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Get the Look Decor: Cottage Renovation

Oct 2, 2011

by rachkat926 handmade and vintage goods

For this week’s Get the Look Decor post, we’ve partnered with Fresh Home, the DIY home decorator’s best friend. They’ve provided some simple decorating tips that’ll show you how a few small changes in patterns and textures can make a big statement.

It wasn’t what they had in mind, but when Marnie and Howard Owens stumbled upon a funky little cottage, they knew they’d found the right place. The problem? It needed a facelift. Outside, they took a magical lavender-and-rose-filled cottage garden and made it a space where friends and family could hang out. Inside, they gave the formerly stuffy space more personality — and made it a place a young family could appreciate and live in — by going to town, splashing color, pattern and texture wherever they could. From the Moroccan graphic on the formerly beige sofa to the mash-up of blues and reds in the guest room, strong colors and textures inject a sense of fun, and lively patterns camouflage the kids’ chocolate milk stains.

Live In All Your Space

Maximize your living space by giving every room — even the kitchen — a place where the family can hang out. In this kitchen, the homeowner chose a simple white finish to offset darker hardwood floors and keep the room bright and airy. They also built an extra-wide center island to accommodate activities that ranged from food prep and cooking to homework and lounging, including a spot for the TV. Now the kitchen is the true hub of the home.


[Left to right, top and bottom: 4 Clear Glass Containters with Wooden Lids by Pickins; Acorn Shaped Globe Pendant Light by BlueMoonLights; Dried Yellow Yarrow Bunch by repurposedstyle; Vintage Farm Stool by cottagefarm; Lemon Meringue Caramel Sauce by milkbutter; Wood Cutting Board – Serving Tray by DolceHome]

Define Your Area

Brown dining room furniture, walls and floors are sophisticated and modern. Carve out smaller rooms within a larger one by defining spaces with carpet, lights or drapery. This dining area — a section of a large, open living room — didn’t feel like a well-defined space at first. The homeowner added paisley print curtains, which complement the $900 flea market rug and Herman Miller chairs, and suddenly the space had its own identity.

Dominique Vorillon


Mix a Lot

Opting for brown living room furniture, floors and walls can make your space warm and cozy or fresh and modern. Instead of choosing matchy-matchy pieces, mingle different furniture styles — new with old, modern with traditional, flea market with high-end — to add texture and interest. This living room pairs a club chair with modern seating and vintage Bertoia children’s chairs from eBay.

Dominique Vorillon


Stay Symmetrical

Use your bedroom shelves to display photos and memorabilia or store clothing and accessories. In this kid-friendly room, a neat and tidy freestanding bookshelf sits between two antique Jenny Lind-style beds.

Dominique Vorillon


Bring the Indoors Out

To make the most of this home’s secret garden, the homeowners wanted a space where friends and family could hang out. They transformed a previously wasted backyard patch into an intimate al fresco retreat with pea gravel, a built-in brick bench and a cool outdoor fireplace.

Dominique Vorillon


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