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Go Nuts for Doughnuts

Feb 5, 2014

by Mallory McInnis handmade and vintage goods

I don’t have a diamond fetish – I’d much prefer another ring that begins with a “d”: the glorious, glorious doughnut.

Are you a doughnut fan? I hope so because I’ve found dozens and dozens of doughnut goods to feed your hunger for the delicious circular treat.


[1. Knitted doughnut by Mrs. Woo Woo; 2. Card by Steph Says Hello; 3. Frosted doughnut badge by Sugar Cookie; 4. Earrings by FIOdelight; 5. Sunday breakfast felt doughnuts by milkfly; 6. Miniature doughnuts by Creations by Ani; 7. Crayon by The Crayon Train; 8. Golden piggy bank by gigglosophy; 9. Brain Food print by Jing Wei; 10. Felt magnet by Danielle London; 11. Vintage thermos at Classic Case of Vintage.]

I believe that doughnuts deserve to be designated as the queen of all pastry-dom for many reasons, but predominantly because there’s a flavor for every occasion.


[1. Crop top by Altered States; 2. Brooch by Queerliness; 3. Print  by Betty Turbo; 4. Vintage mug from Clifton Supply Company; 5. Vintage vase from A La Modern; 6. Treat pack tattoos by Hartland Brooklyn; 7. Doughnut vs. Banana print by Maricor Maricar; 8. Earrings by carnivalamigo; 9. Vintage Garfield sticker from StuckonStickers; 10. Vintage Valentine’s Day card at PageScrappers.]

Craving something sweet? Get something with both frosting and sprinkles. Just woke up and not ready for a sugar rush? Try munching on a few apple cider ones (preferably warm).


[1. Brooch by Rock Cakes; 2. Tee by Ming Ong; 3. Vintage stacking toy from kelleystreetvintage; 4. Crochet toy by Happy Journeys; 5. You Complete Me card by Paper Michelle; 6. Tie-dyed pin cushion by shawn of all trades; 7. Vintage ashtray from The Brass Unicorn; 8. Print by Ann Shen; 9. Stamp by Quality Keat’s.]

Feeling like some fruit? Try one with a delectable lemon or strawberry filling. And when you don’t have room for an entire doughnut, just seek out a doughnut hole or two. Perfect.


[1. Vintage sweater from Daisy Fairbanks Vintage; 2. Vintage brooch from Pink Astilbe Vintage Jewelry; 3. Vintage doughnut maker from Blackbird & Peacock; 4. Puppy card by bite the hippo ; 5. Print by Alexis Winter; 6. Pin by Felt Creations; 7. Tee by Bitsybow; 8. Floursack towel by Nourishing Notes; 9. You’re the Jam in My Doughnut card by Snowdon; 10. How to Run a Successful Party booklet from 1947 from Snippets of Time; 11. Stuffed doughnuts by Lost in the pancakes; 12. Soap by soapopotamus; 13. Earrings by The Peanut Gallery.]

My favorite place for a doughnut fix is The Holy Donut in Portland, Maine. They’re so scrumptious that I’ll admit to fantasizing about stringing half a dozen on a string and wearing them like a doughnut version of the classic candy necklace.


[1. Candy girl sticker by Naoshi; 2. Print by Monica Ramos; 3. Doughnut cat by Marnin Saylor; 4. Gift tags by Joey Design; 5. Card by milk and cookies; 6. Mug by Upham Street Pottery; 7. Vintage cookbook from Muddy River Antiques; 8. Vintage book from Hazel Catkins; 9. You are the Glaze to my Donut card by Hello Small World; 10. Woolen bangle by zsazsazsu.]

Who is your most treasured doughnut dealer? Your shop of choice? Please let me know in the comments – I’ll be sure to stop by if I’m ever in the area. A cross-country doughnut tour sounds like a pretty dreamy vacation to me….


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