Sterling Silver Beaded Texture Post Earrings by SDMarieJewelry; 4. Point Ring by giantLION; 5. Sterling Silver Taurus Constellation Pendant Necklace by JulieNolan; 6. Sterling Silver Stacking Rings by JenniferWood.]

Silver has often been associated with divine weaponry, but its icy tone makes it a sleek addition to a winter ensemble. You can even find items that represent your own mythological star sign, like a ring inspired by the symbol of Taurus or a pendant that mirrors the pattern of a constellation.

[1. Mantle Earrings by LauraLombardiJewelry; 2. Breastplate Necklace by jessamity; 3. Zen sea-blue mint bronze rosewood hair stick by theancientmuse; 4. Half moon bangle by mikinora; 5. Arrow Cone Spike Open Barbell Ring by senesense.]

You don’t need to be a Greek warrior to pull off a raw and rustic look. And autumn is the perfect time to wear these unconventional shapes to give your look a modern edge.


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