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Cozy and Creative Gifts for Kids

Dec 10, 2013

by Stephanie Madewell handmade and vintage goods

There are two kinds of best-ever gifts: getting the very thing you want most of all, and getting something amazing that you never even knew to wish for. As a wayward, wild card aunt shopping for assorted small children, I usually go for option two. There something wonderful about giving a child something uniquely them, whether they are paleontologists-in-miniature who can rattle off every major carnivore of the Jurassic period, fanatical fillers-in of coloring books, keepers of a miniature zoo’s worth of stuffed animals or just smiling, drool-y dumplings who like silly faces.

Here’s a few gift ideas for the one-of-a-kind kiddo on your list.

For the budding photoblogger: a wooden camera with interchangeable lenses.

Turn your neighborhood into the backdrop for hours of creative indoor play with a custom map mat.

A revolving toadstool dollhouse is pretty much the stuff childhood dreams are made of.

Young artists who like to draw everywhere they go can corral supplies in this handy tote.

A stega-tissue-a-saur makes a useful and funny addition to a kid’s room.

For the kid who likes to use every crayon in the box.

Budding stitchers will enjoy sewing and stuffing a toy of their own.

A whimsical illustration of chomping green crocodiles for the Roald Dahl fan.

Let them travel back to Jurassic times with a wooden play set, complete with erupting volcano.

A canvas play tent is just the thing for reading, dreaming, snacking and secret clubs.

Give them a menagerie of Furze Chan’s covetable paper puppets.

A personalized puzzled for your favorite miniature caped crusader.

Make a sweater that will send them to the moon with joy.

A striking vertical xylophone makes sweet music.

A handmade mug sized just right for small hands.

Epic pompom battles await.

For the kid with a sense of humor: a make-it-yourself mobile kit of funny people riding on funny animals.

Mouse-shaped slippers to remind them to tread gently until mom and dad wake up.

Create a house to suit any action figure or doll with this clever modular building set.

Set them soaring in a handmade wooden swing.

Chubby round crayons are just right for chubby little hands.

Shadow puppets are the stars of the show in this nifty theater.

For your favorite monster.

An artful nightlight keeps the dark at bay and travels to sleep overs, too.

A cape, because they truly are super.



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