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Fresh Shops: johnmurphy handmade and vintage goods

I had the pleasure of meeting John Murphy at the Brooklyn Flea, a flea market that takes place every Sunday in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, where he was selling his photography in the most colorful of frames.  I immediately recognized his work, as I had been eyeing it on Etsy for weeks before our run in. 

There was quite a buzz around his booth at the flea market, and when I checked out his Etsy shop later that week I was astounded to find that he had not yet had one sale. 

I have set a goal for myself that once I get my apartment shaped up into a clean, organized living space rather than the messy, cluttered work studio it has become, I am going to treat myself to a colorful work of art by the very talented JohnMurphy.

I don’t quite know what has gotten into me lately, but it feels strange to admit that I’m in love with his work, and it doesn’t even have a moustache! Shocking!

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