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Get the Look Decor: Signs of Peace

Oct 31, 2010

by Christine Domanic handmade and vintage goods


This weekend’s Get the Look Decor is inspired by the Decatur, Georgia home of Katy Walker. She lives with her mischievous kitty surrounded by an eclectic mix of cottage, farmhouse, woodland and seaside collections that offer reminders of her past. Not only does her home embody the various locations she’s lived in, it also reflects the places she hopes to one day visit.


Vintage antique Hammond clock

From cardinal917, $18.

Victorian Gilt Frame Oval Mirror

From FQMercantile, $69.

embroidered bird limited edition

By raccooncatcreations, $35.

Canal houses – Stitched canvas print

By lauraamiss, $69.

vintage blue polka dot vanity jars

From TheGinghamOwl, $22.

Mr. Red Breasted Nuthatch

By tracyemueller, $39.

striped figures – embroidery artwork

By cathycullis, $75.

hand embroidery-sisters in gray

By marysgranddaughter, $65.


Inspired by the mood and feeling of an object or work of art, Katy says, “Any pictures or spaces that make me feel serene and happy cause me to pause and think about how I can infuse aspects of that into my own home. Life can be so chaotic, so I want my home to be a place where I can find calm when I need it.”

Small Vase Trio in Farmhouse White

By NstarStudio, $40.

braided vision

By studiobeerhorst, $50.

Antique Romanian Landscape Painting

From quatrefleurs, $36.

Vintage Porcelain Bird Planter

From aesthetikara, $24.99.

Set of Three White Cream Milk Pitchers

From Somethingcharming, $39.

vintage still life oil painting

From ModishVintage, $89.

Vintage Small Black Tole Tray

From TheGildedTassel, $12.

Small original bird etching

By Fleurografie, $9.


A total bargain hunter, Katy admits to getting a sensational high from finding an amazing deal. Her home is filled with the many treasures she’s uncovered while strolling through flea markets, antique stores, estate sales or right here on the pages of Etsy.

oatmeal crazed vase with blue spot

From restlessgeneralstore, $22.

White Carved Wooden Candle Holders

From broaddus1, $10.


By Hodakapottery, $38.

Tea Light or Votive Holder Turquoise

By Misspottery, $15.

Rustic Farm Chair

From Hindsvik, $140.

Large model sailboat, wood base ship

From highstreetmarket, $58.

sparrow – handprinted art print

By nateduval, $30.

Florentine Pictures wood Plaques

From primitivepincushion, $25.99.

Elegant Woodland Wreath

By lunatiqueart, $35.

Aqua Bottle with White Coral

From beautifuldetailswed, $38.


Vintage Globe, Replogle, 12 inch

From antiquarium, $22.


By Geninne, $25.

Little Personality Red Side Table

By forthebyrdsnest, $75.

Vintage Red Shelf with Drawers

From calloohcallay, $49.

new york (birds and blooms)

By dutchdoor, $15.

Storm at Sea Lap Quilt

By janejohn, $150.

Birds – pair of birds – 8 x 9.75

From mousesong, $6.

Antique Doll Trunk

From goodlookin, $110.


Katy says she is forever rearranging her home to reflect the changing seasons or to make room for new handmade treasures and vintage finds.

Vintage Glass Egg Nest Dome

By EcoMonster, $30.

Kitty Egg Beeswax Candles – Set of 2

By kittybblove, $16.

trio of candle holders

From 672miles, $18.

Tree Log Tea Lite Candle Holders

By CasaExpressions, $35.

Danish Modern Teak Candlesticks

From modernspecific, $14.

Hand Knitted Pumpkin in Spice

By GrayDesign, $12.


Katy’s favorite part about her home is that “no matter where I live, the pieces in my home always speak of my own history and stories, as well as carrying the history and stories of so many people before me…and that when my niece and nephew come over, their furniture jumping and examination of the bits and pieces continue to add to that story.”

Vintage Collection of Wooden Spools

From bluebell, $28.

Present print

By blancucha, $30.

Paris Poppies…Original Oil Sketch

By shannspishak, $75.

Sweet Little Fabric Plant

By janejoss, $28.

Sam, Print 8×11

By holli, $20.

Vintage Boho Woven Tote Bag

From NakedVintage, $28.

Mini Clothesline Kit

By OhHelloMagpie, $5.50.

French Lavender Bouquet

By paulajeansgarden, $9.


With the abundance of beautiful colors, the farmer’s market is a great resource for inspiration. An arrangement of fruits and vegetables can add a cheerful hint of the season’s freshest ingredients to your kitchen’s counter or tabletop.


By YeeHaw, $30.

Light Blue – large handmade bowl

By atelierBB, $26.50.

Berry Bowl in Yellow Salt

By claycoyote, $42.

3 Organic Reusable Vegetable Bags

By wonderthunder, $20.


Katy is a textile and fiber artist and runs a successful Etsy shop at winsomehollow. She specializes in hand stitching, needle felting, and mixed media creations that are made from natural and vintage materials. She also recently started a new venture with her talented sister inspired by handmade and vintage weddings at prairieseed.

View more photos of Katy’s home on Flickr, and learn more about her life and artwork on her blog, Winsome Hollow.


Looking for more styles and interiors? Check out our video series, There’s No Place Like Here, where creative types show us their unique spaces — infused with their aesthetic and filled with the treasures they collect. Get involved and show us your amazing space in this Flickr pool.

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Housewares Category | Vintage Housewares

vintage floral art print
vintage floral art print
Reserved for onceuponabeth Vintage Gold Gilt Gesso Italian Frame
Reserved for onceuponabeth Vintage Gold Gilt Gesso Italian Frame
antique siekosha musical clock
antique siekosha musical clock
SALE Vintage Cow Horn Ship
SALE Vintage Cow Horn Ship
Fancy Fowl Shakers
Fancy Fowl Shakers
Floppy eared rabbit made from felted wool fabric
Floppy eared rabbit made from felted wool fabric
Hand Painted Floral Tray
Hand Painted Floral Tray
Off to see the world - Personalised Embroidery Hoop Art - Textile Artwork of a 2CV car in green & blue - 8" hoop
Off to see the world - Personalised Embroidery Hoop Art - Textile Artwork of a 2CV car in green & blue - 8" hoop
$38.62 USD
Bluebird . archival wall hanging
Bluebird . archival wall hanging
12 Antique Industrial Wood Spool and Bobbins
12 Antique Industrial Wood Spool and Bobbins
Beeswax Candle Bee Skep Shaped Candle in White or Natural Color
Beeswax Candle Bee Skep Shaped Candle in White or Natural Color
$7.00 USD
Fabulously Vintage Handmade Quilt
Fabulously Vintage Handmade Quilt
Vintage Woven Grass Clogs
Vintage Woven Grass Clogs


  • ImSoVintage

    ImSoVintage said 7 years ago

    Congratulations to my lovely daughter for having her home featured.

  • beatyboutique

    beatyboutique said 7 years ago

    I love the white milk pitchers

  • DevineCollectible

    DevineCollectible said 7 years ago

    Wow, you really decorate! I try to go against the traditional flow but I still like my colors to match or at least to be on the same pallet... peace

  • RitaVanTassel

    RitaVanTassel said 7 years ago

    awwww, I love notes from Moms! :) I think that the home decor features are my fav stories, maybe because it enables my visual nosey-ness, I mean healthy curiousity.

  • jessjamesjake

    jessjamesjake said 7 years ago

    g o r g e o u s !!

  • AvianInspirations

    AvianInspirations said 7 years ago

    Gorgeous classic yet funky house. You have a wonderful eye for design.

  • SatinandBirch

    SatinandBirch said 7 years ago

    I don't know if this is my style, but I loved every one of the items in this collection, and it has made my day just a little better. thank you for bringing it to us.

  • menzocollection

    menzocollection said 7 years ago

    Love the Etsy finds. And such a beautifully decorated home! I'm a firm believer that everyone simply has to own a few white ironstone picchers. : )

  • Raceytay

    Raceytay said 7 years ago

    Fabulous. These are wonderful!

  • menzocollection

    menzocollection said 7 years ago

    that's pitchers. I have no idea what a piccher is.

  • mousesong

    mousesong said 7 years ago

    ! A beautiful home, with an adorable kitten--the quilt in that picture is to die for :D Thanks for featuring my (unfortunately inactive, but I have others :) ) listing!

  • traceynicholas

    traceynicholas said 7 years ago

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    So many nature inspired items in this home and treasury as well. What a wonderful home and an inspiration to bring a piece of the outdoors indoors.

  • ginaregina

    ginaregina said 7 years ago

    so many lovely picks,great style

  • themoonbeam

    themoonbeam said 7 years ago

    The light in the house and the painted surfaces are just great. They really create a complimentary background for all the lovely things on display.

  • MegansMenagerie

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    timelessNchic said 7 years ago

    I DIG IT !!!!!!

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    Gorgeous! And such a pretty cat!

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    terrific finds as usual... really loving the prints!

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    winsomehollow said 7 years ago

    as a huge fan of the 'get the look decor' series, i'm thrilled to have my home featured here! thanks so very much etsy, and thanks for all of your lovely comments. (p.s. i'm having a hard time not buying all of the these lovelies to add to my home!)

  • littlemoandfriends

    littlemoandfriends said 7 years ago

    i love that she hangs her art prints on a little line. too cute!

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    LittleWrenPottery said 7 years ago

    Beautiful picks I love the muted tones and whites lovely crisp combinations!

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    audreytolove said 7 years ago

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    Katy's home is so to my tastes, pretty and simple with vintage aplomb.

  • VelveteenHabbit

    VelveteenHabbit said 7 years ago

    All the beautiful things in the vintage world made new again--freshly painted scones in pinks creams and blues ginghams and tweeds lots of glass jars and domes to store stuff in lots of fun retro graphics and of course natural inspired! I adore the bee septs in beeswax!!!!!

  • GaGa4GiftTags

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    I love the Home Decor series and this home is wonderful! Love all of the great finds too.

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    laralewis said 7 years ago

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    TheVintaquarian said 7 years ago

    Loved this house tour. Quiet, elegant simplicity. Very nice. Great Etsy finds to go along with the tour, so I've been visiting lots of new (to me) shops. Plus, an inspirational visit to the Winsome Hollow blog. Another enjoyable Sunday, thanks to Get The Look Decor!

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    Love the Flicker pix. Very serene. Thanks for the peek.

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    Wow, this is truly a lovely and varied, yet cohesive collection. I love the style! And nice to see my fellow printmaker & friend Nate Duval's sparrow print on your decor too ;) Thanks for sharing your beautiful home!

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    westbournegrove said 7 years ago

    What a lovely home and what great Etsy finds to get this cozy but uncluttered look. It's a fine line between achieving a great look and a complete disaster when you include personal items to get that "just right" feel you want to achieve in your home! Congratulations for making your home one of those really great places you don't want to ever leave! Your shop is super too, Love it!

  • TheGildedTassel

    TheGildedTassel said 7 years ago

    I enjoy reading the "Get the Look Decor" series every week...I am soo excited to be included with all the other wonderful Etsy finds! What a lovely home...nice read :)

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    FloweryDeer said 7 years ago

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    672miles said 7 years ago

    so very serene. and personal. i just love it. thank you for including my trio of candlesticks. i'm thrilled to be included on Get the Look (and stalk it often;) and in the company of such lovely picks! melissa

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    NattieCakeDesigns said 7 years ago

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    mistflowerphoto said 7 years ago

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    experimentalvintage said 7 years ago

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    GracefullyGirly said 7 years ago

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  • TheStrangestThings

    TheStrangestThings said 7 years ago

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