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Get the Look Decor: SouleMama’s Family Farmhouse

Jun 10, 2012

by Christine Domanic handmade and vintage goods

This weekend’s Get the Look Decor is inspired by Amanda Blake Soule’s 2oo-year-old farmhouse in the foothills of western Maine. For the last two years, her family has worked together to fashion a home, immersing themselves in the quiet rhythms of farm life, nature and community, with a solid foundation of love, support and family fun.

Amanda is a talented crafter who has written several books encouraging families to enrich their connections through creative activities and exploration. She is also an editor at Taproot, a magazine that shares the stories of families dedicated to strengthening their connections to local communities and nature. For more inspiring tales of parenting and creativity, stop by her blog, SouleMama.

[From left to right: Wooden Rope Tree Swing by SkySaddle; Vintage Chicken Egg Basket by My3Chicks; Warré Beehive made with Reclaimed Lumber by walker wood.]

Where do you live and with whom?
I live in the foothills of western Maine with my husband, Steve, and our five children: Calvin, Ezra, Adelaide, Harper and Annabel. Also joining us are two house cats, twenty laying hens, one duck, four sheep, two pigs, eighteen turkeys and fifty-eight chickens. Oh my! It’s a full and lively house, this home of ours. Almost two years ago, we moved to this two hundred year old farmhouse. Our days have been busy ever since with the work of repairing it, bringing the homestead back to life, and filling up the barnyard.

[Clockwise from top left: “Hope is the thing with feathers” tumbler by bridgmanpottery; Turquoise Distressed Dining Chair by Stefantastical; Farmhouse Dining Table by carolinafarmhouse; Canning Jar Labels by TwineDecorVinyl Chalk Stickers by windowbythesea; Deviled Egg Serving Platter by kbOriginalsetc.]

Describe your home decorating style.
Homey and comfortable. I love our wood floors and wood furniture, and I think a good balance of soft is essential, too. Natural fibers are important to me, both ethically and aesthetically. There’s a lot of handmade around here — many things I’ve made, we’ve made as a family, or that have come from friends who make things! And out of both necessity and desire, I love old things: those that tell a story, that we’re somehow connected to, that have life left in them, that serve a function in making our days smoother or more comfortable. I believe strongly in making our home child-friendly, meaning that their work and projects are just as important as the adults’ in the house. So keeping their things out and accessible is important to me, as well as decorating for and with them, and at their height and interest.

[Clockwise from top left: Log dollhouse by gsnow1; Round Wool Braided Rug by mrsginther; Antique Wicker Basket by KnickofTime; Solid Wood Building Blocks by HowellsProductsChecker set – Pirates vs. Ninjas by goosegreaseWood Toy Car Set by BannorToys.]

Did you decide to decorate in this style or was there an evolution to your decorating process?
Our style reflects our life, to be certain, and like our lives and our interests and passions, it’s ever-changing to suit our needs. I’m a perpetual furniture-mover. Sometimes when I notice that we are feeling stale and uninspired, I know that it’s time to change up the space we live and work in a bit. It often gives us just the boost we need to get back on track and in harmony.

Where are your favorite places to shop for home items?
My grandparents’ attics! Followed closely by our parents’ basements, thrift stores, flea markets, roadsides, handmade artisans and of course, Etsy.

[From left to right: Wine Barrel Swing by WineBarrelConcepts; Fledglings No. 2 bluebirds original watercolor painting by GollyBard; Mason Bee House by andrewsreclaimed.]

What is your favorite part about your home?
This house feels very honest to me – solid and honest. It isn’t fancy or full of intricate architectural details, and yet it’s stood here, sturdy as can be, housing families for two hundred years. It was built simply and modestly, but with strength and intention to last. I really appreciate that. It feels as though it can hold us all well, yet also gives us the freedom to make changes without fear of messing with any historical integrity.

[Clockwise from top left: Vintage Science Microscope by VidaliasVintage; Vintage World Globe by FlourishCafe; Artist easel by woodcraftqueen; World Map, Vintage 1899 by carambasManard Hand Puppet by BobsImagination; Manual Typewriter by AppleCharlotte.] 

Does your home hold any strong memories?
One of my favorite memories is the evening that all six of us (the youngest wasn’t born yet) ate apple pie on the kitchen floor in the dark after we signed the papers with the bank to make this house ours. It was a long road to home ownership for us, and it took us years (and years) to find and buy the place we wanted to call home for the rest of our lives. The moment that finally happened, with the kitchen full of my dancing children and husband, the noise of country life outside our door, and the promise of what was to come, was a very special one that I hold dear.


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Housewares CategoryVintage Housewares

Wooden Rope Tree Swing - Made in USA
Wooden Rope Tree Swing - Made in USA
Deviled Egg Serving Platter Spiced Pumpkin Ready to Ship
Deviled Egg Serving Platter Spiced Pumpkin Ready to Ship
Log dollhouse
Log dollhouse
Reserved for Wendy R.  Ready To Ship Round Vintage Wool Braided Rug in Fushia, Rumba Red, and Hyacinth Violet with weaving accents
Reserved for Wendy R. Ready To Ship Round Vintage Wool Braided Rug in Fushia, Rumba Red, and Hyacinth Violet with weaving accents
Fledglings No. 2 bluebirds original watercolor painting
Fledglings No. 2 bluebirds original watercolor painting
artist easel. painters easel,
artist easel. painters easel,
$495.00 USD
World Map Vintage 1899
World Map Vintage 1899


  • BrianaEdelmanDesigns

    Briana from FoxburyAndCo said 7 years ago

    Just lovely, every detail! To me, this is the way life should be lived. I also live in the country and in a house built in the 1700's, but I am in Virginia's horse country, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Unless I was back in Paris, of course.

  • MegansMenagerie

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    Love love love your home!!! So sweet and beautiful!!! What a great place to raise your children!!!!

  • kathyjohnson3

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    I agree, how wonderful to raise children in the country, those baby lambs are just too cute!!

  • CafePrimrose

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    Great way to live! I dream about a place like that for when i have children. But for now, I will just do what i have always done.... Wander the world looking for the best of each place I pass through. What a wonderful way to live.... To not constantly be uprooting building the home you want by staying in one place long enough to make it and call it a home......

  • ShoeClipsOnly

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    Such a lovely story! I only have two children and a dog, but my son is called Calvin and we live in the country side as well, so I feel a little bit related to your story. Thanks for sharing!

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    So many animals! I'm jealous. :) And you have swings for your kids, very nice and cute. I have thought about living in a farm, only because I want to have some ducks and a little lamb hanging around my residency as much as possible. You have lots of bees there, though. My boyfriend is extremely allergic if a bee stings him, making him completely paranoid of them. Oh wellll.

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    Your way of life sounds idyllic. If only we could all live that way. Still, we have happy times too. May you long remain there. Happy days I wish you all. Thanks for sharing.

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    How awesome!! To be featured on the same weekend that Amanda with baby in tow are at Squam. I follow Amanda's blog regularly. Although my children are grown and gone, leaving behind their dog and chickens. I still connect with SouleMama's writings. Being able to enjoy her creative time while surrounded by her children is what my own children did growing up, they would tend to gravitate towards me when they heard the sewing machine start up. Recently I one of my boys came over for dinner and then asked if I would sew something for him. After dinner we headed off to the sewing room and he selected the fabrics; while I was at the sewing machine he came into the sewing room (what was the boys old bedroom) with his laptop, sat it on the cutting table and pulled up a stool. Seeing her children and family thriving while living the country life brings back fond memories of my own three spending their time outside enjoying the adventure of their lives.....the great outdoors. Thanks for the memories.

  • dannylion

    Lauryn Quinn from thefrolickingfrog said 7 years ago

    You have done an amazing job with your home! Love the wood floors. A lot of people dream of that country life including me! It's very evident how much you appreciate it. My husband and I hope to get there soon and if we do I know we will treasure every moment! Adorable children and animals! Thanks for sharing.

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    Oh, Oh I LOVE the SOULEMAMA blog! How wonderful you have taken the time to interview & write of her life and family ! I have read her books and find myself in the same type of mindset when it comes to home and family life! I started my business almost 6 years ago so I would be able to stay at home with my future child........Fast forward.....My daughter is 2 years old now and is so imaginative! Having my work at home has allowed me ample opportunities to teach her about cooking, creating and living life here in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State! It can be done.......I escaped from the rat race of a 50hr+ sales job.......If you can dream it, YOU can make it a reality too!

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    Gorgeous! I married into a Maine family a decade ago, and one of my new hobbies is getting into every Maine house I can. :-) Many Maine houses have a great style, clean but with an appreciation for function and craftsmanship -- very Shaker-esque. You don't see that much down here in cookie-cutter land.

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  • PoetryofObjects

    PoetryofObjects from PoetryofObjects said 7 years ago

    It's been following you and your family these past years! I love my Taproot magazine as well. It's soul satisfying seeing another generation of children being raised up in the way we choose to live our lives as beautiful, all of you!

  • karlola

    Karla said 7 years ago

    I stumbled upon the blog by SouleMama and SoulePapa just over a year ago and instantly felt connected; similar values and beliefs with an appreciation of nature and history. Now I stumble upon this feature on Etsy and I sincerely have a hard time believing in coincidence! I am inspired by the Soule family and by the many artisans found here at Etsy. Blessings to all! :D

  • delightfuldownsizing

    Maria from delightfuldownsizing said 7 years ago

    LOVE Soule mama & read Amandas' blog every day! Fun to see more pics of your house & kids, beautiful!

  • LittleWrenPottery

    Victoria Baker from LittleWrenPottery said 7 years ago

    I definitely agree natural textures and fibers add a real homely feeling to a house! Lovely : )

  • vintageguinea

    Pat from vintageguinea said 7 years ago

    Your dedication to your children is what makes your story so special. Always keep them in mind, no matter where you live. They are the most important things in your life, and they will always be "children" to you. I love your environment there and the children will always remember that their parents loved them enough to give them that special place to grow up

  • TheSewingGin

    TheSewingGin from TheSewingGin said 7 years ago

    What a wonderful life you have created. Enjoyed your story. Thank you.

  • guziks

    Stephanie from Phylogeny said 7 years ago

    You have such a fun and lighthearted story. I love how you've made the farmhouse your own, to share with your whole family... even the ones with four legs :)

  • Mareesgallerytogo

    Mareesgallerytogo from Mareesgallerytogo said 7 years ago

    Love your home. Your children will have fond memories. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Nikifashion

    Natalia from Nikifashion said 7 years ago

    Awesome story!

  • BirdiesCozyNest

    Becky from BirdiesCozyNest said 7 years ago

    Reading Soulemama is a touchpoint for grounding my focus when I get caught up in life's little frenzies. It makes me slow down, breathe, go out to the garden and hug my kids. Thank you Amanda and Steve. Namasté

  • TracyWalkerInk

    TracyWalkerInk from TracyWalkerInk said 7 years ago

    Amanda... thank you for inviting us in for a further peek into your world, and what a magical place it is! It was a wonderful experience making art with you as a contributor to Taproot... I can't wait for the next issue!

  • My3Chicks

    Jenna from My3Chicks said 7 years ago

    What an inspiration. I totally understand finding that special home that you want to spend the rest of your life in. Great article and photos of your home and family.

  • pickstitchvintage

    pickstitchvintage from pickstitchvintage said 7 years ago

    All I can think about is that she has no curtains on those windows and she lives in a 200 year old farmhouse with wood heat!! They must burn a lot of wood!! I just took off my insulated curtains this week and opened the wood storms to let the summer breezes in, it's such a nice feeling.

  • amirshani1

    Amir Shani from AmirShanibook said 7 years ago

    Reminds me of my childhood

  • theresatolleson

    Kat Tolleson from BellesandBeausDesign said 7 years ago

    A home where the simple things are shared and treasured! I enjoy the creativity of home and family you have made. Your children will have great memories of home and family. Wonderful!!

  • vinproelegance

    Vinpro Elegance from vinproelegance said 7 years ago

    Lovely write up,thanks for sharing.

  • LittlePinkHouse

    Melissa Crowe from LittlePinkHouse said 7 years ago

    I don't think they live in Northern Maine--just a note. :-)

  • thriftedetcetera

    Sara and Laura Powers from pinebrookvintage said 7 years ago

    What a wonderful creative environment for your children. This is childhood they will look back on fondly.

  • veryveraventage

    Vera Hall from veryveraventage said 7 years ago

    This was a lovely piece! I felt so comfortable just looking at her home. What a lovely way to raise children. I wish I could have done the same. Good luck with all your ventures.

  • AdornmentsbyDebbie

    AdornmentsbyDebbie from AdornmentsbyDebbie said 7 years ago

    What a beautiful warm home--enjoyed reading your story.

  • sirenwares

    chloe miller from SIRENbags said 7 years ago

    This is a dream of mine, right now I am renting a trailor on 6 acres, but I long for an old beautiful home, Can you imagine being able to grow up in this enviroment? lucky kids!

  • SweetSincerity

    Bethany Coulombe from SweetSincerity said 7 years ago

    yay maine! :)

  • OneLaneRoad

    Becky from OneLaneRoad said 7 years ago

    absolutely dreamy...thanks for letting us take a peak in to your world!!

  • FaitEnsemble

    Chris and Rebekah W from FaitEnsemble said 7 years ago

    I have long admired SouleMama's home. It's an inspiration at times. So soothing, calm, and peaceful. In pictures, anyway. I'll bet the 5 kids keep things interesting. ; )

  • myvintagecrush

    Kathleen from myvintagecrush said 7 years ago

    awe, lucky!! farmhouse!

  • customheirloomart1

    Custom HeirloomArt from customheirloomart1 said 7 years ago

    Looks like Heaven on Earth.

  • GoodnightPrudence

    GoodnightPrudence from GoodnightPrudence said 7 years ago

    A beautiful home and really inspiring feature.

  • stinnovation

    ST Innovation from stinnovation said 7 years ago

    SOULEMAMA! this is great work! So Original ecological nature, very lucky and happniss live in this place. see those lovely kids lol...............

  • berrymorin

    Rona B said 7 years ago

    What a wonderful way to live.

  • liddysopretty

    liddy sopretty from liddysopretty said 7 years ago

    Wow! I totally dig this!! Fabulous home!

  • Pastecchi

    Pastecchi from TheAmazonBazaar said 7 years ago

    What a cozy home!!

  • aurianeroma

    Tanis Nikkel said 7 years ago

    My dream home!!!

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