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Gift Ideas for Newlyweds: Today I For Real Got Really Married

Nov 7, 2007

by Anda Corrie handmade and vintage goods

It took us about a month and a half after our wedding ceremony to make it legal at City Hall here in Brooklyn. We were lazy and we felt already married, having spent all our money and our parents’ money getting hitched next to a waterfall at a park in Virginia last September. 

This morning, we met up with Danielle and Julie before work and walked together to the municipal building chapel. I had found a bouquet of cheap silk flowers leftover from the Etsy Halloween party and Danielle had brought my old pink boombox from the Labs studio, and Pete and I were married by a lady named Marie Lennon at about 9am today. Something about her manner and the flourescent lights of the chapel made me feel like we were being married by my highschool vice principal, but it was still pretty great overall. I tossed my bouquet off the steps of City Hall (Danielle caught it) and we had an old 80’s Tiffany cassette playing from the stereo as we left the building.   

In other news, we moved in our new place last weekend. Here are my current household-themed favorites. Enjoy! 


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