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Get the Look Decor: Elegant Neutrality

Jan 16, 2011

by Christine Domanic handmade and vintage goods

ChristineThis weekend’s Get the Look Decor is inspired by the Dallas, Texas home of husband and wife team, Jamie and Larry Oliver. Their favorite word when decorating is “juxtaposition”: mixing different styles that aren’t expected to go together.

Jamie says that their home’s style reflects the changes and insights that entering her thirties has wrought. As she’s learned more about herself, she has slowly edited out color to create a space with an elegant neutral palette. Her advice, when it comes to interior design, is to “be yourself and surround yourself with things you love; there are no ‘wrongs’ in decor, as long as it brings you happiness.”

Jamie’s favorite thing about her home is the projects she and her husband undertake together. They enjoy weekend projects like painting the ceiling black or covering the walls with old barnwood. She says, “It’s fun to see how just one thing can change everything.”

Metallic Regency Chair

By redefinehome, $449.

Upcycled Mosaic Wall Mirror

By lostnrefounddesign, $50.

Modern Silk Orchid Arrangement

By Studio4242, $58.50.

Hallway Table

By solidusmetalworks, $1750.

Three antler candle holder

By cactuscountry, $275.

Dresser Tray Mirror Gold Guild

By violetsandgrace, $24.

Industrial Adjustable Floor Lamp

By thegildedpalace, $695.

Metal Wire Wastepaper Basket

By TheVintageHeiress, $62.


Letter O Metal Storefront Signage

By undoneeclectic, $11.

Ebony Stag Faux Taxidermy

By Bornanoldsoul, $125.

Custom Bullseye Series

By paintsquare, $235.

16×16 inch Pillow Cover

By rubystella, $16.

Porcelain Vase

By endesign, $250.

AIRGUIDE barometer

By CLUTTEREDmind, $17.

Duckpool Eddy Photograph

By artsdesireable, $100.


By fabulousmess, $1250.

Vintage deer antler plaque

By highstreetmarket, $58.

Five Mile Drawers

By hundredacre, $575.


Wood Slice Wall Art

By LoveALittleArt, $185.

black and white modern vessel

By HouseOfCeramics, $76.

silver coffee set & serving tray

By ModishVintage, $69.

Chrome Sunbeam mix master

By bitsandsnips, $50.

Up cycled metal industrial lamp

By OstlundCustomWorks, $175.

Oneida Silver Plated Tea Tray

By ModernVintageHome, $65.

silver rimmed whiskey glasses

By compostthis, $40.

Cut Crystal Bowl with Silver Rim

By kiteless, $16.


Victorian Reindeer Pillow Cover

By fancy4u, $40.

Hanging Votive Chandelier

By broaddus1, $40.

Antique Oval Framed Portrait

By JuniperHome, $59.99.

Framed Gentleman’s Portrait

By QueenLondonsCarriage, $59.75.

Wood Carved French Mirror

By ShopHotHouse, $375.

Starburst mirror

By murzynworkshop, $200.

Vintage Metallic Nightstand

By RetroRach, $100.

two Burlap & Canvas Pillow Slips

By JolieMarche, $78.


Lavender Natural Soap

By nakedbeauty, $4.25.

The Thinker – Austin Prod. 1962

By shavingkitsuppplies, $40.

Sea Treasure Photograph

By LauraBScott, $12.

Bottle with Sea Urchin & Starfish

By beautifuldetailswed, $29.

Display Domes on Wood Base

By TheOldRedHen, $65.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Bust

By SweetLoveVintage, $28.

Trio of Porcelain Busts

By JuniperHome, $34.99.

Natural Coral Candle Holder

By BarnacleBay, $5.95.



By nakeddecor, $39.95.

Black Modern Side Table

By GreenZebre, $180.

Collection of 6 Succulents

By SucculentDesigns, $15.49.

Snake Plant

By UncommonCactus, $11.99.

Italian Vintage Ornate Mirror

By Sarabellatreasures, $80.

Condiment Serving Dish

By TheVintaquarian, $24.

Mirrored Mosaic Tiles Lamp Base

By ledgan1, $350.

Miniature Deer Head Mount

By DeviantDecor, $70.

Vintage Tulip Chair

By Hindsvik, $145.

natural stripe lace pillow cover

By willaby, $40.


Jamie and Larry both work in creative fields. Art directors by day, they spend their time designing and directing photo shoots. Their addiction to estate sales and vintage shopping led them to start an Etsy shop, twoartdirectors, along with their photographer friend, Elizabeth.

For even more creative decorating inspiration, check out photos of Jamie and Larry’s home on Picasa.


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  • NangijalaJewelry

    NangijalaJewelry said 9 years ago

    Wonderful article... makes me want to buy a new house and decorate like crazy :-)

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    love their eclectic decorating style!!!!!

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    vKnit said 9 years ago

    gorgeous! i love the photos and the items picked. xox

  • myrtlesmercantile

    myrtlesmercantile said 9 years ago

    Beautiful home, I have had a monochroatic style since MY 30's, and now that I have turned finding that I now crave color!

  • adrienneaudrey

    adrienneaudrey said 9 years ago

    Love this space, Just my style!

  • opendoorstudio

    opendoorstudio said 9 years ago

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    MissHildebrandt said 9 years ago

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  • MissHildebrandt

    MissHildebrandt said 9 years ago

    Oh and that kitchen...I'm not usually into black for the kitchen but this...well well done. Thanks for the glimpse.

  • bedouin

    bedouin said 9 years ago

    Great finds this morning ~ love love the Porcelain Vase by endesign

  • f2images

    f2images said 9 years ago

    Love the rooms! I think the character of the items in the rooms really add warmth, that can't come from just color. They really have an inviting lived-in look!

  • VintageScraps

    VintageScraps said 9 years ago

    This home is extraordinary! Love the bold, yet stark look.

  • postroadvintage

    postroadvintage said 9 years ago

    I LOVE your decorating advice! Your home should be a reflection of you rather than following some sort of 'rules'! So true! Fill it with what you love so being at home means, warmth, comfort, and happiness! Great home, great article! Once again!

  • ViviansKitchen

    ViviansKitchen said 9 years ago

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    On purpose banning colour = abhorrent. How can you talk about people daring to show their character in their homes when you make yours so depersonalized?

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  • bobbinsandbits

    bobbinsandbits said 9 years ago

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    TheVintaquarian said 9 years ago

    Classy and quite compelling. I think the beautiful thing about "juxtaposition" is that when you put those contrasting or unexpected things side by side a wonderful sort of tension results. The best kind of tension, the kind that gives your eyes and heart a little something to play with while still feeling extremely pleased! Very beautifully done and the Etsy Finds fit in perfectly, as usual. And thanks for having TheVintaquarian's condiment/collection tray as one of them!

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  • tricode

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  • ktowersphotography

    ktowersphotography said 9 years ago

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  • ktowersphotography

    ktowersphotography said 9 years ago

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    Thanks for all the wonderful comments!! The items in this post really capture our style! Amazing items...and amazing people here on Etsy!

  • twoartdirectors

    twoartdirectors said 9 years ago

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments!! The items in this post really capture our style! Amazing items...and amazing people here on Etsy!

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    karenjcreations said 9 years ago

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    TheArtofMichelle said 9 years ago

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    rhapsodyattic said 9 years ago

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    evertonterrace said 9 years ago

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    WaxwingJewelry said 9 years ago

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    sunnymothernature said 9 years ago

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    carolforsyth said 9 years ago

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    theearlygirl said 9 years ago

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    rushcreekmosaics said 9 years ago

    Of all the lovely items I see on Etsy, this style is my favorite ... calming and the perfect cocoon ater a long day of work.

  • rushcreekmosaics

    rushcreekmosaics said 9 years ago

    Of all the lovely items I see on Etsy, this style is my favorite ... calming and the perfect cocoon ater a long day of work.

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    gilstrapdesigns said 9 years ago

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    HulaGirl1922 said 9 years ago

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  • cattuslavandula

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  • whimsicalpaperdot

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    This post has inspired me to do a new contest for our readers/clients. Each of us has one or more inspirations rooms like these and being able to re-create it in your own home, your style is so exciting. Thank you or My Design

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    OstlundCustomWorks said 9 years ago

    just wanted to let you know that I unlisted that lamp of mine you featured for a gallery show. I did that last week so at the moment its not for sale through etsy!

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    Los tiempos de las revistas de decoración ya pasaron. La inspiración que ofrece la comunidad Etsy es de lo mejor. Magnífico trabajo el de la curaduría y la selección de los items. The times of the decorating print magazines are gone. The inspiration offered by the Etsy community is the best. Great job on curating and selecting the items.

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