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Company Culture: Gathering Around the Table at Eatsy

Nov 28, 2012

by Aleksa Brown handmade and vintage goods

It took 60 lbs. of beef, 40 lbs. of beans, 20 lbs. of chorizo, and 18 lbs. of freshly roasted pumpkins – all locally sourced – to prepare the two batches of spicy autumnal chili (one with meat and one without) that was served with a dash of cheese on a recent Tuesday at Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn.

The locally-sourced meal, known to Etsy Admin and their guests as “Eatsy,” happens every Tuesday and Thursday – which means that as of this week, the company has lined up in the kitchen to serve themselves 98 meals in 2012. The meals are comprised of all sorts of cuisines – from five-spice pork belly sandwiches to chicken meatballs dripping in tomato sauce; roasted pineapple tamales; vegan sushi with miso soup; and dozens of zesty seasonal salads to boot.

The program – which serves to nourish the stomachs and energize the minds of those who keep Etsy up and running – has deep roots, much like the vegetables being served up on compostable bagasse plates. Eatsy has evolved over time, growing with the company and staying true to the philosophy on which it began.

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