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Galentine’s Day With BUST Magazine

Jan 30, 2014

by BUST Magazine handmade and vintage goods

Molly Simms is the Senior Editor of BUST Magazine, the magazine “for women with something to get off their chests,” which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. She lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend Andrew, her cat Big Pun, and an excessive amount of houseplants. Follow her on Twitter at themollysimms.

Valentine’s Day can bring up a lot of powerful emotions when you’re single: sadness, irritation, rage and maybe some light nausea. But this holiday doesn’t have to make you want to gouge your eye out with Cupid’s arrow: one of the best and most fun ways to spend it is by partying with your other uncoupled girlfriends. And since you want to show your ladybro just how much you care about her, buy your “Galentine’s Day” date a little something to make her feel special. All these fantastic gifts will make her feel “Drunk in Love,” even if she’s only technically “drunk on rosé.”

Mod and marvelous, this necklace will be a nonstop compliment-generator.

Give your pal a T-shirt honoring her favorite artist: Frida Kahlo, obvs.

Beeswax candles made from vintage-bottle molds, a seriously genius idea.

Give a friend gorgeous flowers that’ll never rot and go moldy.

For a roommate who never shirks her share of the housework.

Buy this coffee mug for the adorable nerd in your life.

Show a friend how fierce you think they are with an animalistic planter.

Bath salts she’ll go crazy for (in a relaxing, legal way).

This pillow is perfect for crazy cat ladies — and best of all, the creator will customize it with your cat’s coloring!

Straight-to-the-point, these chocolates know what’s up.

Buy these for a faraway friend, to remind her someone’s thinking of her.

Kate Funk makes cards from photos of her cat —he really knows how to work his angles.

She can use this tray for breakfast in bed or as a spot to toss her jewelry at night.



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