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Get the Look Decor: Kitschy, Colorful and Cute

Sep 2, 2012

by Christine Domanic handmade and vintage goods

This weekend’s Get the Look Decor is inspired by the retro Grand Rapids, Michigan home of Lisa Price. Just a few miles from downtown, her 1920s bungalow houses a growing collection of colorful vintage goodies and is often visited by a friendly neighborhood squirrel. Her basement serves as the perfect work studio for the colorful towels and pillows that she makes for her Etsy shop, artgoodies.

For more photos of Lisa’s kicky space, check out her Flickr and stop by the artgoodies blog for more decor inspiration


[Clockwise from top left: Refurbished Suitcase Table by MiVidaVintageLA; ‘Rose Red Snow White’ – Acrylic on Canvas by fatemehbeier; Vintage Danish Modern Sofa from ACESFINDSVINTAGE; Contemporary Folk Art Portrait by CindyRiccardelli; 14 x 14 Applique Leaves Pillow Cover by radmishap; Chevron Stripes Crochet Afghan by a2ndlife.]

Describe your home decorating style.
Eclectic vintage. It’s a blend of kitschy, colorful items: everything from kitchen collectibles and vintage textiles to mid-century furniture. It’s hard to find things that aren’t vintage in my house.


[Clockwise from top left: Light Grey/Blue Corner Shelf from Surfaced; Circa 1950s Kitchen Chairs from lisacorson; Formica and Chrome Kitchen Table from LOOKINGforYESTERDAY; Harlequin Teapot from tatterandfray; Mid-Century Turquoise Covered Dish from thewhitepepper; Turquoise Pyrex Dishes from KitchenCulinaria.]

Did you decide to decorate in this style or was there an evolution to your decorating process?
There was a natural evolution to my decorating. I’ve always been interested in certain color schemes, clean lines, kitchen items, textiles, and any random thing that brings a smile to my face. I’m fortunate enough to have many pieces from family; they provided a great starting point. Plus, those pieces are loaded up with cherished memories, so I’m so glad to have them in my home. From there, I’ve added pieces I’ve found along the way. I have a lot of amazing artist friends whose work I’m lucky to have.


[Clockwise from top left: Blue Metal Kitchen Scale from Pigeonatelier; Doily Clock from andfurthermore; Turquoise Plastic Hourglass Egg Timer from StraySquirrels; Squirrel with Acorn on a Tiny Little Light Green Bowl by tashamckelvey; French Roast on Aqua Print Window Valance by AVintageLook; Cherry Chocolate Pie by gretelsoven.]

Where are your favorite places to shop for home items?
I’m a huge fan of rummage sales, thrift stores, flea markets, and my absolute favorite place for home décor is estate sales. All of these places provide budget-friendly and interesting finds. Sometimes you find things unexpectedly; sometimes you spend years looking for just the right thing. For example, I spent almost 7 years looking for just the right couch at a price I could afford. Then one day at an estate sale a few blocks away, there it was — a long, deep orange beauty at a mere $40. I almost fell over. It was worth the wait.


[Clockwise from top left: Deer by Waterfall Paint By Number from prancinggoat; Orange Mid Century Modern Sofa from TheModernHistoric; Contemporary Coffee Table by scottcassin; Fiberglass Bullet Planter from rhanvintage; Block Print Squirrel Stuffie by artgoodies; Bubbles Table Lamp from RustySpoke.]

What inspires you when it comes to decorating?
Classic to kitschy mid-century design, and most of all, color. I love mixing and matching items with the same or similar color scheme. In fact, every month on my blog I have a color of the month vignette and table setting with vintage items from my personal collection and items from my vintage shop, vintagegoodies. I love doing monochromatic setups; it’s amazing how you can take pieces you never would imagine putting together, and it just works.


[Clockwise from top left: White Ceramic Rabbit from ReinstatedGoods; Library Filler 15 Book Collection from jaysworld; White Cornucopia Vase from Recy; White Ceramic Deer Planter from animalheadvintage; Evergreen Club Chair By Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates from MidCenturyMobler; Custom Handmade Painted Wood Bookcase by xenasdad.]

What is your favorite part about your home?
My kitchen nook is a favorite spot for breakfast. It’s a great place to look out over the garden. It feels like such a sanctuary that you forget there are neighbors literally right next door.

My front porch is a great place to sit and read. It was so gross once upon a time, with a couple layers of carpet and dark paneled walls. Now it provides a whole new room for relaxing.


[Clockwise from top left: 5 Foot Cypress Swing by jrables; Large Cement Squirrel by unpotpourri; Vintage Knoll Harry Bertoia Dining Chairs from groovygirl60.]

Does your home hold any strong memories?
This is my first house. I’ve been here eight years, and it will always be near and dear to me. I’ve repainted nearly every surface, redone floors, put in all of the gardens, and even tried my hand at plumbing. It’s been a DIY labor of love, inside and out.

It’s also the place where I lost two jobs in one year and decided to start artgoodies. It’s the place where I decided to take my future into my hands and take a chance doing something creative. I used to travel all over the place for work and only be home on weekends. Now I get to work from home, from a place I’ve really grown to love.


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