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Gifts for Friends With Good Taste

Dec 1, 2011

by Kasey6 handmade and vintage goods

Kasey and Matthew Hickey are the husband and wife team behind Turntable Kitchen, a site that connects food and music. Most recently, they launched the Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box, a monthly, curated box of goodies that includes seasonal themed recipes, a limited edition vinyl record, digital mixtape and premium ingredients for creating a musically paired experience at home. The two can be found biking through Golden Gate Park, browsing bookstores in the Mission and the Richmond district of San Francisco, and entertaining friends and family in their foggy apartment.

When you give a gift that speaks to someone’s passion, it not only makes that person’s day, but shows them that you really “get them.” Like how you know their favorite band, or that empty space in their kitchen that they’re just dying to fill with the perfect piece of art. The best gifts are ones that reflect why you think the recipient is awesome. Maybe this person is a traveler and the greatest gift is a personalized luggage tag or a suitcase. Maybe this person is a poet who would flip over a leatherbound journal. When it comes to finding the perfect gifts for each other and many of our friends, my husband and I tend to speak to our shared passions: food and music. I have a sneaking suspicion that we’re not alone. 

We believe that these two loves are often complementary. Therefore, we’ve pulled together a selection of some of our favorite Etsy finds, which pair tasty treats and kitchen gems with sonically-inspired decorations and accessories. Consider the cheese-making kit — a hands-on afternoon with friends that should definitely be fueled by some tunes. The cheese markers, dessert bowls and apron are great for the host who throws the most thoughtful parties and potlucks, while the vintage headphone hooks are a great gift for the friend who spends hours scouring antique shops and thrift stores for forgotten treasures. Unique gifts like kitchen soap made with coffee, barrel-aged maple syrup or a Radiohead print won’t break the bank, but they will show the person you’re gifting that you’ve put a lot of thought into getting them something that’s truly unique to their tastes and personality.

[1. Wood earbud organizer from AcousticDesign; 2. Mini motza cheesemaking kit from makecheese; 3. Orange dessert bowls from Momplaisir; 4. Organic cotton/hemp apron from Small Batch Prodction; 5. Handmade iPhone and iPad touch case from Santi Leather; 6. Coffee scrub kitchen soap from Rocky Top Soap Shop; 7. Barrel-aged maple syrup from LangdonWood; 8. Radiohead art poster print from birdAve; 9. Vintage fork cheese markers from Mon Petit Chou Boutique]

1. Wood earbud holder: a cool way to keep your headphones neat in your bag, for easy listening pleasure.

2. Mini Mozzarella Making Kit: for a cheese-making party!

3. Orange dessert bowls for the hostess with the mostess.

4. Organic apron: a beautiful addition to any cook’s collection.

5. Handmade iPod Touch sleeve for the fashionable music nerd.

6. Kitchen Soap (for the coffee lover, or someone who just loves the smell of fresh coffee in the morning).

7. Barrel Aged Maple Syrup: almost as good as whiskey.

8. Know a Radiodhead lover? This cool print can hang in the kitchen or the living room.

9. Must.Love.Cheese.

[10/11. Two tier server made from vintage turntables from and Vintage headphone hanger from JT Baldwin; 12. tUnE – yArDs tote bag and two LPs from tUnE – yArDs; 13. Rustic napkins from Stylish Stems; 14. Natural wood cake stand from braggingbags; 15. Custom herb and spice kit from Craig’s Market; 16. California state cutting board from AHEIRloom; 17. Maple bacon lollipops from Custom Candy Creations; 18. Walnut cutting board from Gray Works Designs; 19. Chocolate beer kit from The Brewer’s Market]

10. Vintage turntable server for the true food + music fan.

11. Vintage headphone hanger, for headphones — or an apron.

12. tUnE – yArDs tote + LPs. Oakland pride!

13. Rustic moss and rafia napkin holders are perfect for a housewarming.

14. For your sister, who’s always dreamed of opening a bakery.

15. For your guy friend who’s always inviting you to international themed night at his house.

16. State of California cutting board: for your dad, who’s super proud of being from California.

17. Because everything is better with bacon.

18. Breakfast in bed cutting board for your boyfriend (hint, hint).

19. Chocolate craving beer kit: because brewing your own beer is the hottest thing since sliced bread.

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