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Get the Look Decor: Feminine Modern handmade and vintage goods

ChristineThis weekend’s Get the Look Decor is inspired by the Raliegh, North Carolina home of Michelle Smith, where she lives with her husband Ben and their precocious 3-year-old daughter. This contemporary home is decorated in cool hues, with a hint of muted, modern femininity. Visit Michelle on Flickr for more photos of her stylish home.

How would you describe your home decorating style?
Classic with a vintage twist. I am drawn to a color palette of greens, blues and white, materials like linen, galvanized metal and rough hewn woods. Pieces that have a timeless quality and a story behind them are very appealing to me. At the same time, I like my space to be soothing. I like living in a home that reflects my aesthetics in an affordable way, but doesn’t look like it was decorated on a budget. Our home is filled with hand-me-downs, bargain items, upcycled salvaged pieces and flea market/thrift store scores.


Did you decide to decorate in this style or was there an evolution to your decorating process?
My mother has a background in interior design, which gave me access to that world early on. I’ve been an avid shelter magazine reader for as long as I can remember, and I continue to collect inspiring images in a thick journal. I have a very clear vision of what I am working towards in my home, but because I don’t believe in instantly decorated spaces or spending a lot of money on trends that will fade out, my house is an evolving work in progress. For instance, I recently purchased the stools in my kitchen when I found them with the right look and at the right price point —  though I’ve known what I wanted for years.


What inspires you when it comes to decorating?
I like spaces that really reflect the person living in it. I love the feminine, modern and whimsical aesthetic of European home décor magazines. My dream is to one day restore an old barn and convert it into my living space and studio.


What is your favorite part about your home?
Gosh, so much. I love the fact that I am able to have a studio space in my garage. I love our backyard, which is filled to the brim with herbs, veggies and plants that we’ve cultivated over the years. Our kitchen is nice too; it has lots of space to cook and share meals with friends.


Does your home hold any strong memories?
We moved into our house a year before our daughter was born, and we planted a dogwood tree to commemorate her birth. Each year we take a picture of her and the tree together, growing side by side.


Aside from her role as a wife and mother, Michelle uses her home studio to create a beautiful collection of handmade home items and clothing, which she sells on Etsy as michellesmith. Check out her vintage shop at ScoutAndSmithVintage. She is also the founder of The Rock & Shop Market, a unique urban craft market that pairs over 65 high caliber designers with some of the best North Carolina musicians to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Stop by her blog, Feminine Modern, for even more crafty and home inspiration.


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