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Gifts for Girlfriends, Boyfriends and Best Friends

Feb 6, 2013

by Kate Miss handmade and vintage goods

Kate Miss is a freelance graphic designer, photographer, jewelry designer, and blogger living in Los Angeles, California. Her blog, For Me, For You, is a lifestyle and personal photo blog. She is equal parts cat lady and plant lady and spends an unmentionable amount of time scouring Etsy for the perfect ceramic vessels for her plants (the cat doesn’t appreciate anything but cat food).

I was recently discussing with a friend my distaste for a traditional Valentines Day — the sad last minute grocery store flowers, a dinner reservation at a restaurant where half the city is also dining (resulting in terrible service) — you know the deal. She shared that, to her, it should just be a national “love everyone day” — spread the love, spread the hugs. And if you’re going to give a gift, make it meaningful and interesting. Etsy, obviously, to the rescue.

For Your Girlfriend

[1. Grey Agate, Freeform Chrysoprase, & Pyrite Necklace by MineralogyDesign; 2. Organic Fair Trade Fleur de Sel Caramels Box by CocoaAndHoney; 3. Please Be Mine vintage modern bunting by ohalbatross; 4. Perfume serum no. 3 by MarbleandMilkweed; 5. Druzy Black Garnet Cuff Bracelet by LexLuxe; 6. Owl Love Card by sassandperil; 7. Gold rimmed Booze Bulbs by MichelGaultier; 8. Miniature Custom Heart Sampler by MiniatureRhino.]

I like to imagine all of these working together in one magical evening at home — banner hung, wine in those cups. Imaginative and romantic, we ladies love surprises.

For Your Boyfriend


[1. iPad 4 Sleeve “Arrow” sleeve by TheNavis; 2. Sapphire Bow Tie by FoxandBrie; 3. Earl Grey Hot Chocolate Mix by whimsyandspice; 4. Bottle Opener — The Hidebound by arhogsett; 5. Natural Men’s Cologne Wild Man by WildRoseHerbs; 6. Use Your Imagination Card by dudeandchick; 7. Vintage Decanter Set from ModRendition; 8. Mens Valentine Gift Set by HerbivoreBotanicals.]

I recommend striking a careful balance between useful and romantic when it comes to giving a Valentine’s gift to a guy. Or just feed them, that never fails.

For Your BFF

[1. Field Sparrow 5×7 Print by smalladventure; 2. Oh So Tiny and Cute Mixed Windchimes by ironaworks; 3. Marksman Porcelain Bangle by LIGHTFOOTprints; 4. Sterling Silver Ring by gemagenta; 5. Cat Space Galaxy Nebula Print Silk Square Scarf by pillarsofcreation; 6. Cat Lady Art Print by yousentimentalidiot; 7. Herb & Olive All Natural, Triple Scented Soy Candle by lifemadepretty; 8. Rope Leash by blinkthings.]

On the “love everyone day” theme, spread the love to your bestie. Who may or may not be a four-legged friend or just shares your cat lady tendencies.

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