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Get the Look Decor: Beyond Black and White

Feb 26, 2012

by Aleksa Brown handmade and vintage goods

Get the Look isn’t just about real homes; it can also be ignited by design fantasy. This week, Aleksa Brown draws inspiration from Celerie Kemble’s Black and White (and a Bit in Between) to add personality to a duotone living space.

I used to think rooms with black and white color palettes were reserved for chic hotels, Old Hollywood-style boudoirs, and floor-to-ceiling windowed penthouse apartments. Meanwhile, my last place had yellow, red and green walls (all in the same room) with a floral couch and bright magenta curtains. Needless to say, I’m a recovering color addict.

I’m realizing with my current apartment, however, that you don’t have to paint the walls all the colors of the rainbow to change the vibe. By adding a bright vase, textured pillow and a few trinkets, you can convey your point of view and still maintain some tasteful subtlety.

For inspiration on how to take my space up a notch, I turned to Celerie Kemble’s Black and White (and a Bit in Between). She includes a list of eight ways to bring variety to your black and white space, and suggests trying to incorporate at least half to achieve your desired look.

These are the four suggestions I’m going to use in my new space.


Something Slick

[1. Green lacquer headboard from Tweakedhome 2. Blue ceramic vase by Redclayco 3. Poppy end table from Minthome 4. Vintage orange desk from Lavintagefurnishings 5. Yellow ceramic lamp from Georgiainbloom 6. Ceramic rooster figurine from Nashpop]


Something Metallic

Zach DeSart

[1. Vintage record rolling rack from Taylorvintageco 2. Gold faux deer head mount by Lucyhaus 3. Sputnik Orb from Ilikemikes 4. Vintage gold box from ModRendition 5. Brass lamp from Highstreetmarket 6. Vintage vanity tray from Recyclebuyvintage 7. Black and gold telephone from MattiesMenagerie]


Something Furry

Zach DeSart

[1. Striped faux fur pillow by Narkelandnorsu 2. White faux fur pillow cover by Thepillowcollection 3. Mid century fur chair from Llcooper202 4. Vintage sheepskin pelt from Castandcrew 5. Mongolian lamb pillow by Manifestenterprises ]


Something Crystalline

Richard Powers

[1. Clear candelabra by Urbananalog 2. Vintage lucite cookie jar from Saltandginger 3. Vintage lucite globe from Justsmashingdarling 4. Lucite floating clock from Mistertrue 5. Vintage dayglo lamps from Ilikemikes 6. Vintage lucite chair from Ccduexvie]

Celerie’s list also includes something leather (faux or real), something matte, something woven or something glimmery. Which four would you use?



For more home interior ideas check out Celerie Kemble’s Black & White (and a bit in between) available from Amazon or an independent bookstore near you.





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