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Fresh Shop: Misako Mimoko handmade and vintage goods

I’m a girl called Eva, a.k.a. misakomimoko, who lives, works and dreams in Barcelona, a crowded, small Spanish city near the sea. Luckily, my neighborhood is very quiet, with a lot of green. It’s much like a little Mediterranean village. My workplace is at home, and sometimes I like to take a break and handcraft a little. I sew while sitting down on my old chair near a balcony surrounded by flowers, green trees and birds singing, or while watching TV. When it’s sunny, I go sewing by the little hill that is close to my place.

My personal handcraft history starts while studying Fine Arts. I was very interested in crafts and naïve art, and I used to work with recycled materials and fabrics. I began sewing again, as I did during my early school days.

I had been working as a multimedia designer for almost ten years, until a year ago when I participated in an amigurumi workshop arranged by a lovely little shop called Duduá. I just needed to take a break from computers and go back to my old likings. Then I got in touch with handmade craft blogs and the DIY movement, and I met other crafters who shared the same interests as me — Emedermarta, La Aranya Tecla, Delolast, La Ballena Elena…it was fantastic!

I have completely fallen for vintage toys and illustrations, so I create my little rag dolls, trying my best to retrieve all the happiness, humor and good vibes from that time. My boyfriend Gabriel Corbera is an illustrator who loves old comics, and he’s constantly introducing all kind of cute and funny classic characters that always inspire me a lot. I think my love for vintage culture has grown as a reaction to a city terribly mad about design and new technologies, which is losing its own identity and roots.

It was my friend Emedemarta who introduced me to this gorgeous handmade marketplace on Etsy, and she drove me to start my own shop. This amazing community is constantly surprising me — there are a lot of promotional opportunities and facilities available to showcase your work worldwide without spending money. I think it’s important help to small crafters avoiding middlemen.

How can be Etsy a more international site? Maybe giving the option to choose other country currencies, translating the site into other languages and perhaps adding Europe, and the rest of the continents, as an option in the shipping list menu. I don’t know if it’s a great solution, but certainly it could help.

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