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Get the Look: A First Home in Fargo

Feb 3, 2013

by Christine Domanic handmade and vintage goods

Location: Fargo, North Dakota
Square Footage: 768
Home Owners: Dana and Adam. The couple purchased their very first home – a 1950s rambler – just under a year ago and are enjoying the freedoms of home ownership, especially when it comes to growing their family of pets. This week, they are introducing a rescued pit bull called Puddy (after Seinfeld character David Puddy) to the rest of the clan– cats Murphy and Zaney, and their first rescue pit bull, Maeby. Dana runs Botny, her line of hand-drawn jewelry, from home.

1. Vintage Chair by GreStuff
2. Canvas Print by tushtush
3. Floor Lamp by furnishedmodern
4. Log Pillow by thisbirdsabsurd
5. Coffee Table from PecanWorkshop
6. Buffalo Skull from EarthSeaWarrior

1. Kitchen Canisters from futureancestor
2. Window Valance by LaRicaHome
3. Produce Scale from JessiandCompanyLLC
4. Kitchen Island from hundredacre
5. Red Stool from thewhitepepper
6. Berry Bowls by johnrileypottery
7. Cutting Board by RiverwoodOriginals

1. Giraffe Planter by fbstudiovt
2. Pendant Lamp from ArdentHandsDesigns
3. Dinette Set from BlockHeadFurnishings
4. Floral Print by britthermann

1. Reclaimed Wood Headboard by ThePalletShop
2. Pillow by brokenasphalt
3. Hanging Planters by mudpuppy
4. Woven Blanket by SinikkasWeaving
5. Pendant Cage Lamp by OVERSPRAYkc
6. Nature Photograph by LipstickGraphics
7. Leather Chair from LifeSupportInteriors

Like Dana’s design style? You can keep up with her latest adventures on Pinterest, Facebook and Flickr.

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