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Get the Look Decor: A Family Home in Brooklyn

Oct 28, 2012

by Christine Domanic handmade and vintage goods

This weekend’s Get the Look Decor is inspired by the Brooklyn, New York, home of Chiara Alberetti Milott. While she admits to compromising from time to time on just where to place her fragile antiques, her thoughtfully decorated home manages to be both a fun and playful learning environment for her children and comfortable and relaxing space for adults.

In between planning parties and getting her kids ready for school, Chiara creates adorable party supplies and decorations for her Etsy shop, Molasses Candy. For more photos of her gorgeous home and a glimpse into raising two kids in the heart of Brooklyn, check out her blog, Molasses Candy.

Describe your home decorating style.
Vintage, thrifted, eclectic, and bohemian with a teeny dash of modern.


[From left to right: Wooden Toy Train Set by GreenBeanToys; Wooden Rope Tree Swing by SkySaddleSwings; Toy box Crate by KingstonCreations.]

Did you decide to decorate in this style or was there an evolution to your decorating process?
It’s definitely evolved over time — gathering things I love, finding places for things that are special. Also figuring out what works for you; for instance, I would love to display all my antique vases on the windowsill, but there’s no way that could happen with two boys running around. I spent a lot of time fighting what I later realized I love — textiles, patterns, artwork, color. I always thought I wanted a calmer, more neutral home, but eventually realized I love beautiful colors and patterns too much.


[From left to right: Faux Bois Typography Art Print by blockpartyprints; Sequoia Vintage Wood Lamp by HippopoVintage; Cake Bunting by jadenrainspired.]

What inspires you when it comes to decorating?
Beautiful things from the past; beautiful handmade things from the present. I love reading blogs like Aesthetic Outburst, where they are renovating an old farmhouse in the country. My Favorite and My Best has great interior decorating images, as well as a hilarious sense of humor. Also loving Little Green Notebook, as she’s moving into a Brooklyn brownstone and does a lot of projects herself.


[From left to right: Pyramid Light Garland by SocietyNatlIndustry; Luxe Paisley Pillow Cover by LadybugLaneCreations; Vintage Classroom Slate Chalkboard by MRCG.]

Where are your favorite places to shop for home items?
Hands down, Salvation Army or any stoop sale. I also like Housing Works in New York and Brooklyn — I got both my Chinese Art Deco rug and a Madeline Weinrib rug for $40! I love stores like Terrain and Future Perfect, but can’t really afford to shop there.


[From left to right: Raccoon Painting by Splodgepodge; French White Cupboard by picks4u; Mid-Century School Desk and Chair by Turul.]

Does your home hold any strong memories?
So many! Every day I’m watching my kids play and grow and learn here. Snow days, family gatherings, first birthdays, the day the dogwood tree in the backyard bloomed …


[From left to right: Stripe French Chair by nadiahursky; Little Chickadee lamp by Hannahnunn; Wood Side Table by KellyShermanDesign.]

What is your favorite part about your home?
My boys’ rooms. They are calm and cheerful with pretty colors and sweet, charming details that are hard to pull off in other parts of the house. Where else can you hang a crocheted octopus? Well, I guess you could hang it anywhere, but it seems to fit better in there.


[Clockwise from top left: Blanket Crochet Afghan by AllieBlankets; picture frame decals – set of 4 by tinchDesignStudio; Antique Jenny Lind Twin Bed by antique2chic; Cubby Shelf by AliyahRose;Gumball Circus Vintage Fabric Bunting by AFeteBeckons;Fabric Storage Bin by lucky17.]

Do you have any favorite design tips you’s like to share?
I think you always have to be open to designing and decorating. It might be hard to find the perfect print or perfect chair, so you might have to live without for a while. When you see it, you’ll know it. You can’t force it. And if you love something, you’ll find a home for it.


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