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Get the Look: San Francisco Mission Gem

Jan 20, 2013

by Aleksa Brown handmade and vintage goods

One of my favorite ways to explore incredible spaces is Airbnb. Yes, it’s an amazing resource to find a place to stay for your next trip – they have listings in 192 countries(!) — but it’s also a fun place to indulge your imagination. Ever thought about camping out in a treehouse? Getting the full winter experience in a snow dome? Heading off to your own private island? The sky is the limit when you’re browsing their Wish Lists.

Travel planning and daydream-inducing browsing aside, Airbnb is also an exciting place to scout decor ideas. For this week’s installment of Get the Look, we curated Etsy home goods with inspiration from a gem of a space we found on, you guessed it: Airbnb.

Location: San Francisco, California
Neighborhood: Mission Dolores
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1.5
Host: Lauren and Gabe. Lauren works as an interior designer. Her favorite Etsy home purchase is animal portrait prints from Berkley Illustration. “I ordered a ton of them and created a gallery wall in a twins’ bedroom for a client project,” she says. “I love how quirky and sarcastic the pieces are.”

1. Ikat Pillow by MiCasaBella
2. Beach Photo on Canvas by kimolsonphoto
3. Coral Specimen from NorthernGate
4. Vintage Rug from pillowsstore
5. Vintage Bell Jar from ForestDaydream
6. Antler from LittleRedCreek 

1. Vintage Owl from BlueStarObscura
2. Ikat Pattern Prints by pixiepixels
3. Vintage Lamp from elefantdesign
4. Cube Planter by LandMstudio
5. Quatrefoil Pillow by milkandcookiesCanada
6. Ikat Pillow Cover by sparkmodern
7. Vintage Chair from BelatedDesigns

1. Quilt by MagnoliaQuilts
2. Original Ink Drawing by ComArt
3. Ikat Throw Pillow by SayItWithPillows
4. Vintage Chest by thesummeryumbrella
5. Driftwood Lamp by RawEarthLLC

1. Vintage Books from HucksterHaven
2. Vintage Basket from ArqueologiaDomestica
3. Handmade Lamp by MyOldKYWoodshop
4. Vintage Photo Holders from AmyKristineVintage
5. Peacock Feather Print by kellybermudez
6. Vintage Dresser from minthome
7. Turkish Towel by TurkishTowelStore
8. Staghorn Fern from 9GreenBox

Like Lauren’s design style? You can keep up with her latest adventures on Instagram and Facebook.

All photographs by Airbnb.

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2 Featured Comments

  • EdelweissPost

    Patrick from EdelweissPost said 6 years ago Featured

    These items and design elements are very inspiring. The good folks of Airbnb are doing the same game-changing work that we Etsyians are: using our own two hands and individual abilities to create services/products on a more intimate, human scale. Person to person. Face to face. How much more memorable it is staying in a real person's home, having a one-on-one conversation with a local resident. It's like purchasing an item in an Etsy shop, where we get to speak directly to the owner/creator. We aren't just purchasing products and services. We are investing in meaning and moments: the only things in life that truly matter.

  • zamaani

    Attila Zamaani from Zamaani said 6 years ago Featured

    Indeed finding beautiful places and design inspirations is one of the wonderful things about airbnb... BUT my favorite is actually the people behind the homes... anytime I have traveled airbnb, I met some of the most interesting people with whom I was happy to hang out, chat, share and then later keep in touch and add to my circle of international friends.! it's like the etsy of travel, there is a ton of fun creative individuals behind the scene


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