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Fresh Shop: The Secret Nest

Nov 6, 2008

by daniellexo handmade and vintage goods

Sometimes when you find a Fresh Shop, it’s like a beam of light coming down to show you something you haven’t seen before. I happened to bump into TheSecretNest a few weeks ago and was thrilled at how unique their items were (and how lovely their photos were too!).  So I asked a few questions to learn a bit more about the maker behind this shop…

Picture_4.pngCan you tell us a little about the people behind TheSecretNest?
The person behind the Secret Nest is Karina Kalvaitis. I live and work on Vancouver Island – on the west coast of Canada. I’m an artist-of-all-sorts and a (sometimes) theatrical props builder. I’ve made and shown my art in galleries across Canada for about 12 years now. Just recently I threw out my extremely lucrative and high-powered career as an art-store clerk to try my hand at making things full time. I like making all sorts of arts and crafts, but I imagine that Etsy itself may guide me to a specific niche (or two, or three?).

What inspires you as a creative person?
Plants, animals, life underwater, and all things teeny-tiny. I love mysterious natural places where I can imagine some creature or other living — hidey-holes or green leafy places. Gardening is a good inspiration — flowers and plants are quite otherworldly the closer you get to them. I like things that aren’t spelled out, which is perhaps why I like animals so much. I like imagining what they are thinking – and I suppose imagining I have some special connection to them. I use animals as stand-in for humans I think — especially for those awkward or uncertain moments when we are faced with our own vulnerability.

I think the things that inspire me all have something mysterious that resonates in them. And the things I make are all glimpses into something that is enigmatic. I can always tell when a piece works because I feel like it is a mystery, even to me — it has a life of its own that is unknowable. That gives me a real thrill, and it keeps me making artwork. I think this idea of secrets is also why I like making blank books — because people will fill them with their own secret plans and ideas.


How do you like Etsy so far?
I’m really impressed by the size of the audience on Etsy; it seems like a fantastic place to reach people.

I’m still finding my way around in Etsy — I feel like the new kid at school and I don’t yet know where all of the hallways lead. However, unlike high school, all the kids here are really nice! I really thrive on feedback, and people have been kind enough to convo me with compliments — I feel like I’ve been noticed, instead of lost in the crowd. I have high hopes for Etsy!


What are your favorite features of the site?
Well, as a fledgling shop owner, I’ve been especially drawn to the features that give me reassurance and hope. I love the Quit Your Day Job and Success Stories. I’m grateful for Hearts Me — I was overjoyed by how many people said they “hearted me” after only a few days. I’ve been included in a couple of Treasuries too, and I think that is what got me the most traffic so far.

And as a newbie, I’ve consulted the Etsy Seller’s Handbook many many times. I guess I absorbed a good deal of it — since I got kudos in an Etsy Success email as Exemplary Listing of the Week for following all the tagging suggestions!

Oh, and I like the Shop Local feature too — I’ve checked out all of the other shops from Victoria. Is that too many favorite features? Apparently I’ve found a lot to like!

Anything else you’d like to add is also welcome! (Your blog, etc.)
I had some drawings in a gallery in Toronto and they are now on their way to The Secret Nest. If you heart manatees (and how could you not!) you’ll want to check them out.

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