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Home Styles: Dapper Dogs and Classy Cats

Apr 29, 2012

by Gabriella Cetrulo handmade and vintage goods

This week, guest writer Gabriella Cetrulo curates selections for your favorite furry or finny companion.

Living in New York, I’m always amazed to see how many of my neighbors own pets — and I’m not talking about goldfish. I see Siberian huskies twice the size of their owners! My first thought is, “How do they train their dogs to adjust to living in their teeny New York apartments?” My second is, “I wonder if those dogs are living like their owners?”

I used to work for a designer with two little dogs, and they dressed and lived as stylishly she did. They had amazing leather collars and rope leashes, wore chic sweaters in the winter, and slept on pillows that matched the decor of her apartment. In fact, what always impressed me  most was how she managed to seamlessly blend her pet’s belongings into her home’s design.

This inspired me to seek out pet items that enhance their surroundings, rather than compete. From modern to shabby chic, it’s now possible to find pet accessories to match any home.

Cat Beds

[1. [Modern Dog Daybed Lounger by ModPet; 2. Dog Pod Lounge in Walnut by vurvdesign; 3. Modern Cat House by modern mews; 4. Pet Bed in Orange Cotton Ikat Roses by likekittysville; 5. The Canopy Lounge by CANOPYstudio.]


Pet Livin’

[1.Design Cat Scratcher by cocici; 2. Japanese Marimo Moss Ball Aquarium by eGardenStudio; 3. Upcycled Apple Computer Pet Bed by AtomicAttic; 4. Mini-Aquarium by niknakshack; 5. Mid Century Cat Furniture and Litter Box Cover by modernist cat; 6. Custom Order Cat Ball by JennasRedRhino.]


Modern Feeders

1. Elevated Modern Dog Feeder by CoburnsExclusive; 2. Wall Mounted Pet Feeder by vurvdesign; 3. Walnut Veneer 1 Pint Feeder Set by vurvdesign; 4. Retro Elevated Dog Feeder by CoburnsExclusive.]


Shabby Chic

[1. Boston Terrier Plate by clayflower22; 2. Pet Food Storage Tin from TheBeesKneesWorkshop; 3. Bone Shaped Dog Bed by  WaggingTailsGourmet; 4. Two Cup Pet Crock by theSquarePeg; 5. Antler Dog Chews from boldleaddesigns; 6. French Crate Dog Bed by cadeauxdecatherine.]



Antique & Feminine

[1. Betty Sofa from UpholsteredPuss; 2. Aquarium Fantasy Decoration from artforaquariums; 3. Vintage Pet Portrait Painting from mighty finds; 4. Yorkie Print from godo; 5. Bamboo Bird Cage from vintageartsupplies; 6. Silver Plate Pampered Pet Bowl from marpet3425.]

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